Zero Carbon is dead people

Zero Carbon is dead people

The Solar Killshot – Statistics and Timelines (4 min)

Carrington Event Estimate & Red Zone | S0 News Sep.4.2023 (3 min)

Hurricane Lee Forming In The Atlantic – Burning Man – Solar Cycle 25 Update – Newly Discovered Comet (11 min)

Mass Extinctions Correlate With Magnetic Reversals, Population Bottleneck, Brunhes–Matuyama Reversal (56 min)


“We have no reason to be against nuclear energy other than prejudice & stupidity” – Dr Patrick Moore (26 min)

Hiding Collapse

Hiding Collapse

They have known for decades but they are using the chaos to introduce their dystopia.  This is very good.

What Will Be Considered “Real” Moving Forward? (24 min)


Historic Rain Totals In Southern California As The Tropical Outlook Is Heating Up! Russian Moon Boom (12 min)


A Warning From History: The Carrington Event Was Not Unique – 7 Carrington Like Events in 250 (11 min)


Solar Storms and Murder | Psychological Impact (3 min)

A Carrington Like Event

A Carrington Like Event

Will A Carrington Like Event Occur On September 23rd 2022? Will It Intensify Tropical Systems? (6 min)

Big Solar Eruption, Bigger Solar/Storm Prediction | S0 News Sep.6.2022 (3 min)


ECHOES FROM A FARSIDE SUNSPOT: There is a sunspot on the farside of the sun so large it is affecting the way the whole sun vibrates. Take a look at this helioseismic map. The large dark region is AR3088, last seen exiting the solar disk about a week ago. It is probably responsible for the major radiation storm described below. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

MAJOR FARSIDE CME AND RADIATION STORM (UPDATED): Something just exploded on the farside of the sun. NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft recorded a magnificent full-halo CME emerging during the late hours of Sept. 5th:

A NASA model of the CME shows it heading away from Earth and directly toward Venus. This will be the second time in a week that Venus has been hammered by a significant solar storm. An earlier CME struck on Sept. 1st, probably launched by the same farside sunspot.

“This is no run of the mill event,” says George Ho of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. “Many science papers will be studying this for years to come.”

Ho is the principal investigator for an energetic particle detector onboard Europe’s Solar Orbiter spacecraft–and he is getting a lot of data right now. Solar Orbiter just performed a close flyby of Venus (only 6420 km away) to adjust its orbit around the sun. It is in the perfect position to observe the storm.

This plot shows a wave of energetic particles washing over the spacecraft:

“I can safely say the Sept. 5th event is one of the largest (if not THE largest) Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) storms that we have seen so far since Solar Orbiter launched in 2020,” says Ho. “It is at least an order of magnitude stronger than the radiation storm from last week’s CME.”

“In fact, the >10 MeV and >50 MeV particle intensity has not subsided since the beginning of the storm yesterday,” adds Ho. “This is indicative of a very fast and powerful interplanetary shock, and the inner heliosphere may be filled with these high-energy particles for a long time. I think I’ve only seen couple of these in the last couple solar cycles.”

Earth is not affected by the storm, which is happening on the opposite side of the sun. However, we may not be safe from its source. The underlying explosion almost certainly happened in the magnetic canopy of AR3088, an active sunspot that popped up on the Earthside of the sun in August. It is now transiting the farside, apparently bigger and angrier than before. The sun’s rotation will turn AR3088 toward us again in little more than a week, putting Earth back in the line of fire. Stay tuned

Plasma Strike

Plasma Strike

More scientific papers confirming the coming rapid natural changes.

Plasma Strike, Sun’s Biological Forcing, Stand or Sit | S0 News Nov.20.2021(4 min)

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Fernandina Volcano (Galápagos): Ground Deformation & Fumarole Activity = Eruption -New Madrid Update (10 min)


Fernandina volcano (Galápagos Islands): First activity first since Jan 2020 Fernandina volcano (Galápagos Islands): fumarolic activity A fumarole (or fumarole; smoke hole) Fernandina erupts in Galapagos 2018 Fernandina Eruption History & Data Recent Earthquakes Near Missouri, United States

Climate Change

Climate change is being used to pursue an agenda of social change and centralized control.  Guilt and virtue signalling are used to manipulate the public.    I am sure Greta  is convinced of the rightness of her cause  but she is being exploited. It has has recently come to light that fear over climate change made her stop eating at the young age of eight  -see the following twitter thread (click on live link):



The following article delves into the background: The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex [ACT I]


Article on Climate Change

The Last Things web page has been updated with a section on Climate Change which includes a video and a Giff:

The static version (including links) can be downloaded as a pdf (below):

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