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Brendan Murphy INTERRUPTS Senator Malcolm Roberts, Heated Dispute Over Vaccine Mandates & Efficacy (4 min)

LIARS. Much of the “disinformation” was spread by the intelligence agencies who deliberately funded spoiler operations. WE KNOW. I had accounts and posts removed because of scientific information that proved to be correct. There has to be a reckoning. NEVER AGAIN.

Man on $1,000,000/Year Tells Struggling Australians the Solution to Rental Crisis is More Housemates (2 min)


Farming and property rights

Farming and property rights

The voice is about using indigenous populations to change property rights and is being driven by the UN/WEF agenda. They are using the same tactic globally. Destroy farming control the food. Control the food control the people. You think that I am joking? Millions starved during the Holdomor, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” and the “Killing Fields in Cambodia”. If you read the page, it says there is lots of WA farms etc yet to be classified. The survey will be done at our expense.

They are targeting farming everywhere:

Some idiot tweeted….”look at all the land….they chopped down all the trees and destroyed the environment to farm. Many people pointed out that the land was polders and had been reclaimed from the sea. We are dealig with a bunch of stupid, propagandized morons who apparently want to starve.

In South Africa they already have rolling black-outs.  In Zimbabwe they confiscated and destroyed white farms and became a nation that was food dependent.  This only goes one way. Germany is already de-industrializing and in Holland they want to confiscate farms some of which have been in family hands for 300 years. The Covid lockdowns was a practice run for what is coming.  We now know that it was not just on Twitter that they censored. The UK military were busy doing it (Brigade 77)  and the FBI (and Homeland Security) and now we know Australia as well.  So called democratic countries were doing what they tell us that China does.   Autocrats are always afraid of the truth.

Get ready for climate lockdowns:


Net Zero becomes ZERO CARBON by 2050.  We are carbon organisms that breathe out CO2.  Zero carbon means zero animals, plants and humans.  This is a death cult.  Don’t join it.



A Dangerous Precedent for Free Speech

A Dangerous Precedent for Free Speech

I got this GAB notification in my email and I have to say that I agree with Torba so I have reproduced it here.

Elon Musk’s Compliance with Turkish Censorship Demands

A Dangerous Precedent for Free Speech

Recent events involving Twitter and Elon Musk complying with the Turkish government’s request to censor political content during their elections have raised concerns about the potential consequences for free speech.

Late Friday evening Twitter released a statement noting “In response to legal process and to ensure Twitter remains available to the people of Turkey, we have taken action to restrict access to some content in Turkey today.” On Saturday some journalists picked up on this statement and noted that “free speech” Twitter was complying with foreign government demands for censorship.

In response to this, Elon Musk tweeted “The choice is have Twitter throttled in its entirety or limit access to some tweets. Which one do you want?” as well as “This is par for the course for all Internet companies – we are just going to be clear that it’s happening, unlike the others.” In other words, “everyone else is doing it so that makes it okay!”

This statement is wrong for two reasons. First of all, even if everyone was complying with foreign government demands for political censorship it would not make it a correct decision. Secondly, not all internet companies are doing this. I would know. Dealing with demands from foreign governments to censor political speech on an American-owned American-run social media platform is something deals with on a week-to-week basis.

For example in December of last year the UK government demanded that Gab ban a user and censor “offensive” content. Upon review we found no violation of our Terms of Service and that no US laws were being broken. Accordingly, our response to the UK government was to get lost.

Prior to that the German government demanded that we comply with their censorship guidelines for users in Germany, to which we declined. We now have $30,000+ fine–which we will not pay–and now I likely can never safely make a trip into Germany until they change their draconian speech laws.

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These are just two of countless examples of foreign governments demanding that Gab engage in political censorship. Each time our answer remains the same: if the content is legal in the United States it’s legal on Gab and it’s not being removed. There is absolutely nothing that foreign governments can to do force an American company to comply with foreign speech laws.

