Dr Kevin McCairn has a look under the microscope at the Sputnik vaccine which he tests with his blood live on camera just as he did with Pfizer by taking his blood and putting a drop of the vaccine in it. At first the Sputnik reacts better than the Pfizer but (skip to about 7:34) you will see the blood cells staking like roulette chips and sticking together. Underneath I have placed the Running order from the Dojo (Go there if you want to use the timestamp links)

  • 00:13:42 Start
  • 00:14:10 “We are prepped for bottles of Sputnik!”, “5 bottles, glass vials, therefore untampered with, all the way from Russia”, “I don’t think we’re going to see a lot, because it’s pre-diluted”
  • 00:15:32 “Janssen, as Richard found, did have an effect on oxygenation”
  • 00:21:03 Pause until 00:32:53
  • 00:41:02 “Let’s have a look at Great Britain. Geert Vanden Bossche did a very specific prediction at the beginning of the year“, “the slop comes down and it nevers goes down to zero, and it gets this periodic set of peaks, until (this is theory, I don’t know how much it would translate to the real world) as it bounces along, suddenly it shoots up, and then you’d get a super-pathogen in your hands”, Omicron: “some people have said it’s lighter than the Delta”
  • 00:43:19 Chat: “Why does Parsifal think the world is ending? He’s a little much right?”, Walter Chestnut
  • 00:44:27 Chat: “For a bioweapon this is pretty weak shit”
  • 00:52:10 Video: Stew Peters “Pfizer and Moderna thawed: warmed vials become «alive» self-moving organism”
  • 00:58:40 Chat: “Ask kev is zeolites cross the blood brain barrier”
  • 01:03:00 “Rainer Füllmich has put a case to the International Criminal Court for genocide, and he’s got all types of loons listed as witnesses or people that write the court documents you file, a criminal complaint, that’s going to fall at the first hurdle”


Warning Important message from Dr Robert Malone (4 min)


Ep 126.1: A senior ER story in the USA of 2021 : Why you need an advocate (1:31)

On the Attack (Part 2)

On the Attack (Part 2)

I place the uncensored streams below with a rough running order and some links.   Below is the stream from the 27th of October. Things to look out for are the virus crossing the Blood Brain Barrier (as Dr M’cCairn and Dr Fleming warned) and the prevalence of Brain Fog which is often a precursor to far worse neurodegeneration. Blood thinner has been approved for kids by the FDA. Anything to do with this:

And here is a meme (one of many) of Ozlem Tureci biontech co-founder (husband and wife team) suffering from Bells Palsy. She is now a multi-billionaire but if it is doing that to your face what are the constant boosters going to do to your brain?  Walking around with a high viral load is good for you?  These people are insane.  

Running Order

00:00 Intro and memes etc
26:00 Sputnik moment -China hypersonic
31:00 Jamie Metzl Atlantic Council and brain interface
33:00 FDA – Approval for jabbing kids
49:00 FBI widow speaks out
59:00 Covid world injuries
1:04 Pressure build-up during injecting
1:07 Fauci and puppy dogs
1:13 Long Covid (50% of people)
1:15 Brain fog
1:32 Covid related Neuropsychiatric Response (Kids)
1:38 Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Teenagers
1.46 Sars-CoV-2 crosses the blood brain barrier
1:50 BBB fog microvascular pathology
1:58 Dr Fleming on Alex Jones (see previous article Part 1 or here for original)
2:20 Ozlem Tureci biontech cofounder (husband and wife team) Bells Palsy
2:21 Bombshell revelations USA hospital collapse
2:54 Blood thinner for kids approved by FDA
3:29 Mike Adams interviews Dr Fleming

Most Recent Show

The most recent show is on the front web page of the Dojo and has a complete Running Order underneath.   This show discusses the campaign based on the blood work and spends some time debunking  Dr Jane Ruby (not a real Doctor)  who has numerous Trump, Roger Stone etc connections.  Obviously another controlled opposition. These people are all pushing false anti-scientific narratives.  At best they are a distraction at worst they are controlled.



Altering DNA

Altering DNA

The alt media (So called “conspiracy theorists”) said right from the start that the possibility existed that the “vaccine” could alter human DNA.  It looks like we were right (again). It also looks like the protein spike causes vascular damage and clots (right again) and that shedding does occur (right again). We have warned that it will probably cause sterility and it is worrying that so many women are experiencing heavy menstrual cycles with even post menopausal women restarting bleeding.  Looks like we were right again.  And still the people line up for their “jab” seemingly unconcerned about long term effects.  It looks like the “vaccine” has multiple objectives.

  • Experiments with transhumanism
  • Introduction medical surveillance nano tech
  • Infertility?
  • Depopulation (eugenics)
  • Making humans part of the IoT 5G blockchain (full spectrum dominance)

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, instructing your cellular machinery to make “spike proteins” that can damage your cardiovascular system sounds like a good idea. What could possibly go wrong? Of course all the deaths following “vaccination’ are “coincidence”.


Whatever you do don’t read this

Mainstream Media has come out with more warnings against reading scientific papers.  Whatever you do, you must not read articles and research discussing covid findings.  Neither must you listen to epidemiologists or virologists that do not support the narrative.  You must not think critically.  You are too dumb. Trust the “experts”.   Whatever you do do not read these articles.

Shedding and Clotting

Auto-Immune reactions


Thread: Auto-immune responses


Much has been made of the fact that the spike protein contains a small sequence similar to the protein Syncytin-1 and it was hypothesized that this might cause antibody cross-reactivity and cause infertility. Syncytin-1 plays a critical role in the maintenance of normal pregnancy by mediating the formation of syncytiotrophoblasts through a fosugenic action.  It seems that fear was misplaced but research in Wuhan  (Sept 2018) finds that the protein Syncytin-1 also plays a role in Inflammatory abnormalities in neuropsychological diseases. These are endogenous (integrated into the genome) so who knows the pathological effect of a small sequence once integrated into the human genome?  Maybe we should be looking at that rather than pregnancy?  Is the infertility story a red-herring for something more sinister?


Finally, female infertility is only half the story. What about male fertility? What about sperm concentration and sperm motility?   Oh, they are doing a trial which ends next month (although the results might not be published then).  So, that is OK then….firmly closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Anyway, the fact that women are experiencing prolonged and post menopausal menstrual cycles should be raising alarms in my book. And the fact that they are conducting male fertility clinical trials as an after thought is appalling.

Thread: Why the mutation is not random but man made

On top of all the propaganda and misinformation regarding the safety or otherwise of the “vaccines” let us never forget that the virus was man made. That alone gives us to the right to be suspicious especially when we combine it with images of people falling dead in the streets in China.

Thread: regarding the furin site