The Molecular Bomb

The Molecular Bomb

Highly recommended stream. Dr Kevin McCairn talks with @DoorlessCarp (Dave) [ ] and Genervter Burger (Annoyed Citizen) [  Any missing links can be found on the substack]

The Molecular Bomb: Why Nuking miRNA Signaling With Synthetic mRNA Is A bad Idea (3:00)


So RNA is usually protected from being broken down because it is inside exosomes or protected by lipids (fatty compounds) but now we discover RNA on the surface of cells

19 min Extracellular RNAs: A New Awareness of Old Perspectives

24 min Human genome-produced RNA discovered on surface of cells.

30 min The impact of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine on adaptive and innate immune responses
The vaccine stopped working after six months and changed the immune cells sequences as well as the built -in (inate) interferon immune response (higher IL-1/IL-6 release and decreased production of IFN-α.)

Down-regulating innate AND adaptive immune response when a big fat ball (LNP i.e. PEG) hits your cell surface.

This (see below) was changed in the updated version of the article (lolz):

*specific (viral, fungal and bacterial) stimuli. The response 
of innate immune cells to TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands was 
lower after BNT162b2 vaccination, while fungi-induced 
cytokine responses were stronger. In conclusion, the 
mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine induces complex functional 
reprogramming of innate immune responses, which 
should be considered in the development and use of this 
new class of vaccines.

Mitogen = cell division
A mitogen is a small bioactive protein or peptide that induces a cell to begin cell division, or enhances the rate of division (mitosis). Mitogenesis is the induction (triggering) of mitosis, typically via a mitogen. The mechanism of action of a mitogen is that it triggers signal transduction pathways involving mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK), leading to mitosis.

Uncontrolled cell division =cancer (see the Tumor cell)

36 min KRAS -Mutant non-small cell lung cancer: From biology to therapy

37 min BNT162b2 vaccination enhances interferon-JAK-STAT-regulated antiviral programs in COVID-19 patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 Beta variant

Supplementary Data 3
Interferon up-regulated
He dug into the spreadsheet  RAS over-expressed

P53 tumor expresses up-regulated or down-regulated? More like dysregulated i.o.w out of balance.

In yeast and fungi, the Ras signalling casscade determines gene expression while attenuating growth as well as morphogenetic transformations in response to different environmental conditions.

48 min Regulation of mRNA Translation by Signaling Pathways

modulating phosphorylation status = energy =fine tuned and malfunction leads to cancer (but just smack it with a blob on Synthetic lipid that encases mRNA -she’ll be right mate-lolz).
Don’t worry we thought of everything:

51 min Immune modulatory effects of oncogenic KRAS in cancer

Some alterations induced by oncogenic KRAS mutations in cancer promote tumour cell proliferation (mitogenic effects), whereas other immune-modulatory effects allow the tumours to evade immune-mediated attack by creating an immunosuppressive microenvironment

55 min Increased PD-L1 surface expression on peripheral blood granulocytes and monocytes after vaccination with Sars-CoV2 Mrna or vector vaccine

PD-L1= Programmed death-ligand 1. A protein that acts as a kind of “brake” to keep the body’s immune responses under control.

Up regulation PD-L1 lowers TCell responses to tumors

57 min Bombshell paper
Nuclear translocation of spike mRNA and protein is a novel pathogenic feature of SARS-CoV-2
Both the MRNA and the protein that it expresses can cross the nuclear membrane
therefore nuclear integration.

1:03 min SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine is re-adenylated in vivo, enhancing antigen production and immune response

Adenylation is an elegant biological process used to chemically activate carboxylate substrates by condensing them with ATP to liberate pyrophosphate.

The poly-A tail is a long chain of adenine nucleotides that is added to a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule during RNA processing to increase the stability of the molecule.
The poly-A tail makes the RNA molecule more stable and prevents its degradation. Additionally, the poly-A tail allows the mature messenger RNA molecule to be exported from the nucleus and translated into a protein by ribosomes in the cytoplasm.

