New World Order

New World Order

The religion of the NWO is based on theosophy, which itself is based on Gnosticism.

Alice Bailey Reveals The Brave New World Order (Beast System) of “Love and Light” – Short (6 min)

Jesus was right….people are sheep:

Why are People so Obedient? – Compliance and Tyranny (13 min)


CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ‘Billions Will Die in 2024’

Is this counter-intel?  Make your own mind up, but any sane person should realize that we are under attack.



I have tagged this under economics because it is Gregory Mannarino’s report but at this stage everything is morphing into one and the same crisis.  A crisis that has been deliberately manufactured.  In the first video Greg rightly complains about how YouTube made him remove  the interview with Dr. Travis Harding (credentials: Work as an emergency medicine & critical care specialist. Bachelor degree in: Microbiology, biochemistry, molecular physiology, cellular biology and anatomical science. Dr. Travis Harding is being grilled about his interview.


This is the interview with Dr Hardy (found this on Bitchute):

Forcing compliance

Forcing compliance

The Prime Minister is gas lighting the public and getting businesses to do his dirty work but he is not telling them that what they are doing is illegal. They are not allowed to discriminate.  The businesses are the ones who can be taken to court and will have to pay damages and fines.  He knows that.  This is aimed at causing division and coercion.  Evil people doing wicked things and Joe public is too stupid to even realize what is going on.

Here is what you need to know – your vaccination status will be used to control you. In Israel they are already on a third dose and talking about a fourth.   More vaccines are in the pipeline (240 in development). You will no longer have bodily autonomy. 


Morrison is lying when he is talking about “property laws” because it falls under the bio-security act and privacy laws (see below) and a business cannot refuse you entry or ask for your vaccination status.

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You do not need to tell anyone your vaccination status

Notification: Vaxx Status Oz


Biden’s New MANDATE! Will You COMPLY?