China falling down

China falling down

All the West has to do is wait and China will collapse into its own footprint (lolz).   Is this propaganda?   Of course, but that does not mean that it is not true. Actually the building stayed intact which suggests that it was well built.  It sank into the ground.  And gas pipes break when their is seismic activity or ground movement.  The Indo-Australian plate is exerting a lot of stress on China and India. This could be a consequence of the ongoing magnetic excursion rather than bad build quality.   I hope nothing happens to the Yangtze Dam.


Just Happened! – Building Falls – City Block Blows Up – Why Didn’t You Hear About it? – Episode #217

Not Bluffing

Not Bluffing

“NATO is TESTING Putin’s red line and he’s NOT bluffing” Redacted w Clayton Morris (16 min)

Rus Prepares Kharkov Battle; Rus Jams US Black Sea Drones; Ukr Troops Untrained; Turkey Wants BRICS (1:19 min)

Biden, Russian military decimated. US/NATO, 5 land corridors to fight Russia. US $50B Ukraine loan (42 min)

Kyle Anzalone: Antiwar Latest (30 min)

Patrick Lancaster: Latest on the Ground in Russian Ukraine (22 min)

🔴 America is preparing for war with China over Taiwan! (3 min)


This is definitely pro-Russian and it is four days old but pretty good. The Aussie Cossack Show:

NATO’s Thirst for WAR Exposed! With RT’s Chay Bowes (1:43)

The Death of Empire

The Death of Empire

You are watching the death of Empire.  The fall of Rome 2.0.   A small elite is crafting policy. They are detached from reality drunk on hubris and now they are panicking.  They see their power slipping away and are becoming desperate and reactive.  All human empires fail.  It is the nature of the beast.

Hitler was a theosophist and Germany was set up to be the fall guy (like it is now). Hitler was the creation of the bankers as much as Communism was the creation of the bankers. Hitler was no hero but Germany was deliberately destroyed in the same manner that they are now destroying the West.  So many lives wasted.  So much blood and treasure.  It is about to happen again and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  The USA is printing a trillion dollars every 90 days and BRICS is about to dump the dollar.  World War Three starts soon.  We had their pandemic and their climate fear now comes WW3.  They want you dead or broken.  Don’t let them.  Hold fast. Keep the faith.

Look who is back (4 min)

Full Movie lolz:

Claudia wins. Biden does not want WW3. Elensky, Trump is potential loser. Greek F16 pilot in Ukraine (38 min)

Rus Encircle Chasov Yar, Repels Kharkov attacks; Zelensky Angers Chia; Saudi Pulls Out Swiss Summit (1:23 min)

Larry Johnson: View of Ukraine from St. Petersburg (27 min)

Alastair Crooke: How the West Must Change (38 min)


Provoking Hot War

Provoking Hot War

The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War (7 min)


Rus Breakthrough Chasov Yar, Ukr Energy Crisis, Belgorod HIMARS Strike; Rus Economy Bigger Japan (1:30 min)

Elensky, China sabotaging Swiss summit. Kallas, no Plan B. Above the law. Putin to conquer Eurasia (41 min)

WSJ: US actively preparing for war with China (23 min)

MAJOR ESCALATION: Biden OKs Ukraine Hitting Targets INSIDE Russia! (11 min)


Taiwan Next

Taiwan Next

Trump, No CBDC. Drone hits Russia nuclear radar. $320M pier breaks. Elensky, victim dictates terms (44 min)

Big Rus Missile Strike; Lavrov West Desperate; Duma Rus Wants Kiev Regime Change; Yanukovich Return (1:26 min)

Neocon China hawks; Ukraine failed, focus on Taiwan (21 min)

This is anti-China agitprop…remember….the truth always lies somewhere in-between.  Would I like to live in China?   No.  Then again the West is becoming more and more dystopian. 

WW3 Prelude

WW3 Prelude

Netanyahu ICC Warrant, Raisi Killed Air Crash; Rus Takes Belogorovka Storms Chasov Yar; Assange Wins (1:25 min)

Iran helicopter crash. Nuland, hit military bases. Rise of Yermak. G7 new Russia asset scheme (42 min)


🔴 Panic in NATO as Russia Devastates Ukraine’s Army | Syriana Analysis w/ Andrei Martyanov (55 min)

“Sanctions On Russia Have FAILED!” & Only Hurt Europe Says Hungary’s Foreign Minister (8 min)

China & Russia Join Forces To Build A “New World Order”! (23 min)

Scott Ritter : Reality in Ukraine (31 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor : What the Media Won’t Tell You (32 min)

Larry Johnson : CIA and Revolution in Georgia (31 min)

Ray McGovern : Russia/China/Ukraine (30 min)

Aussie Cossack Show

Aussie Cossack Show

The “Cossack” is wanted by the police and is broadcasting from the Russian Consulate (In Sydney I think).  I know it is propaganda but then it is all propaganda and psychological operations.  Nevertheless, the show is pretty good and you need the info (agitprop) from both sides.   In any case watch the bit about the two bodyguards at the start of the video.


The Aussie Cossack Show – Russia & China Tell The West To F**k Off!