Regime changing Zelensky

Regime changing Zelensky

US inches closer to regime changing Zelensky (28 min)

The Fall | Wagner Autumn Tour. Kupiansk Supply Collapse. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.27 (25 min)

Elensky curse hits Rota. US cuts Ukraine aid. Menendez, Turkey F16s & Sweden. G20 Trudeau high. U/1 (38 min)

Shoigu: Ukr Self-Destructing, Assaults Senseless; Budanov: Ukr Fight to End; US Demands Kiev Reforms (1:16min)

“Republicans For Ukraine” Commercial Pushes Endless War (18 min)

F35 Missing

F35 Missing

Find my F35. Elensky, why does Russia vote Putin? Long, limited war. Is a pencil strong or weak? U/1 (32 min)


US MSM: US Risks Geostrategic Disaster, Milley Budanov Long War, Failure; Rus Denies Kleshcheevka (1:22 min)

The Fall | Russian ULTIMATUM – Deadline 4.10. Or TOTAL WAR. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.9.18 (1 min)

Leading Armenia down the primrose path (13 min)

Crushing Defeat

Crushing Defeat

Counteroffensive becomes Russia offensive. Budanov haunts. Poznan coup camp. Zaluzhny yoda. U/1 (38 min)

Putin deals CRUSHING defeat to Ukraine’s army in two key attacks | Redacted with Clayton Morris (14 min)

Ukr Offensive Slackens After Losses; Pause Rumours; Rus Advance Kupyansk; China Steamrolls Blinken (1:20 min)


Ex-CIA Spy: Russia has DOOMED Ukraine! (Andrew Bustamante) 24 min


Putin EXPOSED NATO: they stopped peace negotiations with Ukraine! (20 min)

Pentagon freaking out

Pentagon freaking out

China will be building a base in Cuba (lolz)

Poland, Nord Stream and Budanov. Trudeau gifts stolen Antonov. Elensky, if you see and feel it. U/1 (28 min)

Ukr Offensive Standstill, Rains Clog Attacks; Pentagon “Freaking Out” over Possible Defeat by China (1:07)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the U.S., game over | Redacted with Clayton Morris(14 min)

Damn Propaganda

Damn Propaganda

Russia destroyed the Dam under their control so that they can destroy the nuclear plant that they control just like they blew up their gas pipe line.

Why are we fighting?

If we wait long enough Russia will beat themselves up and declare victory against Russia.🤣🤡

Kakhovka dam destroyed. French tanks destroyed. Budanov disinfo. Canada weapons shortage. U/1 (43 min)



Massive Wall of Water Moves Through Ukraine After Major Dam ‘Blown Up’, Thousands Evacuated (3 min)

Scott Ritter: New EXPLOSION Changes Everything In Ukraine Russia War (32 min)

NATO and U.S. blame Russia for Dam attack, Putin just responded | Redacted with Clayton Morris (19 min)

Kakhovka dam, cui bono. Summer offensive; Big losses, no gains

Zaluzhny’s star fading

Zaluzhny’s star fading

Zelensky travels, Zaluzhny’s star fading, Intel Chief Budanov gains power (34 min)


Lindsey Graham, best money spent. EU 11 sanctions blocked. Der Spiegel, Nord Stream metadata. U/1 (26 min)