1:07 min MicroRNA video

Biogenesis of MiRNAs and mode of action

Understanding the pathway leading to the formation and function of microRNA

All the videos are on the substack

1:18 min natural RNa is proof read but the synthetic version is not proofread and can be frameshifted transcription errors misreading which means protein misfolding neurodegenerative disorders.

1:25 min Quantum microRNA Assessment of COVID-19 RNA Vaccine: Hidden Potency of BNT162b2 SASR-CoV-2 Spike RNA as MicroRNA Vaccine

Built into the genetic code of the spike protein are mimickry like microRNAs

There are inverse microRNAs that will cancel each other out (lolz)

1:30 min Inhibition of miR-21 Regulates Mutant KRAS Effector Pathways and Intercepts Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Development

What can happen if you over or under express….

An RNA hairpin is an essential secondary structure of RNA. It can guide RNA folding, determine interactions in a ribozyme, protect messenger RNA (mRNA) from degradation, serve as a recognition motif for RNA binding proteins or act as a substrate for enzymatic reactions.
Short hairpin RNAA short hairpin RNA or small hairpin RNA (shRNA/Hairpin Vector) is an artificial RNA molecule with a tight hairpin turn that can be used to silence target gene expression via RNA interference (RNAi)Expression of shRNA in cells is typically accomplished by delivery of plasmids or through viral or bacterial vectors.

mIRN21 is one of the most frequently up-regulated miRNAs in solid tumors

1:34 min How do microRNAs regulate gene expression?

1:56 min

miRNAs (microRNAs) are short non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally. They generally bind to the 3'-UTR (untranslated region) of their target mRNAs and repress protein production by destabilizing the mRNA and translational silencing. The exact mechanism of miRNA-mediated translational repression is yet to be fully determined, but recent data from our laboratory have shown that the stage of translation which is inhibited by miRNAs is dependent upon the promoter used for transcribing the target mRNA. This review focuses on understanding how miRNA repression is operating in light of these findings and the questions that still remain.

1:37 min  Circulating extracellular vesicle microRNAs associated with adverse reactions, proinflammatory cytokine, and antibody production after COVID-19 vaccination

An in silico pipeline approach uncovers a potentially intricate network involving spike SARS-CoV-2 RNA, RNA vaccines, host RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), and host miRNAs at the cellular level

Our in silico analysis could aid in shedding light on the potential effects of exogenous RNA (i.e. viruses and vaccines), thereby improving our understanding of the cellular interactions between virus and host biomolecules. Finally, using the computational approach, it is possible to obtain a safety assessment of RNA-based vaccines as well as indications for use in specific clinical conditions.

miRNAs as a Potential Biomarker in the COVID-19 Infection and Complications Course, Severity, and Outcome

1:45 min after 2nd shot of BNT162b2 oncogenic miR-21 is significantly upregulated

The microRNA’s detected in the plasma of pregnant women who had recieved three doses of the Moderna.

1:56 min Lifelong epigenetic changes

KRAS Hijacks the MicroRNA Regulatory Pathway in Cancer

2:00 min miR-16 and miR-21 Expression in the Placenta Is Associated with Fetal Growth

They knew:

2:03 min Nucleotide Modification Alters MicroRNA-Dependent Silencing of MicroRNA Switches

2:06 min Turbo cancer (stabilized miRna21)

Lost three years on the epigenetic clock

2:09 min Longitudinal Study of DNA Methylation and Epigenetic Clocks Prior to and Following Test-Confirmed COVID-19 and mRNA Vaccination

2:13 min miR29 dysregulated
Epigenetic Changes Mediated by MicroRNA miR29 Activate Cyclooxygenase 2 and Lambda-1 Interferon Production during Viral Infection

Skewed fate and hematopoiesis of CD34+ HSPCs in umbilical cord blood amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We detected upregulation of miR-29s and miR-142-3p during myeloid differentation in leukemia cell lines and CD34 hematopietic stem/progenitor cells

2:43 min Point of care vaccines – they will spin up a personalized vaccine for you at the pharmacy.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. (Ps 139:14)

Life is far more complex than they think. Fools rush in were angels fear to tread…but this is worse…much worse because it cannot all be put down to incompetence. They knew and they are experimenting on us.

