Climate the Movie

Climate the Movie

It will get colder not hotter….

Winter Weather Alerts for 5 States – M7.4 Solar Flare – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Climate The Movie (11 min)

Climate The Movie (1:19 min)

Safe Zones and Disaster Zones (16 min)

I do not hold to the theory of the mantel slipping and causing a global tsunami. However, there will be local flooding, volcanic and massive seismic activity  following a CME.  Is there anywhere “safe”?  Very hard to say, but one thing is certain…  it is not very sensible to live next to a volcano or on a plate boundary.

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Health, Quasars, Space Weather | S0 News Mar.21.2024 (3 min)


Cold Climate Bomb

Cold Climate Bomb


Cold Climate Bomb is Coming (4 min)

The 50 PPM Rule For Data Tampering (5 min)

Electric cars will save the world….oops…

Ozone Hole

Ozone Hole

With out mentioning his name Ben Davidson refers to David DuByne and his prediction that the Ozone Hole would be a big problem following the Hunga Tonga eruption.  Davidson dismisses this because we would have supposedly already seen this last year and he blames it on the weakening magnetic field.  Why can’t it be a combination of both? We are dealing with complex systems. 

Pole Shift Making a Massive Ozone Hole (2 min)


Ozone Hole Gets Huge, Cold Coming, Solar Watch | S0 News Oct.5.2023 (2 min)

0/05/2023 — Large M6.6 Earthquake in Japan — Nepal M6.0 — Philippines M6.4 = Seismic Unrest dutchsinse (1 hour)

Ozone Destruction

Ozone Destruction

Do you think burning tons of vinyl-chloride will help the Ozone layer?  Do you think chlorine helps Ozone formation. What would I know…I am just a bucket chemist who took a separate course in environmental protection.  I am sure that the biggest methane release from Nord stream will help alleviate global warming.  Greta has not said a word about it so it must be all good.

Ultra-Dense Eruption, Deadly Earthquake, Ozone Destruction | S0 News Mar.19.2023 (3 min)

Let us hope that the sun doesn’t burp or fart….

Massive Coronal Hole To Face Earth, Large Quake Possible – Record Cold South – Tulare Lake History



Tony Heller’s dogs frolicking in the snow that according to climate scientists is not supposed to be here anymore. Someone tell the dogs. When lies meet reality.

Declining Spring Snow Cover (3 min)

Cold as Mars

Cold as Mars

Climate Solutions (6 min)

1/18/2023 — No Sound — Documentation of the Shreveport Louisiana RADAR pulse “HAARP ring” (9 min)

When You Realize SAHARA Proves a GREAT FLOOD Actually Happened (7 min)
Yep, Noah’s flood is true.

EVERYONE’S Lying!! North America’s Worst Disaster Is About To Happen! (22 min)

St Andreas is bad but I would be more worried about a Cascadia type earthquake. I don’t want anyone to die but if California dropped to the bottom of the Pacific it would solve a lot of problems.