Chyna and Covid

Chyna and Covid

This is the previous stream which was five hours.  Kevin lost some Patreons who were offended by his dark humor and casual racism.  People need to toughen up if they think that hurty words are the worst thing that they are going to face.  Kevin does not spare anyone he believes in equal opportunity trolling.  He ends his show with comedy from the black dude  Dave Chappelle talking about his run-in with wokeism in the transgender community.  These are the times we are living in.  If you cannot recognize the subversion you never will.  We should fight it but we must not lose our compassion for lost souls. Before I place the video and running order here follow some very short videos that are either referenced in the stream or relevant.  They are both less than 2 minutes.


Running order (5 hrs)

A five hour stream, what interested me here was the Geo-politics skip to 56 mins.

  • 56:00 Is Revelation of troops in Taiwan will only hasten Cross-straits war
  • 2:02 COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia: First Confirmed Case from India
  • 2:14 Singapore rolling average
  • 2:25 Vaccinations deaths before and after Vaccination Program
  • 2:30 Covid 19 is dangerous -minimize exposure
  • 2:36 Even mild infections get virus or S-protein into the brain
  • 2:37 The data is being deliberately skewed
  • 2:49 Impulse control -anger and aggressive
  • 2:50 All cause mortality -excess death -Charles Rixey
  • 2:59 The most Vaccinated State see huge surge
  • 3:01 Ryan from TLAV was lying live on stream (last American fagabond lolz)
  • 3:03 Vaccinated deaths in the UK (Expose)
  • 3:04 UK – escape variants Explore the global data on confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • 3:11 Israel faces of pain
  • 3:20 Black humor Kev’s way of coping
  • 3:23 Attorney Thomas Renz
  • 3:26 Moderna Mutagenic pill
  • 3:31 Members of Congress taking iMap protocol
  • 3:45 Memes
  • 3:57 Dave Chappelle Comedy show – Daphne Story (The Closer)



Neurological damage (told you so)

Neurological damage (told you so)

Here is another “told you so”  article. I could do plenty more of these.  Dr Kevin McCairn has been warning for over a year about neurological damage and particularly about protein miss-folding (prions). He has also been warning (and so have I) that they will rush out an mRNA platform for multiple vaccines. This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Your life at the end of a corporate needle while they conduct experiments on transhumanism.

This is another video that I have compressed from a 3 hr stream to 27 mins in which Kevin analyzes a number of scientific articles that provide ever more data points confirming the increasing risk of neurological damage.  The damage seems to be a long term effect of the virus but can also be caused by the vaccine.  No surprise there because they both contain the S-protein.

I was particularly shocked to note the use of Polysorbate 80 as a surfactant in vaccines.  That is the same sort of stuff (span 80, tween) that I used in liquid dispersion to mix oil and water phases to create micelles for polymerization reactions.  No wonder it creates dimers.  No way would I inject that into my bloodstream. Here follows the video with the references underneath.

No safe dose of Prions (27 mins)

And about that RSV….

RSV is a Fall/Winter disease. Babies all come into the PCP with it. Full term babies normally have no issue with it. May develop pneumonia so we nebulize and steroid dose them. It is weird to see RSV this early…

RSV is Respiratory Syncytial Virus (like bronchiolitis or pneumonia) Syncytia is when uninuclear cells merge to form a multinucleate cell. The study is suggesting that cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 are merging, triggered by the spike protein.


Resources used by Dr McCairn