Twitter’s decision sets a dangerous precedent that other countries may use to demand similar censorship, undermining the principles of open dialogue and discourse. In contrast, platforms like Gab have demonstrated a commitment to upholding free speech, even in the face of government pressure. The ramifications of Twitter’s compliance with these demands highlights the importance of resisting censorship demands to protect the fundamental right to free speech.

The Precedent for Global Censorship

By acceding to the Turkish government’s request to censor political content, Twitter and Elon Musk have opened the door for other nations to demand similar actions. This creates a concerning precedent that weakens the platform’s commitment to free speech. Other governments could now point to this compliance and exert pressure on Twitter to censor content that challenges their own political agendas, effectively stifling dissent and suppressing valuable discourse.

False Justifications

Twitter’s excuse that “every internet platform does this” is not only disingenuous but also the wrong choice when it comes to protecting freedom of expression. Rather than using this argument as a justification for compliance, Twitter should have taken a principled stand in defense of free speech. The company’s decision to comply with the Turkish government’s demands tarnishes its reputation as a platform that values open dialogue and encourages diverse perspectives.

The Power of Resisting Censorship

Had Twitter refused to comply with the Turkish government’s censorship requests, even at the risk of being banned from the country, it would have sent a powerful message about its commitment to upholding free speech. This principled stance would have demonstrated to the world that Twitter does not bow down to the demands of foreign governments seeking political censorship. By yielding to these demands, Twitter has inadvertently compromised its integrity as a platform that champions the right to express differing opinions.

The Example of Gab

In contrast to Twitter, platforms like Gab have shown that taking a firm stance against government censorship is a winning strategy for preserving free speech. Gab has consistently refused to comply with demands from governments, such as the UK and Germany, to censor political content. By prioritizing the fundamental right to free expression, Gab has garnered respect and support from individuals who value open discourse, and it has become a symbol of resistance against censorship.

Twitter and Elon Musk’s compliance with the Turkish government’s censorship requests sets a dangerous precedent for the future of free speech on the platform. By acquiescing to these demands, they have undermined the principles of open dialogue and free speech values that the platform claims to uphold. Twitter should have taken a principled stand, even if it meant facing a ban from the country.

Platforms like have shown that refusing to comply with government censorship requests is not only possible but also crucial for maintaining the integrity of free speech. It is imperative that social media platforms recommit to the principles of open dialogue and resist the pressures of censorship to ensure that the freedom of speech remains protected in the digital realm, which is exactly what Gab plans to continue doing.

Andrew Torba
Jesus Christ is King of kings

Censorship laws

Censorship laws


Two amendments that would make the law less extreme were voted down.


The Ban TikTok Bill

The Ban TikTok Bill

This will more or less shut the internet down which is what they want.  So much for free speech and the 5th Amendment.   I have a VPN so I guess that makes me a criminal.  They are getting ready to declare martial law and completely control the internet and any dissent. They want chaos on the streets because then they will crash the banking system, clamp down on the internet and put the military on the street. This has nothing to do with TikTok.

Notification: Sabotage

Notification: Sabotage

You may have noticed that my “Australian Death Vaxx” video was running in the background while you were watching another video. I suggest you clear your cache. I have added autoplay=”false” to the embed code and that should stop it. I think this is down to Odysee removing embed functionality on my channel. It is a subtle way of censorship because it means I can no longer embed via Odysee. No matter I will use Bit Chute (which has been de-banked) and I will use the WTYL platform which is being migrated and updated with a new interface. I need to upload all my videos afresh and some of the old WTYL video embeds will no longer work. Probably also open a Rumble account. I am so busy. They want to shut us up while they enslave us and kill us. NEVER. NEVER. I will NEVER remain silent and I will take up the voice of witness against their evil deeds.

As for the video that caused the problem I will upload it to other platforms and spread it everywhere (when I find time) I will even make twitter versions.  I will saturate the ether. SO THERE.


The War On Information

The War On Information(6 min)