Emerging Viruses

Emerging Viruses

Promoting this book by Horowitz. Recommended.

"You have to give it to promiscuous gay men and sex workers if you want it [AIDS] to go viral. You can't test your vaccines on a monogamous population".   (Horowitz paraphrase video below)


The link is in the tweet but I have embedded the book below and I believe that it is also available as a PDF:


2019 Final Interview w/ Drs Len Horowitz and Alan Cantwell (1:13)

Final taped discussion between OG whistleblowers Alan Cantwell (bearded) and Len Horowitz filmed in Alan's living room in the Hollywood Hills. Alan sat in that same chair when I visited LA in 2019 to access his USC archive. He insisted I have my dinners in his kitchen each night after digitizing material on campus. Memories of pacing around his living room on those balmy August evenings, chewing through the evidence with Alan will always be with me. Alan passed from kidney failure on 1 Jan 2021 and Sherri Kane passed 6 days later on 7 Jan 2021.



One year ago, President Biden reignited the Cancer Moonshot and set new national goals to cut the death rate from cancer by at least 50% over the next 25 years and improve the experience of people and their families living with and surviving cancer.

Is this going to as successful as the last Moonshot that landed a man on the moon  (sic) or as successful as the SVCP (Special Virus Cancer Program) that gave us AIDS?

Restoring Liver Health

Restoring Liver Health

The body is a wonderful thing and given half a chance it can heal itself.  The liver is special in that it can renew and unexpected remission and reversal of disease does happen.  So don’t believe any medical professional that writes you off.   By all means explore the treatments offered by allopathic medicine as there are a number that prove effective especially methods that target tumors but always remember that the liver removes toxins and chemo therapy may overload the liver with toxins.

The previous article highlighting allopathic treatments is here:

Liver Cancer

The foods here are meant to supplement (not replace) any treatment and are not offered as an alternative to allopathic medicine although they can have remarkable results in themselves and are not as harsh as chemo.


*Warning some studies suggest that Aloe Vera may do harm to the liver (the jury is still out) although others show no net benefit.  Best to avoid Aloe Vera until the situation becomes clearer.


Caffeine and Autophagy To Reduce Fats in Liver (42 min)

I have written extensively on natto beans and I would urge people to either make their own (mine are made from black beans but usually soy beans are used). You can buy the natto beans frozen in Asian shops but if you don’t like the taste get a nattokinase supplement. Nattokinase is an enzyme that comes from a Japanese food called natto. Natto is made from boiled soybeans that have been fermented with a type of fungus. Nattokinase may thin the blood and help break up blood clots.  Why am I recommending Nattokinase?    I am recommending it because it breaks down the Spike Protein from the mRNA vaccines.  Your liver already has enough to cope with so either take the supplement or eat the beans to remove any spike protein.

Also remove all “white stuff” (sugar,flour,pasta etc) from the diet especially sugar and practice intermittent fasting.

How to remove visceral fat

1./ Sleep.  Visceral fat (known as ‘hidden’ fat) is fat stored deep inside the belly. It wraps around your organs and makes your gut stick out. It’s incredibly dangerous because it produces toxic chemicals, even in thin people (skinny fat). Visceral fat is a sign of metabolic syndrome which causes short & long-term problems like:

• Gout
• Stroke
• Cancer
• Anxiety
• Brain Fog
• Dementia
• Depression
• Liver disease
• Heart Disease
• Low Back Pain
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Low Testosterone

Visceral fat is destroying your mind and body in the short and long term.
Dysregulated circadian rhythm leads to a dysregulated metabolism.

