What is that white stuff?

What is that white stuff?

I distinctly remember being told that we would have to tell kids about snow and show them pictures because there would be no snow by the year 2022 (lolz).  But that wouldn’t really matter because you would be drowned by the rising sea levels (lolz). It is amazing that people even believe this garbage anymore.

Over A Foot Of Snow In The Northeast – Deep Snow Northwest – Cosmic Ray Alert – Charleston 1886 (7 min)

Season’s first storm drops more than a foot of snow in some areas https://bit.ly/3G8shgy Record snowfall in Nashville as winter storm blankets South https://on.mktw.net/3f3omFX Snowfall expected to set 24-hour record in Wenatchee Valley https://bit.ly/3q59ddR Daily record snowfall of 17.8 inches recorded at Buffalo Airport https://bit.ly/3HJjLFf Yosemite National Park sees record snowfall in December https://bit.ly/3zzLpSl SNOWFALL ANALYSIS https://www.weather.gov/crh/snowfall GFS model total snow https://bit.ly/3GlYQbj Kp-Index https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/pl… Cosmic Ray Alert https://bit.ly/38DKHat Sky This Month: January 2022 https://bit.ly/3n5fG6o Coronal Holes https://www.solarham.net/coronalholes… Giant dying star explodes as scientists watch https://bit.ly/32WPzry The 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, Earthquake – A 1986 Perspective https://on.doi.gov/3t4S9pY

This stuff no longer exists (2 min)

Heavy Snow Storm is underway in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia (Jan.01, 2022) These camels 🐫 confused (4 min)

Russia is shocked! Thousands of people trapped in a snow! Terrible blizzard in Orenburg (3 min)

NASA Bombshell on the Poles, X5000, Nova Caught | S0 News Jan.7.2022 (4 min)

It is all about space weather and cosmic radiation.   It has very little to do with human activity.


NASA Solar Forcing Study: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2201.02137.pdf X5000 Flare: https://link.springer.com/article/10…. They Caught a Nova: https://keckobservatory.org/dying-star/ Solar Ionosphere And GPS Effect https://link.springer.com/chapter/10…. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10….

GSM much?

GSM much?

Get in your hole Al (lolz).  We could do with some global warming.   The USA and Europe are bout to freeze.

Blizzard Warnings! – Stranded 40 hours without food – I-95 Reopened – GSM MUCH? – Pittsburgh Bolide (13 min)

All Drivers Rescued From Interstate 95 After 27-Hour Blizzard Hellhole https://bit.ly/3ETVyKM I-95 in Va. reopens as motorists battle bailout traffic jam on Route 1 https://bit.ly/3FYwvY6 Amtrak train stranded in Virginia for nearly 40 hours without food https://bit.ly/3JSWGlA Near-blizzard conditions expected near Lake Superior https://bit.ly/3G1CF9Z Blizzard Warning issued for Olmsted, Dodge, Mower and Fillmore counties https://bit.ly/3EZQ9Si Western Washington likely to see another round of snow Wednesday https://bit.ly/3HCktnL Possible CT nor’easter: Heavy snow could start Thursday night https://bit.ly/3pX4NoY Florida Panhandle Goes From 75 Degrees to Snow Flurries in 12 Hours in Wild Weather Shift https://bit.ly/3eT9WIs Coast Rain and Mountain Snow Continues in the Northwest; Blizzard Conditions in the Northern Plains; Eastern Storm Thursday https://www.weather.gov/ GFS Model Total Snow US https://bit.ly/3FYQBS3 GFS Model Total Snow Europe https://bit.ly/3HEUzzB USGS reports 8th earthquake in a week near Elgin https://bit.ly/3eONjoA Man, 75, dies after plunging 100ft into Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano https://bit.ly/34rR55z An enormous supervolcano may be hiding under Alaskan islands https://bit.ly/3pSK0TJ Worldwide Volcano News https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/volc… Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes https://bit.ly/3rprWPn Why Hawaii Needs To Rethink Efforts To Increase Local Food Production https://bit.ly/3sZjNF2 Israeli photographer captures unique bird spoon image https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle… Pittsburgh New Year’s Day meteor explosion equivalent to 30 tonnes of TNT, says Nasa https://bit.ly/3sUHzSB Earth makes its closest annual approach to the sun https://nbcnews.to/3FX8cdc Mysterious Footprints Suggest Neanderthals Climbed a Volcano Right After It Erupted https://bit.ly/3EZR6dk 700 sheep and goats were arranged in the shape of a syringe to encourage vaccinations https://n.pr/332AMLu 2022’s Hottest New Illness: Flurona https://bit.ly/3t6nXe2 Uncensored Truth Here! https://rumble.com/vryifh-alternative…

