Bio and Conventional Warfare

Bio and Conventional Warfare

This was live when I put it up (still listening to it).  A Whistleblower has come forward but they are probably “cooling the mark”.  Kevin and Charles are coming to the conclusion that it is probably supra national rather than just nation state actors.

LIVE – Charles Rixey: Bio & Conventional Warfare Latest (Live)


This is Western (Ukrainian) propaganda.

How Ukraine Plans to DESTROY the Russian Fleet in Crimea

Buggery Boy Jeremy Farrar 

Buggery Boy Jeremy Farrar

Wow, Jeremy Farrar’s grandfather (?) attended a symposium in China in 1911 where lockdown, masks etc were on the agenda.  China had just had a plague.  So we have a generational obsession with disease his great grandson Sir Jeremy Farrar OBE is the Director of Wellcome, a global charitable foundation which supports science to solve urgent health challenges.  He was deeply involved with the engineering and release of Sars-CoV-2 in China.    The intelligence services of the old East India Company and Great Britain, together with Rockefeller,  have been involved with creating disease for over a hundred years.

The History of WHO/Oxbridge Buggery Boy Jeremy Farrar – With Johnny Vedmore & Charles Rixey (2:43 min)

Liars and Fear mongers

Liars and Fear mongers

Crying and laughing while killing people. This is known as psychopaths and duping delight. These people are beyond the pall.


This Week In Tautology – A Response to Racaniello et al. Pt. 2 (With Charles Rixey) – 2:31min

This is a continuation of the previous live-stream deconstructing the TWiV conference of lies. If you don’t have time to watch the full stream then skip to the joke about their body language and faces at about 1:13, it is a classic. They have faces like slapped arses. Someone in chat said it looks like they are looking at photo’s on the computer of their family being held hostage (lolz). It is so obvious that they are lying.


This is an excellent insight into the psychology by Kevin McKernan who sequenced the vaccine and found DNA plasmid with SV40 promoter (contamination from the production process) which has since been independently verified by another scientist.  These vaccines (transfections) fail on every point.  They are such liars and fear mongers. This is what I tweeted in reply to McKernan: That is exactly what has happened. Fear of mortality has been used to create a new cult.


This Week in Tautology

This Week in Tautology

Excellent stream

These people disgust me.

This Week in Tautology – A Response To Racaniello et al. (1:56min)

This is the comment that I left under their video:

Keep digging. Nuremberg. We have your emails. We have other evidence. We KNOW that you are lying. Crimes against humanity. LIARS.

You are going to have to defend what you say under oath. Millions have died because of what you did. We have the receipts and evidence has been provided to congress. Enough of your lying eyes. You are done. There will be a reckoning. Blood on your hands. YOU ARE DONE.

This was the original video.

TWiV 1017: From Nature, not a lab

Convergent Bio-Warfare

Convergent Bio-Warfare

Highly Recommended

Charles Rixey is now in Japan and together with Kevin they are streaming from a Hotel room.  The video starts at about 25 minutes because after the intro and some audio difficulties (in fact  sporadic audio problems  throughout but I still recommended listening).  They knew that there would be protein misfolding. Protein misfolding and aggregation is the common cause and pathological mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), PD, and Huntington’s disease (HD) but it can also manifest in heart disease, kidney etc and as a cause of cancer.  This is why we have an increase in all cause mortality.  They are getting away with it because the symptoms are so varied and no one is connecting all the dots. Charles Rixey wrote a “meta survey” which was placed on Zenodo but then they removed it and cancelled his account but it is now back and I have also embedded it on my website here.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts – Aggregated Wuhan COVID-19 case data points to the wrong side of the Yangtze River
Charles H Rixey

More than 3 years have passed by since the COVID-19 pandemic was sparked by an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the city of Wuhan, China sometime in late 2019; despite the scientific and geopolitical importance of understanding how the pandemic began, the question remains unanswered, in stark contrast to the earlier SARS & MERS outbreaks. Most of the focus in the origin debate has been centered upon the Huanan Seafood Market in Jianghan District, where the earliest known major cluster of cases emerged in early December 2020. As a result, a vast amount of published epidemiological research has been ignored and an inordinate amount of attention and weight has been given to the pre-2020 set of 174 COVID-19 cases described within the China Annex2 of the World Health Organization’s origin report published on March 31st, 2021. A careful analysis of the extant literature shows that the “official” final case statistics differ in their geospatial distribution by approximately 10,710 – a massive shift that artificially exaggerated the Huanan Market side of the Yangtze River, which separates the western side of Wuhan from the east, where the Wuhan Institute of Virology resides.


Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Kevin and Charles discussed gathering all the material together and writing a book which I think is an excellent idea.

Streaming With Charles Rixey – War Escalation, Convergent Bio-Warfare (Protein Misfolding) -2:22 min



Charles Rixey and Christie Grace

Charles Rixey and Christie Grace

Listening to this in the background.  Rixey traveled to see JFK Jr who gave a speech regarding Presidential candidacy at a Hotel were someone pulled the fire alarm there was a mess up with his ticket (silver not gold) so he did not get to see him at the reception but Bret Weinstein put in a good word for Rixey. Remember Rixey used to work for JFK before he got back stabbed by JC and Rixey has teamed up with Andrew Huff who used to work with Daszak  as a former employee of the EcoHealth Alliance before he became a whistleblower. I always thought him a bit suspect but he keeps coming up with the goods.  Now for something funny….apparently Mel Gibson wants to make a movie about Huff and offered Charles Rixey a part to play himself and maybe other members of the Raccoon resistance.  I am booking in for a haircut and getting an agent right now (lolz).

Still got to listen to the rest….may add more comments later (so busy….).

So, completed listening to  the stream and Grace did not appear, instead we had Nick who is very knowledgeable in the field. They discussed Charles’ document:

Interesting comment by Nick on cancer prevention and treatment where he promotes tea made from organic Pomegranate peel, Orange peel, Dandelion root and Lion’s Mane. We will have a look at some of these treatments in a health article.


Streaming With Charles Rixey & Christie Grace: Latest Bio-Warfare Updates (4:25)