Gigaohm Biological DRASTIC (2 Jan)

Gigaohm Biological DRASTIC (2 Jan)

Dr Jonathan Jay Couey hosts Charles Rixey the ex-marine and WMD expert in a Live-stream.  Both Jonathan and Charles were members of DRASTIC (short for Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) .  As you know if you have been following this blog DRASTIC has been taken over and split by Yuri Deigin who is promoting his own genetics company for longevity and is now supported by the likes of Jamie Metzl  the gay globalist member of the Atlantic Council.  In other words, original DRASTIC members have been cast aside (voted out) and replaced by “woke” (politically correct) “investigators” who can steer the outcome.    DRASTIC had obviously become a threat to powerful interests and therefore they needed to capture and control it.

Charles Rixey wrote the introduction to Glenn Beck’s video and provided the research materials.  It was only belatedly (after public pressure) that Glenn Beck acknowledged Charles’ contribution.  I have placed the original Glenn Beck video below in case you missed it.

I believe that Jonathan is correct in realizing that the origin story is critical.  It is critical because it means these people cannot be trusted.  If they released a Gain of Function (GOF) virus either by accident or deliberately then how can they be trusted to deliver vaccines (transfections)?  They obviously have another agenda.  And Jay is correct in saying that this is a central pillar of their false story that can be smashed.

Jonathan and Charles DRASTIC (2:09)

Here is the article from Charles’ sub-stack Prometheus Shrugged:

Here is the original Glenn Beck video in case you missed it.

Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie (2 hours)


Billy Bostickson the One Eyed Monkey


Here is the latest work by the One Eyed Monkey (and some of his friends).. Remember that Billy had a hand  in exposing the DAPRA grant proposal and subsequent rejection letter. Here Billy is looking at Omicron which also looks suspiciously like a lab creation rather than random mutation(s). It is becoming apparent that this was run through transgenic (humanized) mice.


Here were the comments posted by the genetic researcher Daoyu:

Also see how the bat, cat and mouse eclipses overlaps—a humanized mouse virus would be indistinguishable from a bat virus by mutational scales even for viruses that are very closely connected to each other (>99.5% similarity) and whose substitutional profiles are still dominated By the primary kinetics of the mutagenesis process in stead of selection (as in CoVs where the difference between genomes are >4% apart).Cat, dog and mouse are all overlapping with the bat oval.

This was also contributed by Daoyu:

Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

“Let them eat cake” is the traditional translation of the French phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, said to have been spoken in the 17th or 18th century by “a great princess” upon being told that the peasants had no bread. The French phrase mentions brioche, a bread enriched with butter and eggs, considered a luxury food.

We warned you and warned you about the coming food shortages and it is remarkable to see so many people still asleep.  The Rockefeller Institute even produced a document called Resetting the Table.  They know that a big natural change is coming so what are they doing to prepare?  They are accelerating the destruction by disrupting the supply chains and limiting the use of fertilizers.  They (cf. Bill Gates) are buying up farm land and investing in factories that make synthetic meat and bug protein.   They are going to price food and energy beyond the reach of ordinary people. When the change hits a lot of people will have already died and the remainder will be locked up in SMART cities on rations.  You vill eat ze bugs. 

2022 Global Agriculture Dilemma (10 min)

Add in Herbicide shortages to the fertilizer shortages plus rising diesel prices for 2022 planting and grow season for N. Hemisphere. Food prices up for sure, stock up now or buy seeds to grow your own.

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2022 Global Grain Supplies & Fertilizer Shortage Forecast(11 min)

Fertilizer shortages are slated to sweep the globe in 2022, which will reduce global crop output and spike prices as the highest bidder gets the grains. Same time organic yields are 25% less than chemical fertilizer, so can farmers switch? Sri Lanka is a perfect guide to allow us a glimpse into the future with basic services limited and supply capacity shrinking.

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China Hot Spot

China Hot Spot

Note that it is mild in India and no deaths but it is going crazy in the USA?
Have you got it yet?
Do you understand yet?
They are destroying the economy
Get ready to starve

Gravitas: Is China the new Omicron hot spot? (6 min)

A Biblical Loss Of Life

A Biblical Loss Of Life

Those are Greg’s words not mine.

IMPORTANT UPDATES PLUS: Beyond The Debt Hyper-Bubble.. A Biblical Loss Of Life Will Occur. Mannarino (16 min)

Record Offshore Dollar Bond Defaults, China Liquidity Crisis….Time For More Stimulus (8 min)

The Evergrade situation is not over.  Michael Bury (who called the Big Short on the GFC) said that China is already bust but that it will take about a year to manifest.



The Sahel

The Sahel

We have added a new tag “Africa” to reflect the growing importance of Africa as the next food bowl.  We might add that the Middle East will also bloom. Watch the globalists and the West scramble as they fight amongst each other for the spoils of Africa. Africa will face Neo-colonialism and/or globalism.  No much different if you are an African.



