Bent Britain

Bent Britain

Starts at about 13 mins. So many young people are dying.

Bent Britain, Shaheeds, SARS Broken Hearts/Neuroscience (2:32)

Paul’s Immunomythology

Paul’s Immunomythology

Dr. Paul A. Offit, a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases and an expert on vaccines, immunology and virology, is the featured speaker at a Presbyterian Church. Now they get to lie to you in Church.  Why not just call it the bully pulpit?  What did the prophet Jeremiah say……?

"The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?" (Jeremiah 5:31)

Yes, people love to have their biases confirmed. Paul Offit is doing his damage control explaining it all away. This is an easy audience without critical knowledge and willing to listen to the expert who cannot be challenged or questioned. They will all nod their heads sagely as all cause mortality shoots through the roof. However, when these experts have to answer real questions at the European Parliament they refuse to turn up.

Press conference after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refused to answer in front of European Parliament (27 min)

We know that they are lying. We have recorded them lying and contradicting themselves. The excess deaths do not lie. They tell the true story.

Of course Paul Offit mentioned nothing about the Origin of the virus (as if that was incidental) nothing about the table top exercise (Event 201) supposedly organized before the virus appeared.   There is much that he left out.

Jonathan stresses the fact that the PCR test was deliberately abused and that a lot of hyperbole surrounds the GOF work and sequencing. All this is true, we know that they exaggerated the death counts and case numbers.  We know that they subjected the public to psychological warfare and we know they deliberately disseminated misinformation and disinformation.  Confusion is their friend.

We also know that they have been doing bio-weapon research for years. We know they used ticks as vectors, we know that they ran the Special Virus Cancer Program that resulted in AIDS and we know that GOF and CRISPR are valid techniques.   They have been experimenting since SARS-CoV-1 and some people in certain locations got very sick and died from the viral infection.   This was a multifaceted operation employing psychology and media to ramp up the fear.  This is what J.C. said:

"It is not to say that there was not a virus, not a pathogen. I am completely fine that there was a novel coronavirus with a special spike protein that made it especially immunogenic and that the presence of that spike protein in the swarm was evident in 2020 and occasionally be evident in 2021-22.

The talk is in two parts (Offit starts at 22 min):

Paul’s Immunomythology (Rumble Test): Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (1:25)

Second Part (1:06)

The Original presentation:
Community Forum with Dr. Paul Offit (1:17)


Does he elaborate on transhumanism which is the goal of these new gene therapy techniques?   Does he tell the congregation that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will usher in a new age where humanity can ascend to god like status with the technologies of AI and DNA and machine integration?  The union of man and machine as humanity is re-imagined and re-engineered. Does he tell Christians that this is the original lie of the serpent that man can become God?    The Sui generis of original sin has metamorphosed into original antigenic sin.  In a previous video that we featured we showed that the Churches had been penetrated and corrupted by the Masons.  This is a prime example. This man and his ilk should be cast out of the house of God. 


Zuck becomes God

Zuck becomes God

Like I have said before, I am suspicious of Russel with his 33 tat on his wrist….though at the moment he is saying the right things and making the right noises.

What is wrong with religious people?

I have to ask that question because so many think that what is happening is perfectly normal and they are supporting it and going along with it.  This is the next step in creating a virtual reality.  The god of this world will become the AI Borg mind – all human data scrapped and manipulated by machine learning and processed by algorithms.  It represents the Beast System on Steroids. The mind of man enhanced and augmented by computers. It becomes a parody of God.  Evil incarnate.

“Err, Metaverse The RELIGION Now??!” This Is SINISTER (13 min)

What did he just say? (5 min)

Welcome to your godless, dystopian future. NO. NO. we will not give up our privacy for health care.  NO. Our lives belong to God not to the technocrats.


Prince of the Air

Prince of the Air

"Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience" (Eph2:2).


I hear more and more Christians referring to 5G as the Prince of the Power of the Air and it is a fitting metaphor for what can only be described as a Satanic Agenda using invisible waves that travel through the air.  This was a thought provoking video only about 20 minutes long. The  first half is scientific and factual and the latter half is more speculative but interesting.  Watch it and we will discuss afterwards.




There can be no doubt  that radiation is not good for you and also no doubt that we already suffer the effects of radiation from many different sources. However, because we are not looking it is often missed.    We might see a cluster of cancers but not make the connection with a nearby cell tower or we might become infertile but not connect that with carrying the cell phone in our pocket.  Now imagine if that radiation is dramatically increased with the introduction of 5G. The effects of radiation overlaps with the symptoms of Covid therefore making it possible that the virus is being used as a cover story for 5G roll out.

