I told you Bitcoin etc was a psy-op.   Keep your kids and yourself safe (do not jab them) and start growing and storing food.  The world is about to go nuts (and it is already bad).

As Celsius Crypto Suspends Withdrawals, Biden Admin Moves Toward #CBDC #stablecoin (7 mins)


In my view the separation of economic interests is in preparation for WW3.

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: A Bizarre Phenomenon Is Occurring- HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. Mannarino (17 min)

NATO Grifters

NATO Grifters

NATO is seeking relevance after the Cold War.    They need war and they want war.  How else are you going to keep the bureaucracy afloat.  Moar War.   Let us drag China into it  and start delivering weapons to Taiwan.   We must keep the wheels of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) with blood and money.  Warmongers.

NATO calls China “systemic challenge,” then asks China to enforce oil price cap (25 min)

Lysychansk Falls, Russia Takes Control of All Lugansk Region as Ukrainian Resistance Collapses (1:00)

A Disaster for Most People Is an Opportunity for Corporations (3 min)

Partnership in Blue Pacific

Partnership in Blue Pacific

Very interesting.   This is within Australia’s “sphere of influence”  and is just an extension of imperialism and countering China.

“Partnership in Blue Pacific” to Turn Pacific Islands into Anti-China War Zone (39 min)

The US has announced yet another anti-China alliance. This one is called, “Partners in Blue Pacific,” and either includes or soon will include both the UK and France as well as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. This is about countering China - but if China is attempting to trade, develop, and raise the entire region with its own rise upon the global stage - it means the US and its allies are attempting to counter development and progress for these Pacific island nations. Many of these nations are approaching China in the first place specifically because of the impoverished, destabilized state they’ve been left in by the US and its allies. 


Financial Times – US and allies launch initiative to help Pacific Island nations:…

Wikileaks – Program for Solomon Islands (1976);…

Guardian – Solomon Islands unrest: three bodies found in burnt-out building:…

SCMP – News of China’s security pact with Solomon Islands generates suspicion, offence and backtrack:…

The Diplomat – US Aid Pledge to Pro-Taiwan Solomon Islands Province Raises Eyebrows:…

The Diplomat – Taiwan Must Avoid Pouring Fuel on Solomon Islands Fire:…

ABC – The US denies geopolitical motives are behind a massive aid increase to the Solomon Islands’ Malaita province:…

ABC – Solomon Islands joins China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as leaders meet in Beijing:…

Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard University) – Solomon Islands (2019):…

Observatory of Economic Complexity – Solomon Islands (2020):…

Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard University) – Fiji (2019):…

Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard University) – Marshall Islands (2019):…

Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard University) – Samoa (2019):…

Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard University) – Palau (2019):…

If the cap Fitts

If the cap Fitts

Big picture Geo-political analysis highly recommended.

In Yorkshire they say “If the cap fits, wear it” and the system needs to “wear” the criticism leveled by Fitts.  Even the biased and controlled Wikipedia acknowledges her qualifications to make such judgements.

Catherine Austin Fitts (born December 24, 1950) is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and, during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing. She has widely written and commented on the subject of public spending and has alleged several large-scale instances of government fraud.

 Comments and rough running order

I have added transcripts from some of the most important sections.  This really is a very good video.

Quote: It is like a high tech Bolshevik revolution. They are “repurposing” the economy. The middle class is being destroyed as are small businesses and trillions is being stolen and pumped into AI and Space etc.

A debate about three models is going on in every country in the world:

1. First model(question) will that country be sovereign or not?
2. Whoever is running that country is it going to be run by govt or corporations and banks?
(Russia is choosing govt and USA banks and corporations)
3. Is individual sovereignty going to be lost to central control?
(China and Russia want to wipe individual sovereignty as long as the national players control it)

Who is going to operate it day to day? Banks and corps or gov?

Putin is running ahead with AI and bio metric control etc but pushing for govt and nation states (remark could not be doing it without help from the West).
The West must not allow (Brzezinski doctrine) Europe and the East join up (MacKinder world Island) with the Belt and Road it takes 11 days by train to connect China and EU as opposes 40 days by sea giving leverage to the USA as the global sea power.

14:40 Steve Roche ex Morgan Stanley book UNBALANCED destruction of US manufacturing
17:00 Mentions geoengineering (spraying)
18:00 Question: Why are you destroying America?
20:00 Excess mortality and disability
24:00 Mass Psychosis Formation

Three lines of control and these all work together using AI and software.

