Climate Cult

Climate Cult

The Climtards are a cult.  They worship the very earth that is about to spue them out (lolz). Better that they repent to God.  Gaia is not listening.

And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you. (Lev 18:28)

Religious Leaders Gather to WORSHIP Greta Thunberg! (21 min)

Shishaldin Explodes To 32,000ft – Tropical Storm Lee To Rapidly Intensify – Burners Mass Exodus (9 min)

What is Space Weather | Introduction (10 min)

John Chizmadia: The Climate Scam | Tom Nelson Pod #144 (1 hour)

Scientists Terrifying New Discovery In Antarctica That Changes Everything (28 min)

I seldom post from “Future Unity” because it is doom porn and exaggerated and I believe driven by Gnostic ideology. However, this one is pretty good.  Ignore the “anthropogenic change” – they just told you about forests in Antarctica (lolz). Have a look for yourself but trace it back further than 800,000 years.  It is changing rapidly but CO2 is not the cause of global warming it is a lagging indicator.  Something is changing and it is not man made (magnetic reversal)  also, Ozone depletion will increase because of the Hunga Tonga explosion.  Also natural and not man made.

A Graphical History of Atmospheric CO2 Levels Over Time

Arson Lit Wildfires

Arson Lit Wildfires

Arson Lit Wildfires Caused By Climate Change – Penguingate – Polar Bear Truth – CO2 Lags Temerature (56 min)

9 Tornadoes Touched Down In Ohio – Tropical Depression 10 Coming To The Panhandle – Space X Launch (12 min)


Solar Watch, Solar Forcing, Breeding Failure| S0 News Aug.26.2023 (3 min)

Farming and property rights

Farming and property rights

The voice is about using indigenous populations to change property rights and is being driven by the UN/WEF agenda. They are using the same tactic globally. Destroy farming control the food. Control the food control the people. You think that I am joking? Millions starved during the Holdomor, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” and the “Killing Fields in Cambodia”. If you read the page, it says there is lots of WA farms etc yet to be classified. The survey will be done at our expense.

They are targeting farming everywhere:

Some idiot tweeted….”look at all the land….they chopped down all the trees and destroyed the environment to farm. Many people pointed out that the land was polders and had been reclaimed from the sea. We are dealig with a bunch of stupid, propagandized morons who apparently want to starve.

In South Africa they already have rolling black-outs.  In Zimbabwe they confiscated and destroyed white farms and became a nation that was food dependent.  This only goes one way. Germany is already de-industrializing and in Holland they want to confiscate farms some of which have been in family hands for 300 years. The Covid lockdowns was a practice run for what is coming.  We now know that it was not just on Twitter that they censored. The UK military were busy doing it (Brigade 77)  and the FBI (and Homeland Security) and now we know Australia as well.  So called democratic countries were doing what they tell us that China does.   Autocrats are always afraid of the truth.

Get ready for climate lockdowns:


Net Zero becomes ZERO CARBON by 2050.  We are carbon organisms that breathe out CO2.  Zero carbon means zero animals, plants and humans.  This is a death cult.  Don’t join it.



Volcanoes and Catastrophes

Volcanoes and Catastrophes

Oregon Landslide Cuts Off Highway – Massive Snow Totals In The West – Drought Reduction – Santorini (16 min)

Santorini complex: The volcano has erupted nine times in the previous two thousand years with the last blast occurring in 1950. It emits 99% pure CO2.

This is one of many on the planet that naturally spew out CO2


This is doom mongering. There will be no global Tsunami. Magnetic excursion occurs regularly. There will be increased radiation, seismic and volcanic activity. The sun will flare to throw of the accumulated dust etc brought by the galactic sheet. There will be regional tsunamis and probably arc discharges (electric). Our ancestors survived this many times. Civilization will not survive this but many people will.

Solar Watch, Big CME, More Air Trouble, Magnetic Sense | S0 News Jan.12.2023 (4 min)

I know Brand is a Masonic shill but it is important to hear what Hancock has to say.

