Medical Mayhem and More

Medical Mayhem and More

Fauci Forced To Answer COVID Questions By Judge (31 min)

CDC on bivalent vaccines (12 min)

Immune escape 2: immunocompromised patients – COVID-19 vaccines update 69 (18 min)


Planned Parenthoods misinformation/disinformation and lies (3 min)

Ukraine and Game Theory

Ukraine and Game Theory

Here is the latest video by the husband and wife team from Redacted, very slick as they used to be mainstream journalists. However, call me cynical…just because their reporting confirms my confirmation bias does not mean that we are not being manipulated.  Here are the subjects covered:

  • US forces in Ukraine
  • CDC Vaccine Adverse Effects
  • Stella Assange Vs. John Bolton
  • Trans backlash
  • Superchats

Here is what you need to consider. We are in the matrix.  Do you think for one moment that they have not game played this?   John Nash earned a PhD in 1950 with a 28-page dissertation on non-cooperative games. He was the genius that suffered from schizophrenia (portrayed in the movie a Beautiful Mind).  He developed the Nash equilibrium, a crucial concept in non-cooperative games. It won Nash the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994. 

They are game-playing the geopolitics and using psychological warfare and Hegelian dialectic on their own populations.  There are no good guys only bad guys and worse guys.  So do I trust Redacted?  I think their info is mostly correct but that does not mean that they are not playing a role in a wider agenda.  I also think it is a bit naff that they use Oh, SH*T in every video title (lolz). A bit like the nerd at school trying to be hip.  Always be aware of hidden agendas. I started the video at 30 mins to avoid the intro:

Oh SH*T, it’s starting. Putin LAUNCHES massive military move | Redacted with Clayton Morris (1:45)

Ukraine Forces Build Up. PENSIONERS Can Be MOBILIZED. USS Ronald Reagan Docks in South Korea (17 min)


Biden Admin Rages as Saudi-Russia OPEC+ Oil Alliance Slashes Production; Ukraine Front Lines Stable (47 min)

Does Russia Have “Imperial Ambitions”? (2 min)

Here’s Why The U.S. Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline! (13 min)

Streaming With Dr Davey Crocko (Gay Expert)

Streaming With Dr Davey Crocko (Gay Expert)

This stream is both funny and disgusting.  Not for sensitive souls as it discusses a twitter feed from a gay man who got monkeypox after attending multiple gay orgies.  Then there is that tool from the CDC the Jewish Walensky squirming on air as she describes two young children as adjacent to the gay community.

CDC Definition of Adjacent:
Adjacent= gay man who is very close to children who come down with monkeypox

If you have the stomach for it look up the thread where BabePigBoi describes his (s)exploits. Why does twitter allow this when they ban other material?  They obviously have an agenda to promote. Nothing is what it seems.

This article is briefly discussed at 01:27:


Here is the stream on YT. If it gets taken down search for it on WTYL. I have started this after the intro.

Streaming With Dr Davey Crocko (Gay Expert)- A Monkey Pox On Your House (2:22)–TPyqVy4?t=809

This is now on WTYL: