Shots for Tots

Shots for Tots

Line those kids up and give them the experimental jab.  You know it makes sense (lolz).

CDC Director describes the rigorous science behind the COVID vaccines for kids (7 min)

Kim Iversen: Biden’s SHOTS FOR TOTS Rollout FAILS As Parents Don’t Show To Sites (13 min)

Gigaohm Biological (May 9)

Gigaohm Biological (May 9)

J.C. is back with a double helping since the house move. I watched 8 May and just started with the 9 May which begins with a Movie clip which I showed 2 years ago (but then I am a conspiracy theorist and the rest of the world is still catching up).

Gigaohm Biological (May 9)

2022 Mother’s Day Special (2:57)

Excess death tsunami

Excess death tsunami

It seems that data and the evidence of peoples own eyes does not make a difference. Here is the shocking evidence from the CDCs own website.In Absolute Numbers, These Excess Deaths are Mostly in People over 45-years of Age & Caucasian. These deaths are from Inflammo Thrombotic & Prion Diseases.

Follow the link and select Total Number above Average by cause. Keep going back and checking this number over the next few months and watch it shoot up.

These are EXCESS DEATHS…….deaths above normal…

And they are caused by Covid and by the vaccine (transfection)  and these people are guilty of causing both.  Guilty.  And they will pay.


Gigaohm Biological (12 April)

Gigaohm Biological (12 April)

Another great show. We have to keep pushing because we will see an inundation of disease. First come the heart attacks and strokes, then the autoimmune diseases and inflammation, the cancers etc. Then comes the neurotropic -amyloidosis giving rise to Alzheimer,dementia,CJD, Parkinson etc., etc.   Not to mention infertility and miscarriages.

Whether the disease was caused by the virus or the “vaccine” (transfection) matters little.  They are guilty.  I earnestly believe that they have more in store for us.  We must not comply.


Natural vs. Synthetic

Natural vs. Synthetic

We’ve been told that mRNA vaccines degrade within the human body in a few hours, or days at most, and that the spike proteins they generate would also be gone in days or hours. A new peer-reviewed study in the journal CELL reveals that in some people mRNA and the spike protein can be detected in their lymph nodes up to 8 weeks later!

Shocking! mRNA and Spike protein found 8 weeks after vaccination in some people (35 min)


Natural immunity CDC capitulates – COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 31 (12 min)

1) CDC data finally confirming natural immunity provides the best protection

2) Myocarditis odds in young males based on CDC confirmed reports from the VAERS database

3) Brain molecular impact leading to cognitive impairment even after mild SARS-CoV-2 infection

4) Proposed platelet clotting based on new observations of spike binding to PF4 and PF4 antibodies.

Described content:

Natural Always best

Natural always best

The CDC’s weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report finally proves that previous COVID infection conveys immunity at least as good as if not better than that of fully the vaccinated (double jabbed), analyzing data from Delta variant illnesses in August of 2021. This is no surprise to any clinicians currently working in the field as well as the thousands of data scientists who have been tracking the statistics between outcomes in the fully vaccinated and previously infected for 2 years now. So why is it that just now, 2 years deep into this horrendous pandemic with so many lives lost, and MILLIONS of careers destroyed in its wake, that the CDC is finally getting around to analyzing the data to answer this immensely important question? The answer to this question is likely pure institutional corruption and incompetent bureaucracy, as we’ve seen played out over and over throughout this crisis. So the question now is, when will those responsible for this chaos and devastation be brought to justice?



CDC Natural immunity study…


Revolving door

Revolving Door

I like Russell but I don’t trust him because of his Masonic connections.  Are we being nudged?   Never the less everything he says here is true.  Maybe they are getting ready to collapse the system and then another group of Masons appear as “saviors” with a New Age Religion and Global system.   Who knows?   Stay alert and watch.  There are no heroes.

Think Big Pharma’s Corrupt Now? THIS Is What’s Next!!! (12 min)

Something Strange is Happening in Atlanta (2022) [10 min]

I put this video here because it is weird.  I did not realize that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was headquartered in Atlanta (Georgia).  This is were the Georgia Guidestones are found and they give the rules for a vastly reduced global population.  No one knows who placed them there.  So, I think Grace (who lives there) might be onto something.  A lot of spooky goings on… matter what you think I get an evil vibe..