Backdoor Boys 2

Backdoor Boys 2

This video by Brendon O’Connell was originally meant to live stream on the Sunday but he encountered all sorts of problems. He was kicked of YouTube and his other platform ceased to work.

It is now up on his Brighteon and Bitchute channels. Well worth watching only moderate cussing (lol)   Long story short he demonstrates that Israel has a backdoor into all chips and therefore Rad group controls all infrastructure.  They have the kill switch.   Here is the original article followed by the video:

Backdoor Boys


A bunch of new “backdoors” into Intel chips have been found by researchers. here are the initial links to peruse.

0-10:40 – Intro, the limited hang out gang continues.
10.40-16:00 – Refresh…Russian GRU assets in Israel.
16:00-21:45 – Intel chips have a new backdoor in microcode
21:45-32:28 – What happened to Intel & 10nm…really?
32:28-35:15 – Saviour, Intel, Covid and work from home.
35:15-38:19 – The key narrative.
38:19-45:58 – Critical infrastructure, Zohar Zisapel and RAD Group, the ususal suspects.
45:58-57:06 – I hope you will now understand what is going on now.
57:06 to end – Conclusion, going over the big picture.


Backdoor Boys

Backdoor Boys

Received this email from Brendon (I am now a subscriber because he has been kicked off YouTube).  I converted the email into a PDF. I suggest you read it, download it and email it everywhere as an attachment.  So many people are utterly clueless.   Below the PDF are three video links that he also sent.  Excellent Material.

Here are his channels:







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LEO Invited to INTEL FAB ! – Leo Says 40 @ Kiryat Gat

June 30 2019

This week Leo has a lot to talk about regarding Intel. He was recently invited to Israel to see Intel’s FAB, and he talks about it today (most of it anyway, some of it was under an NDA).

  • 00:17 Leo was with Intel at Fab 28 in Kiryat Gat
  • 02:12 Intel and the 10nm fiasco – and more
  • 04:56 Sunnycove
  • 05:33 Leo in a clean room bunnysuit
  • 06:10 Do Intel need the positive PR ?
  • 07:22 Leo gets told off by Intel and deletes photos
  • 08:31 The Fab is both 14nm and 10nm – Intel spent $5 billion and possibly another $11 billion next year
  • 10:32 Leo talks to Intel Fab manager about 10nm problems
  • 11:44 Looking back at Intels roadmap
  • 12:30 Clock speeds are not the key metric – its heresy!
  • 13:35 Intel are proud of graphics in Icelake (Gen 11)
  • 15:50 Is Intel having a bad year – are AMD set to capitalise ? What about mobile?
  • 19:15 Intel AI chips
  • 20:07 AMD EPYC Rome was all set to compete with Ice Lake Xeon
  • 21:46 AMD owns the console market- but how much does it really matter?
  • 22:42 Mobile phones – Intel did try.
  • 23:46 AMD likely to take chunk of desktop market in 2019 onwards
  • 24:30 We hope Ryzen 7 3000 model with 8 cores is very good – price looks competitive
  • 24:56 Intel due to release Cascade Lake X
  • 26:01 Competition is fascinating in CPU market
  • 26:25 Intel financials – the current situation
  • 28:02 The Intel visit recap, yields and more