Bad climate science

Bad climate science

Is the climate changing?   The short answer is yes…it is changing and that will accelerate but it has very little to do with what man is doing although we are practicing geoengineering and have been for decades in the hope to block harmful radiation and regulate precipitation. They can literally flood areas or cause regional droughts but they will lose that ability to control the weather as we enter into the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).   The GSM goes hand in hand with a changing magnetosphere and the magnetic excursion changes the global electric circuit which in turn alters the jet streams.  This will drastically alter global weather patterns. Moreover, because more moisture gets locked up as ice we can expect to see more droughts. The small amount of CO2 that we produce will hardly make any difference:

Not only that but CO2 is a lagging indicator.CO2 occurs after the earth has warmed up! There’s a lag of about 800 years.

At least 9 Dead As Massive Bomb Cyclone Leaves More Than A Million Without Power – Space Weather(16 min)

Notification: Moses got nuked

Notification: Moses got nuked

Moses got put in Twitter jail for seven days for being abusive (lolz).  Apparently telling the truth is abusive but sometimes you just have to call out the utter insane nonsense.  The thread I was commenting on was talking about using CO2 meters in schools to protect children and teachers from the deadly pollutant.  Add to that mask wearing all day long. These people are insane.   Anyway, Moses has a good mate called the Tishbite who tweeted this out on his account.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

You do know that they are lying don’t you?  Climate change is coming but it is not caused by fossil fuels. Globally we are reaching peak oil and EROI will make it commercially nonviable to get it out the ground.  If it costs a barrel of oil to get a barrel out the ground then it is no longer worth it (in the current system).  However, countries like Australia have something like 44x the amount of gas we need (so we export it) and we have hundreds of years of coal as well as oil deposits.   Things need to change (that much is certain) but starving and freezing people into a NWO is not the way.  Our world runs on cheap energy and renewable will never replace fossil fuel.  From plastics, to medicine, to chemicals, fuels etc it is the driving force of the economy. Even agriculture depends on fossil fuels (fertilizer/farm machinery).

For show notes select watch on YouTube

Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record High – Climate Scientists Warn Of Increased Climate Change Events (7 min)

Spraying cannot stop what is coming.

Big Plume inbound Apocalyptic Skies

HAARP’s History & Current Status (2:30)

Instant Solar Forcing, Green Sahara, Plasma Filaments | S0 News Jun.5.2022 (4 min)

Magnetic Pole Shift, Human Magnetic Sense, Solar Cycle Update | S0 News Jun.4.2022 (4 min)

Farmers’ Land Confiscated

Farmers’ Land Confiscated

If you still think this is about a virus or climate change you better wake up FAST. A lot of people are going to starve if they push ahead with this insanity. Is the climate changing? Yes. It is about to change very rapidly and there is nothing they can do to stop it. However, they could have alleviated the damage. Instead they have decided to take advantage of the chaos and enslave humanity. It is going to get colder and people will go hungry.

Farmers' land across the midwest is being confiscated to make way for construction of a massive, 1300-mi long Carbon Capture & Sequestration Pipeline. Town halls in hundreds of counties are full of angry farmers, as county officials announce, "There's not much we can do." As the world enters a food crisis, plowing under tens of thousands of acres of the best soil in America is complete madness...or is it a flawlessly calculated attack? Christian breaks it down in this critical Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Farmers’ Land Confiscated for ‘Carbon Pipeline’ through Corn Belt (20 min)


The Global Rationing Plan 2022

The Global Rationing Plan 2022

The DoConomy Card issued by Mastercard teaming with the U.N will monitor and cut off spending when you hit your carbon max allotment. You can of course buy more carbon credits on the international carbon trading market. This is happening as food nearing 60 year highs and the supply chain from the farmgate to supermarkets is shattered. Meat and poultry price soar as the blame game continues to keep you distracted as the carbon cut off is implemented.

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