  1. Surveillance
  2. Financial
  3. Covert

30:00 Taxation without representation
32:00 When it becomes visible with CBDC you have a digital concentration camp
33:00 Estimated 6 to 18 months before the widow closes (total control)
34:00 Withdraw from the systems – use CASH
35:00 Constant amazement poster
37:00 Missing 21 Trillion (at least)
45:00 The US crossed a line in 2014 and decided that the Dollar was a political weapon.
46:00 Bilderberg and continuity of govt
47:00 Emergencies and Experts

Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: Global Governance War For The Future!(50 min)


There are no Good Guys.  They all want you as a slave it is just a fight about ownership. You have no say in the matter.  The only thing you can do is withdraw and let it burn.   As to sovereignty…. God is sovereign and Jesus is appointed to rule the NWO.  In the meantime I will act like a freeman because where the Spirit of Christ is, there is liberty.

Treaty Time

Treaty Time

The Australian Citizen’s Party is pushing the line that Australia is not about to sign away it’s sovereignty to the WHO (China).  They are partially correct in this but it is more complicated than that (see my comment below the tweet).


Much of what you say is true but it needs to be qualified. The Gates Foundation is the second-largest contributor to the WHO (Germany is biggest). As of September 2021, it had invested nearly $780 million in its programs this year. It is not necessarily China that we need to be worried about but unaccountable globalist institutions. And while it is true that at the moment it is only a proposal we already have the next pandemic (Monkeypox) in the making. Just watch how things get fast tracked and accelerated. You think they built all those quarantine centers for nothing? And by the way...the Anglo-Zionists may be rotten but I don't want my life dictated by a surveillance state, or a social credit score country like China because that is the globalist model for the rest of the world. Countries should control their own borders and govt should be answerable to their own people and no one else. 

Nuclear War

Nuclear War

I thought this video was extremely interesting even though I do not agree with some of Jeff Nyquist’s conclusions.  I do not believe that Russia and China were preparing  to launch a nuclear war (preemptive strike). It is quite apparent that the West has been deliberately provoking Russia and that since the Maidan coup in 2014 Russia has been making its economy more robust and independent. Think tanks in the USA were proposing measures to destabilize Russia long before the Ukrainian war began (see the video below this one).  China’s storage of grain and food and the massive ring of merchant shipping may just be protective and/or defensive measures.  They know that rapid natural changes are incoming. Moreover, the intense lockdowns could be exercises for an anticipated bio-warfare attack.  Or they could be propaganda. It is a fact that China was doing GOF work on Covid funded by the USA.  Was Covid purposefully released (rather than escaped?) in China.  Was it released by a “third party” either a state entity (intelligence service) or by a Non Governmental Organization?  We will never know but I suspect that China is being used. Never forget that Bolshevism was the creation of the bankers.  All wars are banker wars.

Why Major Powers Are Stockpiling Food and Stopping Exports ? (Jeff Nyquist 1/3) [27 min]

Now watch the video below and then tell me that the West has not been trying to destabilize Russia for years.  The West has been preparing for this which is why they withdrew troops out of Afghanistan.

Sweden & Finland Joining NATO: A Few Quick Points (8 min)

There will be global food shortages and hyperinflation.  I believe they are front-running the problem.  They know that catastrophic change is coming and they are setting up control systems. I expect rationing and  more lockdowns.

INDIA Bans Export of WHEAT. Huge Prices Rises & Shortages as GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS Worsens.(20 min)

When the change comes they will not be able to control it.

Where Solar Storms Hit Harder, Cold Climate Coming, Electroquakes | S0 News May.16.2022 (3 min)

Poke the bear and slap the Panda

Poke the bear and slap the Panda

Seems like poking the Russian grizzly bear is not enough so they decided to give the Chinese Panda a slap. This will not end well.

Washington Preps Taiwan to be Asia’s “Ukraine” (25 min)


China Slams US Wording on Taiwan (12 min)

China wants to form its own military alliance (12 min)

Not watched this yet but usually very pro-west propaganda


China Story

China Story

It looks like we are being played again.  The lockdowns in Shanghai are real and people are being detained in their apartments but there is also an element of theater and propaganda. The actual death numbers (if they are to be believed) do not warrant such draconian action. Can we believe anything that comes out of China?

This is no doubt for consumption by the West and a harbinger of what is to come gives an idea of the sheer scale of what we’re about to experience. Buckle up and get ready.

It is not over.

How Australia is paying the price for Shanghai’s brutal lockdown | 7NEWS (6 min)

Gravitas: Did just 3 people die in Shanghai due to Covid? (5 min)

China claimed today that just 3 people have died in Shanghai due to the Wuhan Virus. But reports from the city are challenging this claim. Molly Gambhir tells you more.