Told you so-no stopping the cold

Told you so-no stopping the cold

Another “I told you so”….this is what happens with false narratives and lies…eventually they get confronted with reality. However, by then it is too late for the dead and dying.  If you like your lie you can keep your lie.  Personally I would rather face uncomfortable truth (no matter how terrifying) than a nice smooth lie to make me feel better.  I am not a pessimist I am a realist and I have a hope and a faith that extends beyond the mundane.  What do you achieve by fooling yourself?  Nothing. You leave yourself vulnerable and unprepared.

The comparison is not about “how warm it is” but “it is much colder than normal”… an ice-bridge has not formed between Iceland and Greenland since the Maunder Minimum – it may well happen this year or sometime soon GSM…(a partial one formed in 1967):


Getting Real

Getting Real

It is starting to get real and the next few years will see an acceleration and people are still asleep.  It is truly remarkable.  The ordinary person has access to top notch information and many cannot connect the dots.  Yes, we are being lied to and gaslighted…but really?   What a sad state humanity is in. Watch these videos and see how they are constantly lying.  Covid is a massive distraction and control measure.  Think of it as their way of crisis control.  This is how they do it:

1. Making people scared

2. Lying and gaslighting

3. Control measures

These videos are very good and recommended watch them all.

Researchers Predicting “Low-To-No Snow” For Northern Rockies And Other Ranges Are Suspect At Best…(9 min)

Researchers Predicting “low-to-no snow” for Northern Rockies, https://bit.ly/3sgsvhR Albedo Map = Northern Hemisphere Snow cover https://bit.ly/3qa5z0K Fall Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent https://bit.ly/3yQMVPP US Blizzard Frequency 1960-=2014 https://bit.ly/3EaV4zk Precipitation Extremes in The Midwest https://bit.ly/3yAktkZ Climate Change Indicators: Snow Cover https://bit.ly/32bYc0E Total Snowmass For The Northern Hemisphere http://bit.ly/2lAFomU

Official Magnetic Field Update, Cosmos, Electroquakes | S0 News Dec.18.2021 (5 min)

Today’s Featured Links: The Geomagnetic Field: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/WMM/… Pole Shift & Weak Spot: http://pgia.ru:81/seminar/archive/202… Pre-Quake Geomagnetic: https://www.e3s-conferences.org/artic… Pre-Quake Atmospheric Chemistry: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science… Dark Energy Challenge: https://www.iac.es/en/outreach/news/a… Challenging LCDM: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2112.08330.pdf Gravitomagnetism: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2112.08290.pdf

Food Supply Issues and Flash Mob Control (David Morgan 1/2) (27 min)

David Morgan of the themorganreport.com and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss energy shortages rocking the planet with gas, coal and electricity shortfalls cascading to greenhouse and mining shutdowns as supply chain gridlock and massive inflation lead to food insecurity and eventual rationing. This is what to expect in 2022 and 2023.

12/18/2021 — Global Earthquake Update on current seismic unrest — Don’t be scared, be prepared (1:13)

Solar Flare Watch

Solar Flare Watch (4 min)

Today’s Featured Links:

Parker Probe Touches the Sun: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/… Galactic Center: https://www.eso.org/public/news/eso2119/ Climate Report: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/temp-and-pr…

La Palma Eruption Ended? Record Snow In The West & More Forecast – The Galactic Center Imaged, Sag A (13 min)

