The Fall of Empire

The Fall of Empire

🔴 The US Empire Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes | Syriana Analysis w/ Benjamin Rubinstein 46min

Putin to China. Blinken in Kiev. Kharkov, Sumy panic. Where are fortifications? Baltic sisterhood (42 min)

Kiev Panic Deepens, Budanov: No Reserves, Blinken Rushes Kiev, Rus 30% Vovchansk, Storms Chasov Yar (1:23 min)


Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : How Realism Might Return (32 min)

Matt Hoh: How Weak Is NATO? (29 min)

Kiev blame game. Kharkov debacle (29 min)

Ukrainians Surrendering

Ukrainians Surrendering

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Shakeup in Russian National Security (36 min)

“Ukrainians SURRENDERING like never before” & Putin hasn’t even STARTED the full invasion | Redacted (18 min)

Kiev Panic, Budanov Blames Syrsky, Troops Surrender, Shoigu Runs Rus MIC, Belousov DefMin (1:17 min)

Belousov MoD. Shoigu promoted. German, UKR no-fly zone. Volchansk surrounded, Budanov blames Syrsky (42 min)

Putin’s new administration & the Security Council of Russia (30 min)

US Think Tank Admits Russia’s Massive & Growing Military Industrial Output (48 min)



Funding Death

Funding Death

Scott Ritter: Ukraine Collapsing In Plain Sight. (35 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Congress Funding Death in Gaza and Ukraine (38 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine: What Happens Now? (32 min)

Ukr Disastrous Day: Rus Controls 50% Ocheretino, Ukr Admits Novomikhailovka Lost, Budanov Crisis (1:26 min)


Ukraine aid may slow Russian advance. MIC payday and no audit. Lord of the Rings & Axis of Evil

Sahra Wagenknecht and the new left in Germany (18 min)












Western Hypocrisy

Western Hypocrisy

It is a bit bad when Russia and Iran are showing themselves to be reasonable and restrained and the West is demonstrating that they are nutters, liars and psychopaths.


Cameron hypocrisy. Ukraine-Russia Black Sea deal. Macron, Olympics truce. Little ditty, Jake & Biden (37 min)

Israel Strike Coming, Ukr Troops Encircled Berdychi, Budanov Panics, Ukr War West’s Suez Moment (1:27 min)

It’s OVER for Ukraine and Zelensky can’t hide it ANYMORE | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris


Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : Is the West Tired of Ukraine? (34 min)

Anya Parampil: No Moral Equivalency — Israel and Iran. (27 min)

🔴 Iran’s Retaliation: Implications of the Attack on Israel | Syriana Analysis W/ Mohammad Marandi (53 min)

Ukraine Killing Fields

Ukraine Killing Fields

What happens in US politics has a direct influence on the Ukraine War. Nikki Haley is the neo-con choice and she is (like them) is a warmonger. In the past she has been accused of multiple affairs (hence the headline) and it looks like she was passed around the tabernacle (lolz). They want to foist her as VP onto Trump.


Rus: Ukr Shot Down IL76, Kiev Silent, Avdeyevka: Ukr Troops Trapped; UN: Palestine State Recognition (1:16 min)

The Ukrainians have form. I demonstrated that the Banderistas shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) on 17 July 2014 which was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur which they blamed on Russia. The Western intelligence agencies were involved as the Masonic numbering demonstrates.   MH=33 (Reverse) MAS=33 (ordinal) +17 =50 and 17-07-2014 (=22 first and last) totaling 50+22=72 (72 nations/demons/elohim/etc).  These are Kabbalistic/Masonic numbers always used by intel agencies.

Ukraine is a corrupt terrorist state with bio-warfare labs enabled by the West run by a Jewish clown dancing to the tune of Jewish neo-con warmongers. They have no compunction killing their own and slaying innocent civilians.  They are evil psychopaths.  They even launched missiles at an open air market killing mothers and babies.

Ukraine War Massacre: 28 Killed At Market In Donetsk (12 min)

Kari Lake rejects AZ GOP bribe. Budanov in charge, capital Lviv. Hungary FM Szijjarto, death threat (42 min)

What Would a Nikki Haley Presidency Cost You? (25 min)


Rebellion against Zelensky

Rebellion against Zelensky

Zelensky Faces Full-Blown Rebellion At Home Amid Russia-Ukraine War… (3 min)

Palace intrigue in Ukraine (32 min)

Budanov promotion? Klitschko, autocrat Elensky. EU, $22B weapons scheme. Hot Houthi pirate canceled (40 min)


Unveiling the Deployment of Russian Mi-28N Choppers in Donetsk (8 min)
Neither side was able to use it’s air force because of the very effective ground-to-air defense systems but that has changed now. Russia was able to flash out and deplete Ukrainians air defense systems with the help of drones and rockets and now is able deploy it’s air power. __That’s a huge game changer__!*

Escalating Tensions: Russia Unleashes New Su-57 with Radar-Stealth …(9 min)




Witch of Ukraine

Witch of Ukraine



Musk visits Netanyahu. Ukraine security guarantees. Elgin Marbles. Witch of Ukraine wants $82K. U/1 (27 min)


Rus Enters Khromovo, Ukr Leaves Kleshcheyevka, Avdeyevka; Budanov Wife Poisoned; US Israel Argue (1:22 min)


Avdeyevka collapse & possible Trump presidency fuels EU panic (43 min)

Regime changing Zelensky

Regime changing Zelensky

US inches closer to regime changing Zelensky (28 min)

The Fall | Wagner Autumn Tour. Kupiansk Supply Collapse. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.27 (25 min)

Elensky curse hits Rota. US cuts Ukraine aid. Menendez, Turkey F16s & Sweden. G20 Trudeau high. U/1 (38 min)

Shoigu: Ukr Self-Destructing, Assaults Senseless; Budanov: Ukr Fight to End; US Demands Kiev Reforms (1:16min)

“Republicans For Ukraine” Commercial Pushes Endless War (18 min)

F35 Missing

F35 Missing

Find my F35. Elensky, why does Russia vote Putin? Long, limited war. Is a pencil strong or weak? U/1 (32 min)


US MSM: US Risks Geostrategic Disaster, Milley Budanov Long War, Failure; Rus Denies Kleshcheevka (1:22 min)

The Fall | Russian ULTIMATUM – Deadline 4.10. Or TOTAL WAR. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.9.18 (1 min)

Leading Armenia down the primrose path (13 min)