I believe that I am starting to pull the threads together now and so are many others.  This world cannot survive the onslaught being perpetrated on it.  It is not just humans that will suffer but nature and the environment.  In order to counter this they have poured trillions into research getting ready to modify crops and how nature itself works.  Previous posts talked about missing trillions (between 21 and 90 trillion) and suggested that the money was used for the Middle East Wars etc.  However, much of this 5G is military technology and DAPRA is involved in many of these sci-fi type research projects.  China has also made 5G a priority as have many other countries.  It cannot be stopped. They will not allow it to stop just like they won’t allow the vaccines to stop.  They have decided that this is the future for humanity and if you get in the way…..too bad.  They are constructing their own matrix.

Connect the Dots

Humans will need to be upgraded (trans-human) in order to survive the 5G control network and become plugged into the singularity (hive mind).  We are on the verge of this and the push for vaccinations is connected.  In fact, the deeper one digs the more one finds that all this is deeply connected and has been planed for a long, long time.  They were waiting for the technology to catch up with their evil imagination and it has.  We need to become part machine in order to live in this brave new world. Right now they are collecting our data (including DNA from Covid health swabs) and that data will be fed into their quantum computers.  They are eager to monitor every aspect of our health – the future collection of data will be phenomenal (hence the need for quantum computing).  They are making their own creation (matrix) in which they will be the gods of the new age.  They will track and regulate everything.

I am becoming convinced that Covid + vaccines + 5G is connected.  I believe that the Covid lockdowns etc is to condition us to live in the smart cities. The mask wearing etc is to identify dissenters (people too strong willed and independent).  The  Covid test swab  is used for collecting DNA and possibly implanting some sort of nano tech.  Who knows? We are not exactly being informed or asked about any of this.  Is this is what is going to happen when they turn the frequency right up?  Why a church scene?  (warning violence and swearing)….remember they always like to mock you in advance….because you are dumb and helpless:


In this movie peoples heads explode at the end and there is a frequency that drives people mad and makes them extremely violent.   Is this advanced programing like the movie pandemic?   Are they telling us what they plan to do?  They have a thing for burning churches and certainly hate Christianity.  Look how the Rothschild magazine the Economist describes Christianity (as the mark of Cain):


Christians believe that they are made in the image of God and these people believe that they are gods and they want to be trans-human.  They reject the freewill that the creator has given us and they reject the command to be fruitful and multiply (they want eugenics).  They are completely opposed to everything that God stands for – freewill, bounty,fruitfulness,choice (even the choice to reject God and sin) – they are the antiChrist.  They are psychopathic control freaks.   Now watch this very short but important video to connect the dots:


The same people that are involved with viruses are involved with 5G.  Surely that is not a coincidence?  The same institutions involved back then – Rockefeller and John Hopkins  are involved now.  All 3 major Polio vax inventors worked for Rockefeller before going on to “compete” for best vaccine. The only real competition was in the mass marketing campaigns to get people to take the shot. They had polio vax parties!!

Let us add some more “coincidences” Trump’s uncle John G. Trump together with Loomis (founder of Cornell Medical) was were Fauci graduated in 1966.  Microwave research was progressed in the US at MIT under Loomis and Trumps Uncle . It was Trump himself that signed 5G into law and it was his uncle who back then was involved with the microwave research project.  So we come full circle. Just like AG Barr Locking up Epstein while Barr’s father hired him as a teacher. There are too many coincidences. All these people know each and work together.


The plan to invade humanity

The reason I include this video is two-fold – firstly it has fantastic graphics and they are high quality and secondly, everything he says about the technology is true.  We have this technology available now and are far more advanced than people think.  It is just a matter of scaling it up but that can be done quickly in robotic factories.   

Later in the video he talks about “aliens” but towards the end he says they can represent any group you want.  Remember you have to be careful to avoid censorship laws on YouTube therefore he does not name a specific group.  The video also pushes anti-China propaganda.  I have no doubt that China was used as a testing ground (by American big tech companies) for some of these technologies.   Although I have no doubt that China is authoritarian and ruthless I also have no doubt that much of the anti-China rhetoric is exaggerated.  


Essentially he is correct.  It is like the invasion of the body snatchers but this time the body snatcher is technology and whoever controls the tech controls the world.