Protect Yourselves

Protect Yourselves

Many tell tale signs that we are about to head into deep global disruptions in food deliveries and production. Energy prices are pulling money from peoples pockets while food continues to spike. Now supermarkets across the planet are implementing rationing. From my estimation we have mere months left before we hit the unrest period of this transition. 

It Has Begun You Need To Protect Yourselves (21 min)

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Great Depression Diary Series by Neil McCoy Ward… Imported seafood, dried fruits, canned food among foods under scrutiny by FDA… Tunisia’s ODC tweaks wheat spec to boost supply options… Wheat futures surge after Russia strikes Ukrainian grain terminal… How the world’s farmers have become collateral victims of sanctions against Russia… How can Ukraine export its harvest to the world?… Natural gas prices… Diesel Fuel Distillate…


Systemic Destruction w/ CJ Hopkins (1:16)

In denial

In denial

Many are in denial about the crazy stuff going on and are still supporting the false pandemic narrative. However, denying reality will not make it go away, nor will calling people obsessed because they point out the blatant lies. And they are lying as even some countries are becoming “anti-vaxxers” (lol).   And remember this is actually not a vaccine but rather a gene editing tool (or a hack if you will).

Siss rejection

Rich go into hiding

Apparently Bezos is at his Bug out Location. Does he know something that we don’t?






Cheer up!

Cheer up!

I thought I would should post something uplifting after all the doom. I was reading the book of Amos about the Day of the Lord. This was the way Amos described it:

"In that day you will be like a man who
runs from a lion— only to meet a bear.
Escaping from the bear, he leans his
hand against a wall in his house—
and he’s bitten by a snake".
(Amos 5v19)


That Amos, what a joker. Let me see if I can do the same.


Like a man who fled a Coronavirus and met a climate fire. 
Who leaned his hand against the wall of his house
and it collapsed in a quake.




It is all God’s fault

You can hear the cries already.  How can a loving God do such things!   How can God allow such suffering?  Well as far as I am concerned we deserve everything that is coming.   Frankly I am surprised that God has been patient for so long.  There comes a point when something can no longer be fixed and it is better to start again.  And yet.  And yet. God is still merciful.  He is still willing to forgive. Amazing grace. I am humbled.