‘Storm of the season’ dumps record rainfall on SoCal and snow https://lat.ms/3q1vM1v Another storm on the horizon for Wednesday night https://bayareane.ws/3ILeJtc Here’s how much snow California storm dumped on the Sierra Nevada on Monday https://bit.ly/3GSbDSF Record snowfall in central Nevada https://bit.ly/3DYf6Nw SNOWFALL ANALYSIS https://www.weather.gov/crh/snowfall Unusual December Severe Storm Threat to Spawn Damaging Winds and a Few Tornadoes in Midwest https://bit.ly/3EYDmQQ High Impact Weather for the Central U.S. Today https://www.weather.gov/ GFS Model Total Snow US https://bit.ly/3oWERcI Dangerously cold air locks in over the Prairies https://yhoo.it/3qir9k7 La Palma volcano update: No new activity – pause of eruption or end? https://bit.ly/324WeiO La Palma Seismograph https://bit.ly/2ZyYvRY Kilauea volcano update: lava returned to lava lake again after short pause https://bit.ly/3DSBRlW White Island volcano (New Zealand): volcanic unrest continues, summit vent temperature rises https://bit.ly/3ISUsSE Vatnajökull – earthquakes https://bit.ly/3CfmEdQ The Arctic has a new record high temperature, according to the U.N. https://n.pr/3oXKOWP Devastating solar storm spotted in nearby star system could be a warning sign for life on Earth https://bit.ly/3yCAR4w Experts warn that a solar storm could send Earth back to the Dark Ages https://bit.ly/3EYiQ2Y Are We Ready for the Next Big Solar Storm? https://bit.ly/3s95OvZ NASA craft ‘touches’ sun for 1st time, dives into atmosphere https://bit.ly/3DZVyZd Our galaxy’s supermassive black hole has sprung a leak https://bit.ly/3dXpPNH Tracing the Milky Way’s Vestigial Nuclear Jet https://bit.ly/3dTYPOX Watch stars move around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole in deepest images yet https://bit.ly/3EVezgy Animated sequence of the VLTI images of stars around the Milky Way’s central black hole https://bit.ly/3dTZeRt

Global Shackleton Event

Global Shackleton Event

David and  Jeff Nyquist  (part 4/4)  this is the last section of the interview (20 mins) for the full interview (all four parts 1.5 hrs see here https://youtu.be/d9CZA1U7BSw).  Very good interview.  We are in for a wild time.  Within the next two years they will no longer be able to hide the truth. 

A Global Shackleton Event (20 min)

Nobody Will Escape

Nobody Will Escape

This is part three out of four interviews. You will need to go to the website (select the watch on YouTube button).  In this (and the previous interviews) it becomes clear that Russia and China already know (at the highest echelons).

Russia doubled its fleet of nuclear ice breakers and China is hanging on to fertilizer. China is not closing its coal fired power stations. Meanwhile the USA is selling all its soy and wheat etc to China.  They are building greenhouses in the wilderness and meanwhile threatening to turn the gas off to Europe.


Nobody Will Escape This (Jeff Nyquist 3/4)-19 min

Ice Age 2030

Ice Age 2030

Poor Mike..he was coughing up a bit of blood but still went ahead with the broadcast. Now some scientists are predicting an ice age (the more likely scenario). Australia features at about 33 minutes.  I have started the video after the intro and it ends at about 36 min so about 30 mins length. Semeru volcano is also featured below.  As always Mike puts everything down to Geo-engineering and their can be no doubt that a lot is happening but I believe that the natural changes will overwhelm their tinkering.  The sun looks unusually white of late (not yellow) and is emitting a lot of UV and gamma radiation.

Evacuation! Houses are plunged into ash after the eruption of the Semeru volcano, Java Indonesia (2 min)

When it rains that ash sets hard like concrete.


Strange Winds

Strange Winds (11 min)

Record Sea Effect Snow Japan, Largest ever dust storm Uzbekistan, India paralyzed with dust in Delhi and surrounds. Polar vortices and outbound Earth’s electric circuit flow shifting global growing zones.

