We didn’t start the fire

We didn’t start the fire


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Air Quality Alert!

Air Quality Alert!

It was arson not climate change:

Nightmare Talk Ep80 (Canada fire smoke in NYC) by Dr. Paul Cottrell (4 min)



Air Quality Alert! FAA Grounds All Flights At NYC’s LaGuardia Due To Canadian Wildfire Smoke (3 min)

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Arctic Sea Ice To Disappear Again (8 min)

6/07/2023 — Earthquake activity across North America — Major Fires across whole plate – UNREST


Canada on Fire

Canada on Fire

Dutchsinse suggested that fires might have been caused by movement of the craton or possibly arson. He ruled out electrical thunderstorms but I took some flak for posting Dutchsinse’s video.    It seems clear now that it was arson.

It was not “climate change” or space weather.  We are under attack.


Canadian Wildfires Spawn Air Quality Concerns Great Lakes Region – Severe Weather Forecast – Science


Extraordinary Claims (8 min)

Murdered in Hospital

Murdered in Hospital

Murdered in hospital for not wearing her mask properly and then the judge lets the security guard off the hook.  You still think that what is happening is normal?  We are now three years into this and it is not going to stop.