Fall out

Fall out

The Australian Citizens Party (ACP), formerly the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC), is a minor political party in Australia that holds no seats in Parliament but has nevertheless been very influential in helping independents formulate positions particularly against egregious banking and financial behavior.  They did good work in stopping the cash ban and fought valiantly against the scandalous removal of Christine Holgate as CEO of Australia Post.  They have exposed a lot of regulatory failure, corruption and malfeasance and are still doing so.  They have been accused of being “antisemitic” because they went after banking.

I am not a member of any political party and do not vote (never vote) but I supported the ACP with my time and resources because they were a corrective against the crooked banking practices however I have had to reconsider my position because this party who has a headquarters in Melbourne has been silent on the emergency laws, on mandates, on vaccinating kids  etc and that is not good enough.   Somehow they see what is happening as being separate from a corporate-banking take over of humanity.  They have become a distraction and make me wonder if they have been captured or controlled.  Another Limited Hangout.

You find out who your friends are

At times like these you really find out who your friends are.  Who is prevaricating and hedging and who is clear and determined. What is the point of agitating for the freedom of Assange when we are all in lockdown? (lolz).  What is the point of advocating for a national bank when they are about to roll out CBD?   For goodness sake our Health Minster Greg Hunt (who steps down next year) just announced the Moderna factory in Victoria.  This is never going to end. Hunt is  the poster boy for the corrupt cabal as he is a former Kibbutznik, who worked for McKinsey and the WEF.  I can smell the stink of corruption from here.

I challenged the ACP to clarify their position and received this reply (my response is underneath). This will go on Twitter and elsewhere.  I refuse to be gas-lighted.

Here was Robbie’s response to my original challenge:

Dear Paul, I guess that was that you challenging me on Twitter, under the name Moses?

The short answer to your question is the Citizens Party hasn’t taken a position on this issues. It’s too complicated. We fight on a number of issues that are universal, but this is a public health issue, and we know people have different views, but whatever people’s views on this they can still support our core policies.

Speaking entirely for myself, frankly, I disagree with a lot of what you’ve written.

I don’t accept your view of the vaccines. I find the apocalyptic future scenarios you believe to be implausible – I don’t see any evidence for them.

I think your assessment of the geostrategic situation is wrong – there’s no reality in which China and the USA are colluding in a plot against the world. In fact, if we don’t find a way to bring them closer together, the greatest danger is not some futuristic dystopia, but a good old fashioned war of annihilation by nuclear weapons.

I certainly don’t support vaccine mandates, but I do think people should get vaccinated. We had a huge scare in our part of Melbourne which affected our office, but showed that vaccines work. The problem with mandates is they undermine trust, but governments don’t want to accept they have a credibility problem, so they take the lazy way and mandate.

That said, vaccine mandates have a very long history, going back more than two centuries. In principle, they are not the new world order, or fascism. I’ve seen the claims made about the vaccines, including a lot of misinformation, plenty of it deliberate, so I understand there’s a lot of fear, but people will have to weigh up that fear against the risk of covid for themselves.

If we were in government we’d do a lot of things differently, including remove all the conflicts of interests of banks, big pharma etc, so that people would know if we said the vaccines are safe and effective they’d be able to believe us. However we’re not in government, the major parties are, and as much as you distrust them, it doesn’t make the pandemic any less real.

Those are my views, not the Citizens Party’s. I don’t demand you or anyone agree with them. The Citizens Party has an important mission and we’re not going to let this divisive issue derail it. We appreciate your ongoing support, or if you choose not to, you are welcome to get involved again in the future. Your contribution to our campaigns, especially the cash ban campaign, will always be appreciated.


Here is my answer:

Thank you for answering.

I am a polymer scientist who has worked in plant pathology and am in contact with a systems neuroscientist and a biologist (both PhD’s) and a network of people including a WMD expert (ex-marine) and a nuclear cardiologist and many others who exposed this dual use technology including some of the founding members of DRASTIC.  The systems-neuroscientist who has a comorbidity caught Covid when he was in South Korea and survived. There are treatments other than "vaccines" but the government will not allow them and is not promoting preventive health measures during a pandemic.  Strange, isn't it?

Everything we have said has come to pass and been proven true.  Everything.  The systems neuroscientist has found evidence that the S-protein can cross the BBB and we already know about the cardio-vascular issues and the increase in cancers and thrombo-coagulopathy. That should be enough to stop the experiment.

The vaccines do not work, they allow people to walk around with high viral loads and transmit a viral quasi-species. If they worked you would not need boosters every three months.

If they worked Omicron would not be an escape variant that now avoids vaccines. We warned everyone over a year ago that this would happen (do you want me to send the scientific papers?)

We warned about ADE but I guess people have to learn the hard way. Simply put...the vaccines (transfections) do not work, and they will result in long term sequelae.