●▬▬▬ Story Links ▬▬▬●

The worst dust storm in Uzbekistan’s recorded history https://watchers.news/2021/11/09/wors… Dust level in Tashkent exceeded the norm by 30 times https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2021/11/05/d… Non-seasonal phenomena of dusty haze due to strong winds https://hydromet.uz/ru/node/1039 Worst dust storm in Uzbekistan’s recorded history https://eurasianet.org/severe-dust-st… Dust Blankets Tashkent https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/ima… November forecast https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-… Dust storm images https://twitter.com/Tonylean/status/1… Major winter storm and lake-effect snow is set to affect Thanksgiving week Northeast U.S. https://www.severe-weather.eu/winter-… Japan sea effect snow totals https://youtu.be/PFxhdHU16a4 Record sea-effect snow in northern Japan https://watchers.news/2021/11/24/reco… A Shot of Smoke for Delhi https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/ima… Dust Blankets Tashkent https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/ima…

CME Coming, Quake Forecasting, Sun Disaster, Current Sheet | S0 News Nov.25.2021 (4 min)

Today’s Featured Links:

China Collapse at D-O-Event: https://www.uibk.ac.at/newsroom/colla… Fewer Galactic Interactions: https://www.esa.int/Science_Explorati… Pre-Quake EM: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science… Planet with 16-hour Year: https://news.mit.edu/2021/planet-ultr…

Tipping Points

Tipping Points (5 min)

Today’s Featured Links:

End-Permian Volcanism: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/s… Climate Tipping Points: https://publishing.aip.org/publicatio… Lunar Eclipse: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4953 Hubble Sees Baby Star: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/go…

Society Reset Interloopings in a Fertilizer Shortage (13 min)

●▬▬▬ Story Links ▬▬▬●

Global Wheat Sales Report https://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net… US Wheat Associates Weekly Price Report November 05, 2021 https://www.uswheat.org/wp-content/up… Mondelez Says Snack Prices to Rise Further as Costs Grow https://www.wsj.com/articles/mondelez… Power outages, landslides, flooding and more as atmospheric river hits Western Washington https://www.sott.net/article/460874-P… Rare Medicane South of Italy, Prompts Red Alert Warning for Sicily, Malta and Libya with Extreme Rain and Destructive Floods https://www.severe-weather.eu/europe-… Record snowstorms affect 58,000 agricultural facilities in NE China’s Liaoning https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/20211… North China steels itself against record blizzard http://www.news.cn/english/2021-11/10… 58 000 agricultural facilities in NE China’s Liaoning affected by record snowstorms https://watchers.news/2021/11/11/58-0…

This Is Happening on Three Continents (11 mins)

Vorticies in Earth’s atmosphere are affecting countries with 1.3 million lightning strikes in a storm, feet of snow two weeks before summer in the S. Hemisphere, tornadoes not seen since the 1950’s in N.E USA, fall blizzards in Beijing and HeiLong Jiang in addition to five feet of snow in Inner Mongolia paralyzing cities. These events all align to records back to the 1950’s. 

Look what is happening in Australia.

●▬▬▬ Story Links ▬▬▬●

Thailand to turn away from mass tourism, target the wealthy https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/… Canadian Dairy Commission recommends large increase in farm gate milk prices https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/canadian-… 1.3 million lightning strikes detected in Australia overnight, record rainfall in Northern Territory https://www.sott.net/article/460646-1… Largest rainfall in 20 years in Australia with 1.3 million lightning strikes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcgpf… Temperature models https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analy… Large weather system affecting Australia, producing massive line of thunderstorms https://watchers.news/2021/11/11/larg… Phenomenal rainfall totals hit parts of Australia, residents urged to brace for more rain and potential flooding https://watchers.news/2021/11/10/phen… Record-breaking late-season cold spell hits southeastern Australia https://www.weatherzone.com.au/news/r… SNOWVEMBER! Mountains coated in white two weeks out from summer https://www.weatherzone.com.au/news/s… snow fall across Tasmania, Victoria and NSW following rare November weather event https://www.mandurahmail.com.au/story… SNOW and FREEZING temperatures in AUSTRALIA just days away from SUMMER https://www.3bmeteo.com/giornale-mete… Spring snow falls across 3 states in Australia following rare November weather event https://www.sott.net/article/460876-S… Rare tornadoes hit Rhode Island and Connecticut, the first in November since at least 1950 https://watchers.news/2021/11/15/rare… Anomalous November storm triggers unprecedented mini-swarm of tornadoes damage parts of Long Island and Connecticut https://strangesounds.org/2021/11/ano… Spring snowfall hits Tasmania, Australia with up to 30 cms of snow – Hobart shivers through coldest November night in 68 years https://www.sott.net/article/460818-S…