Leos Notes: Leo Says 40 – The Intel Edition 18 journos go to IDC (Israel Development Center) and Fab 28 in Kiryat Gat. What was Intel’s motive? Did they want to distract us from reviewing AMD Zen 2? Or are they just lovely people with loads of good stuff to show off? Intel previously locked Micro Architecture and Fabrication Process together such that Ice Lake and 10nm are synonymous. 10nm went off the rails a while back and the consequence is that Ice Lake has been on the sidelines for a year. They have now separated architecture from process but the changes will not take effect until they have a working process and 10nm does not look like that process. Let’s hope 10nm+ fills the role. Coffee Lake was added to Intel’s roadmaps, apparently to counter AMD Ryzen. First we got the 6-core i7-8700K in 2017 and then the 8-core i9-9900K in 2018. The mobile version of Coffee Lake is named Whiskey Lake and includes mitigations for Meltdown and Spectre. Oh right, security! So Intel added cores to counter Ryzen, failed to get 10nm off the blocks and also ran into a long list of security problems yet who could say Coffee Lake has been a failure on the desktop? Our complaints centre around high prices and the questionable thermals of a CPU that draws 180W in Auto mode. Gamers love these chips. The next desktop CPU from Intel seems to be Comet Lake which should deliver 10-cores, still on 14nm with a number of + signs. Will that compete with Ryzen 3000? HEDT looks wobbly with Cascade Lake X on X299, still on 14nm, still offering up to 18-cores. Intel’s pricing will be interesting as the competition includes both high end Zen 2 and low end Threadripper. Will Intel slash their HEDT prices by 30% or 40%? Intel Nervana NNP-I 1000 is an AI chip used for Inference (as opposed to NNP-T 1000 which is used for Training AI). Inference chips are lightweights where Training chips are typically hefty great graphics cards.…. It uses an Ice Lake CPU on an M.2 package… AMD EPYC Rome was all set to compete with Ice Lake Xeon but Intel has only just released Cascade Lake after years of Skylake which gives AMD a significant advantage in terms of cores, performance and price. On the other hand AMD is nowhere in the notebook market. Zen 2 may make inroads but AMD is effectively starting from a base of zero. Neither AMD or Intel has any presence in the world of mobile phones When it comes to gaming consoles AMD rules the world however it has long been felt that AMD uses consoles for development and turnover while making very little profit. AMD Q1 revenue of US$1.27 billion was down from Q1 2018. Margins up from 36 percent to 41 percent. Profits down from US$81 million to US$16 millions. Earning per share $0.01 Intel Q1 2019 revenue US$16.1 billion which was flat margin 56.6% down from 60.6% net income US$4.0 billion down from US$4.5 billion earnings per share $0.87

GOD MODE UNLOCKED – Hardware Backdoors in x86 CPUs

This talk will demonstrate what everyone has long feared but never proven: there are hardware backdoors in some x86 processors, and they’re buried deeper than we ever imagined possible. While this research specifically examines a third-party processor, we use this as a stepping stone to explore the feasibility of more widespread hardware backdoors.

By Christopher Domas  Aug 29, 2018—hardware-backdoors-in-x86-cpus-10194


Foreign Affairs Inbox: Amitai Etzioni discusses Communitarianism

Scary Forecast

Scary Forecast

Question, can everything rise to record levels at the same time all using the same excuses from Palladium to semi-conductor chips to chlorine to chicken to base food products? Same lame horse excuses and reasons, if you look a level deeper, maybe its not random.

Price Spiked out of Everything Summer 2021

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Ford’s Semi Shortage Meltdown, Morgan Stanley Says Industry Won’t Recover Until “Well Into 2022”… How This Inflation Plays Out Will Be Different From Anything That Has Come Before It… Flaming fireball seen in Oman’s Sky… Palladium Tops Record $3,000 Amid EV-Demand Surge, Supply Chain Pressure… America Runs Low On Chicken. Blame Surging Demand And Labor Shortages… Fried-Chicken Craze Is Causing U.S. to Run Low on Poultry… Chlorine Prices Explode Just In Time For Peak Pool Season… Chlorine markets higher… US Factory Orders Disappoint In March… Ether Soars Above $3500 – Now Bigger Than Walmart… Global food prices rise for 10th month in a row… How USDA Forecasts Retail Food Price Inflation… Food Price Outlook, 2021…


Earth Skeleton, Scary Solar Forecast, Venus Change | S0 News May.4.2021

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Big Cycle Forecast:… LLSVP to Hawaii?… D-Region Excitement: Venus Ionosphere:… GMO Mosquitos in Florida:…


Big Asteroid Headed our Way as NASA and FEMA conduct Asteroid Impact Emergency-may3rd

Of course, this has already passed without incident but the near misses are increasing as we enter the galactic sheet.