We also said that mRNA was a platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and lo and behold a Moderna factory was announced in Victoria that will make 100 million doses that will purportedly be used to fight cancers and flu etc.  They have 230 vaccines in the development pipeline.

These are not vaccines they are gene therapies or transfections and Moderna (who has never made any successful treatment before) announced in its prospectus that their mRNA would enter bone marrow and there change stem cells. This is gene therapy and if it changes stem cells it can be passed onto the next generation with any unforeseen mutations. And they want to give this to growing children.

We know from Pfizer biodistribution studies and pharmacokinetics that it does not stay in the muscle but concentrates particularly in ovaries and gonads but can be found in virtually every organ.  Do you know how LNP (Lipid Nanoparticles) such as PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) work?  I do because we used them in polymerisation reactions. They are also used as adjuvants for these "vaccines".

Do you know how they "stabilised" the mRNA (which is antigenic) they methylated it to pseudouridine believing that it was a solution thereby increasing the chance of protein misfolding. Free mRNA in the blood is destroyed therefore if you want it to enter a cell it needs to be packaged in a LNP to protect it.

Moreover, you need to mess with interferon and disable the immune system so that the mRNA can enter the cell and this explains why so many people got sick between the first and second jab with low leukocyte levels.

What do you think your immune system is going to be like by the time you get to the seventh booster?  Answer me that ...because in Israel they are already on five boosters and the health minister is talking about as many as it takes.

I have NEVER said that covid was not dangerous or that it is somehow "not real" because I know that is propaganda put out by those same intelligence services and pharma but that has to be balanced against the long-term dangers of the so-called vaccines (transfections).

Do you know any of these things?  Probably not and you think I am just some sort of religious nut who does not understand science or Geo-politics.

Your love for China and understanding of the City of London Zionism has caused you to have blinkers on. The situation is far graver than you realize, and you present a dumbed-down version of my position. Are China and the USA cooperating?

No, China and the USA are not cooperating.

But the global institutions and Universities, NGO's and supra-national entities and banks are cooperating. The world is run by cross-border corporate monopolies. And you know full well who is behind Russian and Chinese Communism. You know full well that the corporates and banks want to lock us into social-credit scores and commoditize human behavior.

Mandates are not fascism you say.  Please go and tell that to the Austrians and Germans now faced with massive fines and prison for the crime of being healthy and refusing "vaccines".

All your achievements (cash ban, Holgate etc) fall into insignificance if you cannot see the writing on the wall. You have made yourself irrelevant because a CBD is coming. There will be no national bank. There will be no infrastructure and manufacturing plan.  Instead, there will be SMART cities and surveillance and UBI. Melbourne is a prime example -you just saw emergency laws being extended....and what did you do?  NOTHING.

As for Apocalyptic scenarios I suppose you are right that when scripture talks about her seducing the world with sorcery (Greek = pharma) and buying and selling (CBD) and ten kings cede their sovereignty (Yinon plan and Abraham accords).  I guess that is all just coincidence like the vaccine injuries. 

I know who is behind this and I will fight them until my last breath, I fully expect incarceration or worse in the next two years.

Children are a line in the sand. They are at zero risk.  Anyone who condones using mRNA on children is in my view despicable. Choose your side wisely because there will be a reckoning.

At least your position is now clear, and I regret supporting you and am glad I never became a member because your party is at best a distraction and at worst controlled opposition. My time and resources is now going to people who really know what is going on and who will fight this to the bitter end.

We reject their transhumanism not just because it will not work but because it is fundamentally, ethically, and principally flawed.  Humanity is made in the image and any transcending of that template is out of our hands.

Judgement is coming and it will be epic.



P.S. This will be posted on my website and elsewhere.  He who is not for us is against us (and is therefore fair game). I suggest you review your position because you are supporting the very people you detest.

War Drums

War Drums

Gravitas: Putin launches a battle with the West (4 min)

China ramps up efforts to counter United States, builds mockups of US navy ships | English News (2 min)

Chinese military to soon surpass US, Russia: General John Hyten | China News | WION (3 min)

Iran struggles against IDF in Syria; Bennett rejects “terror state” in Israel -TV7 Israel News 11.11 (12 min)

Little China

Little China

It looks like big trouble is coming to little China (and the rest of the world)

Where is Jack when you need him?

Gravitas: Panic buying in China  (7 min)


Japan’s Missile Defense Aimed at China (8 min)

Some historical perspective:

(This is a follow up video in the Pacific War series)



Another good video by David DuByne. See below the video for what is happening in China. I just have to add this comment which I found under the video:

G`day David best crops in years in South Australia where I live are all but lost up to 80% in most parts due to hail damage things are starting to ramp up now , the farmers are devastated !

I can vouch for that as our veg garden got shredded and my Son’s car got dented by the hail.

A Timeline When Shortages End (11 min)

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