My Pronouns

My Pronouns

From now on my pronouns are I /TOLD/YOU/SO (lolz). I identify as a conspiracy theorist.

Headline in my local paper yesterday. The Cancer Generation. Youngsters dying of cancer. No one seems to know why. Doctors are baffled. The AZ vaccine is just a distraction (look over there) the big one is Pfizer.  They just killed a little kid during an mRNA gene-therapy trial for duchenne muscular dystrophy. I told you three years ago that they were developing a gene therapy platform and had 230 new vaccines in the development pipeline.  They are building new factories all around the world.  They are experimenting on you.  mRNA is the way forward for medicine and for bio-warfare. A bit like nuclear power.  Dual use (lolz).










Remember this Banshee?


Not so “safe and effective” anymore… (2 min)

And Greg Hunt the WEF stooge standing in front of a bookshelf that has a copy of the Great Reset is still pushing the cause…even after AZ withdrew.


16 million people with “Long Covid” in the USA and these are the ones they are telling you about. This is just the start. Prion disease will take out another layer. We told you and no one listened.


China Story

China Story

So much for technocrats and long term planning.  Trump was right when he said everything woke turns to shit, but so does long term technocratic centralized planning. The law of unforeseen consequences or is it Murphy’s law?   Do you think AI will be any better.  It is the carnal mind on steroids. 

China miscounted its population, now the economy is in crisis | If You’re Listening (16 min)

Xi Jinping avoids Biden meeting. BRICS more important than G20 (16 min)

Tip of the Spear

Tip of the Spear

And so the division continues between left and right, between those who want to save kids and those who want to abuse kids. They have set this up perfectly.  Good verses Evil.  Christians (actually Mormon ex-CIA ) vs degenerate Marxists.  Exquisite.  Whose side are you on?  Don’t you want to save kids? What is the matter with you?  Surely you are on the side of Jesus (Jim Caviezel) especially now that he has a gun and rescues kids (lolz).

Sound Of Freedom continues winning streak, Establishment PANICS over its Success! (12 min)

See the excellent video by John Brisson:

Cry Freedom, Cry Foul?

Are the kids OK?

Are the kids OK?

The most renowned and cited cardiac scientist in history just got removed from twitter for tweeting out that phrase.  That phrase is based on an advert encouraging young kids to get their hearts checked out because for some “unknown” reason they are all suddenly getting myocarditis and heart attacks.

Dr Peter McCullough has been cancelled

My comment on Steve Kirsh’s page:

No Peter, the kids are not OK.

A society that aborts, mutilates and experiments on its young has surrendered to nihilism and does not deserve to survive. Children represent hope. Hope for the future of humanity. They should be cherished and nourished. There will be a reckoning.

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry" (Habakkuk 2:3).

Suffer the little children

Suffer the little children

Shocking report….in Australia 5% of newborn babies ending up in ICU with pneumonia and Covid.

Supporter Video | 5% of babies born in ICU | News roundup (38 min)

Little children are at virtually zero risk at being harmed by covid. The Israeli MOH (Ministry Of Health) is hiding a study it conducted, showing a 2-4 times higher rate of adverse events reports following Pfizer COVID vaccine in kids aged 5-11 vs ages 12-17

Shots for Tots

Shots for Tots

Line those kids up and give them the experimental jab.  You know it makes sense (lolz).

CDC Director describes the rigorous science behind the COVID vaccines for kids (7 min)

Kim Iversen: Biden’s SHOTS FOR TOTS Rollout FAILS As Parents Don’t Show To Sites (13 min)

Hep and adenovirus

Hep and adenovirus

We speculated about hepatitis in children in a previous thread and more or less concluded that it was too early to tell but suggested that it seemed to be either linked with adenovirus or with ADE.  Here is the previous article:

Hep in Children

Here is the latest video by Dr. Raszek

New mysterious hepatitis – COVID-19 vaccines update 41 (10 min)

What is causing the recent mysterious hepatitis around the world? First scientific evidence linking to COVID-19 spike protein effects. Also discussed is the concept of how viruses can trick our immune systems via “pathogenic priming” and finally we discuss how atomic structures of biological molecules are solved using an example of hepatitis virus. Described content: Hepatitis T-cells:… Pathogenic priming:… Hepatitis virus structure:….

Below is an excellent thread by Jikkyleaks (Fan Account) including another contributor…which I turned into a PDF because the thread compiler did not work (and these things tend to go missing as they delete accounts).

This is an excellent (and frightening) thread. It looks like some sort of recombination producing a chimaeric adenovirus.  The vaccine virus picks up the E1 gene (in whole or part) from another circulating adenovirus.   Children are probably very susceptible because young children who haven’t been exposed to intestinal adenoviruses are now hit with a supercharged (chimaeric) adenovirus as their first exposure.  See also the side-note on adenovirus contamination.

Future articles will look at natural supplements that strengthen liver function.

Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles




Doctor Sellout

Doctor Sellout

Some Doctors have sold their soul to the devil and drawn up some sort of Faustian bargain. I am afraid I got into it with one such doctor and it will probably cost me my twitter account (again) but it makes me SO ANGRY.

See the thread (this is the first tweet):

The video in the tweet is the one that Dr Jonathan Jay Couey showed and it is truly excellent. I place it here in case the above tweet (account) goes missing:

Non-specific vaccine effects, with Christine Stabell Benn (54 min)