M5 quake and X-flare

M5 quake and X-flare

La Palma volcano update: First quake above magnitude 5 https://bit.ly/3GxL2Lj Red-Hot ‘Lava Bomb’ Careening Down Volcanic Slope Looks Like It Came Straight From Hell https://bit.ly/3pR3RCZ Latest quakes near La Palma volcano: past 24 hours https://bit.ly/3hLpMXk La Palma Quakes vs Depth Chart https://bit.ly/2XseTTk 🌎 LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption, the Canary Islands https://bit.ly/3vFWrDM

La Palma Eruption: First Quake At magnitude 5 -The Volcano Is Now Emitting Tons Of Black Ash Cinders (4 min)

CME Impact, Full Analysis, Current Sheet Science | S0 News Oct.31.2021 (5 min)

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