The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection: Part 2 – A Sun Most Pure And Most Lucid

The Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection Sunspot Numbers Since 1600 Observed AMO Observed PDO Butterfly Effect… GISP 2 Data (Greenland Ice Data) UAH Global Temps (Dr. Roy Spencer) The Dynamic Climate System Solar Irradiance Graph of the Little Ice Age Grand Minimas Sice The 1100’s

TLAV-Daily Wrap 16 April

TLAV-Daily Wrap 16 April

The Last American Vagabond (TLAV) 16 April.  Very good show worth watching.

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Clearly Dangerous, Mask Mandates Correlate With Higher Infection & Canada Gone

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Israel makes billions

Israel makes billions

This is must watch despite Brendon’s crude and irascible style.  He does not play well with others especially not if they are trying to deceive or control him.  His information is sound.  The Beast Kingdom is rising out of the abyss.  Christians need to stop deluding themselves and wake up right now. Covid is a tool just like 911 and the GFC.  Wake up.



MY WEBSITE – DR KEVIN MCCAIRN: What a surprise…Israel continues to brag of the huge profits and investment it is making off Covid and we all remember the same braggin post 911. My Lord! Bi Bi and Friends hit the trifecta….again! The ultimate inside traders. WHAT IS JEWISH POWER BY BRITISH JEWISH ACTIVIST PAUL EISEN… *MY VIDEO’S – ENTIRE DOWNLOADABLE FOLDER ON MEGA*… *UN Refugee Application | Brendon O’Connell – 100MB PDF file*… *Industrial Zionism: Espionage, Deception, & Interstitial Compromise*… MY BRIGHTEON CHANNEL… MY BITCHUTE CHANNEL (150+ videos) BEST VIDEOS UPLOADED TO THEIR OWN YOU TUBE CHANNEL… BTC – 1FXTuR8vPYAkwVuTr15p86ZwEUmkpVLdq7 BCH – qqhnn9pts9hdrzm2n8vvf5mvnee7nw2gw5neugv89n ETH – 0x076C06ba1fAbe73bcD5105027C1C7AA8a0F44dF7 LTC – LKhLQECrB5Kf6gPWcAxhxyb6Pu2ih18KaQ Acc Name: Brendon L. OConnell Bank: St George Bank, Perth, Central Business District Acc No: 055164731 BSB: 116879 SWIFF Code: SGBLAU2S BRIEFING DOCUMENT | ISRAELI HIGH TECH & ESPIONAGE Ironically typed up 300m from the Beirut blast site at RAMZI AIRB&B… 42 USC 17337: United States-Israel energy cooperation §17337. United States-Israel energy cooperation…… Link To Flyers… RATS IN THE RANKS – PLAYLIST – “PSYCHE WARFARE & INTERNET HERO’S”… 5. TRUMP v COVID | 2020 & THE FORCED ECONOMIC COLLAPSE OF AMERICA…… 6. COVID KILL SWITCH – ISRAEL & MICROSOFT, HOW THEY SUBVERT AMERICA…… 7. COVID KILL SWITCH | ISRAEL & UNIT 8200 TAKE OVER NEW YORK & PENTAGON…… 8. A FEW GOOD JEWS – DEM PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS AMBUSHED ON THE STREETS – ISRAEL & ESPIONAGE…… 17. ISRAELS SECRET WEAPON, THE TALPIOT PROGRAM – “HOW ISRAEL RULES”…… 4. COVID 19 – CORONA, ISRAEL, THE BUNTING CLOVERLEAF MAP & GREATER ISRAEL…… 1. COVID 19, WAR WITH CHINA, ISRAEL, 911 & THE BOEING UN-INTERUPTABLE AUTOPILOT…… 18. ISRAELI DRONES WORLD WIDE – HOW ISRAEL RUSSIA, IRAN & CHINA WORK TOGETHER……