House of Cards

House of Cards

Look at Greenspan in the first video. He could almost be a living meme of the happy merchant (lolz). Oy Vey.

BRICDon’t Believe The Wrong Things – Peak ProsperityS just announced the U.S. Dollar is about to COLLAPSE for good! | Redacted with Clayton Morris (13 min)

🚨DOLLAR COLLAPSE: IMF Warns of Global Fragmentation Along Geopolitical Lines & Dedollarization (8 min)

Unprecedented Crisis: Domino Effect Of Defaults On Horizon | Nomi Prins (32 min)

“The U.S. Economy Is A HOUSE OF CARDS!” – Says El Salvador’s President (7 min)

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Is $20,000 GOLD Possible? Let’s Talk About It… Mannarino (17 min)

Don’t Believe The Wrong Things – Peak Prosperity (1:06 min)

Debt Slavery

Debt Slavery

Debt Slavery and the Carbon Credit Coup | Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin (2hrs 15min)

The Real Panic Hasn’t Even Started Yet – Peak Prosperity (45 min)

1st Quarter 2024 Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories, Part II with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell (6 min)

Oh No! Banks REMOVING CASH and moving to ALL digital future | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris (15 min)



This is not intended as financial advice merely showing you what is out there.  Do I trust BitCoin?  Frankly, No.    I also know that China and Russia are stacking gold and at some point the dollar will be so much toilet paper.  You must make your own mind up but as far as I know they can’t print gold (yet…but maybe the alchemists actually made the philosophers stone lolz)

Why BITCOIN Mania Will End BADLY For Most | Parallel Mike on TNT Radio with Rick Munn (36 min)


How Gold Acts as an Economic Safety Net – Peak Prosperity Podcast (1 hour)






Please Sanction Me

Please Sanction Me

The West keeps cutting their nose off to spite their face (lolz).  Why not shoot yourself in the foot as well?   The West sanctioned Germany…… I mean they sanctioned Russia.   How did that turn out?

U.S. Media ADMITS Russia’s Economy Booming Despite Western Sanctions! (18 min)

Meanwhile….in the West….

The biggest Stock Market Crash in US History is Coming. (Worse than 1929)-20 min

When that happens (and it will) they will take everything…..                                             

                                                                                                  ….they want it all….  ALL OF IT.

If They Get Financial Transaction Control They Will Go After Everybody’s Real Estate and Assets (5 min)