China Story

China Story

So much for technocrats and long term planning.  Trump was right when he said everything woke turns to shit, but so does long term technocratic centralized planning. The law of unforeseen consequences or is it Murphy’s law?   Do you think AI will be any better.  It is the carnal mind on steroids. 

China miscounted its population, now the economy is in crisis | If You’re Listening (16 min)

Xi Jinping avoids Biden meeting. BRICS more important than G20 (16 min)

Deflation Collapse

Deflation Collapse

Is this true or more propaganda? At this point I think it is a race to the bottom. We will see who collapses first. East and West are decoupling and the dollar is being ditched.


China’s Economy At the Brink of Deflation Collapse! | Urgent Action… (17 min)


Putin and China just watched the US dig its own grave | Redacted with Clayton Morris (13 min)

Watch until halfway then comes the sales pitch…

UN forcing digital ID banking (1:48 min)



Oh SH*T, the small bank collapse is real and it’s here | Redacted with Clayton Morris (14 min)


American Bank Run – BRICS News Equation (13 min)

BE READY! Expect To See One Or Two MAJOR BANKS FAIL. This Thing Is Just Getting Started. Mannarino (13 min)

Take Your “Safe Money” Out of the Banks, We’re Facing Crisis Greater Than 1930s (16 mins)

The Fed Raised Rates, Recession Is Coming! (11 min)

Saudi Arabia & Russia JUST SHUTDOWN All Oil To The US With Oil Sanctions Collapsing The US Economy! (12 min)

Unsound Banking System

Unsound Banking System

It’s Going Down! Total Collapse In Regional Banks, DOW Falls 500 Points, Labor Market In Freefall (2 min)

UNSOUND: The Banking System Is MUCH WORSE OFF Than We Think… Mannarino (11 min)

What Does The Latest Bank Failure & Bailout Mean? – Peak Prosperity (27 min)

BOA Says “Gig Economy” is Over, Housing, Gold and Silver News(18 min)

Shortages that Will Manifest Visibly For You 2023 (25 min)






Equity is not equality.  It is not fairness. It is the globalist rainbow word for communism. Subsidizing mediocrity and irresponsibility.


This Is How They’re Going To CONTROL You! (19 min)

Oh SH*T, the end of paper currency just go closer | Redacted with Natali and Clayton (17 min)

Time to Prepare

Time to Prepare

You can take Dirty Harry’s advice or David DuByne (lolz). It is up to you.

Crazy on Soup – Time to Prepare

The Zionist/Jewish financial cartels and their army of bribed and blackmailed officials in Congress, the State Department, the Department of Justice, IRS, Treasury, the Federal Reserve and in the office of the Director of the FBI are accelerating the theft of all assets, moneys and real estate from the American people into the Jewish controlled Hedge Funds, Asset Management corps and Private Equity groups (basically the old European Jewish banking mafia). They are accelerating their takeover at light speed and no one is stopping them. By the time these Jewish criminals and their accomplices get through printing money to replace the money they stole to buy themselves our assets, the remaining Jewish paper called dollars will be worthless, so take care of how you store your "Store of value". At this point Metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, and other minerals and real commodities are the only game in town.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention - SOUP!

Is August 2023 the Time Left We Have To Prepare? (52 min)

Optimism in the World of Chaos (Timelines and Solutions to 2025)-49 min


Take the money and run

Take the money and run

Brother Nathanael …the “Jews got Jewed” (lolz)

Are ye not entertained?   A Jew calling out Jews…


Another antisemitic rant by dirty Harry (lolz).  Language warning.