Get to bed between 9-11p.

Wake up between 6-8a.

Get sunlight during the day.

Limit blue light at night.

2. Walking

120 years ago, we walked 23.5k steps/day. Now we walk 3.5k steps/day.

Walk 8k steps minimum.

Walk after meals to regulate blood sugar.

Walk in the morning to get morning sunlight.

Walk at night to calm the mind before bed.

3. Cut the cardio

Cardio is trading your time to burn calories.

Resistance training builds muscle which burns calories passively.

Focus on building muscle to lose fat (not burning calories).

4. Eat more protein

Protein builds muscle and leads to more calories burned at rest.

Protein burns calories through digestion.

Protein keeps you full reducing the need for snacking.

Eat more protein.

5. Increase testosterone

Testosterone is directly linked to excess body fat.

Boost testosterone by:

• Get sunlight
• Lifting weights
• Managing stress
• Getting 8 hours of sleep

6. Reduce chronic stress

Stress leads to the release of hormones that make fat loss impossible.

• Meditate
• Sleep more
• Get sunlight
• Nasal breathe
• Practice grounding
• Remove processed foods
• Move throughout the day

7. Get into a calorie deficit

To lose fat you need a calorie deficit. There’s no way around it.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Drink water
2. Stop snacking
3. Get leaner cuts of meat
4. Don’t drink your calories
5. Start your day with protein
6. Eat low-calorie, high-volume foods

How to shed visceral fat:

1. Sleep
2. Walking
3. Cut the cardio
4. Eat more protein
5. Increase testosterone
6. Reduce chronic stress
7. Get into a calorie deficit








First they cause the cancer then they cure the cancer (not).  What these people have done is disgusting.


It is all connected to the jab

Turbo-Cancer from mRNA vaccines

Turbo-Cancer from mRNA vaccines

This episode of Objective:Health is another in our ongoing In The News segments.

This week we look at a study out of Thailand that found 1 in 3 teens suffer cardiovascular side effects while 1 in 43 suffer heart inflammation. We also look at what some are calling 'Turbo Cancer,' aggressive cancers that are coming up after receiving mRNA vaccinations. Some are new cancers, some are old cancers that were previously in remission, but they're coming on much stronger than doctors have previously seen. We also talk about the CDC's 'too-little-to-late' Covid policy change that basically shifts all of the US to policies Florida was implementing two years ago.

Join us for all of this and more on this episode of Objective:Health.

In The News: CDC funny business, Turbo-Cancer from mRNA vaccines (40 mins)


It gets worse and worse

It gets worse and worse


Could this be the reason why?

Spike protein inside nucleus enhancing DNA damage? – COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 18


You have got to die of something

To stop monkeypox keep your underpants on


Virus evolution and LNP

Virus evolution and LNP

The Explosion of Cancer and Latent Disease: The Lipid Nanoparticle Platform Is Asking for Trouble (5 min)

Virus evolution by antibodies + BA 2 Omicron – COVID-19 vaccines update 40 (17 min)

How does the virus evolve inside an infected person – we commence this story with a new demonstration in a vaccinated patient, and relapse to a well-documented history in COVID-19 patients, and how antibodies can be contributing to such viral evolution. This also leads us to a hypothesis as to why evolving variants might show up in wastewater prior to taking over a population. We conclude with how the BA2 variant of the Omicron is different from the BA1 variant, demonstrating continuous uninterrupted evolution of the virus.

Described content: Vaccine patient variants:… Variants database:… Innunocompromised host:… Cancer host:… HIV host:… Prolonged infection variants:… Evolution speed: https://www.clinicalmicrobiologyandin… Immune escape co-evolution:… Convalescent plasma host:… GIT variant evolution: https://genomemedicine.biomedcentral…. GIT viral load:… Viral load impact:… BA2 Omicron: