Even Uranus is affected

Even Uranus is affected

Even Uranus felt the heat (lolz)


Huge Solar Eruption, Sun and Health, Polar Storms | S0 News Mar.10.2024

Climate Science Propaganda – Volcanic Eruptions & Cooling – Ice Free Arctic – Geomagnetic Excursion (56 min)


Northeast Braces For Cold, Dangerous Winds & Snow – Ibu Volcano Explodes – Superconductivity Scandal (11 min)


The War Of Economic Corridors (Andy Schectman)-1 hour

The Arctic Century begins with the Northern Sea Route being dominated by Russia and China with nuclear powered ice breakers bypassing all sea routes controlled by western powers. At the same time the BRICS nations begin to trade and sell in local currencies among the group outside the US Dollar. What does it mean for the planet? Andy Schectman CEO of Miles Franklin and David DuByne present a possible future unfolding and how it will effect your life.




Rivers turn to Blood

Rivers turn to Blood

Blood Red Rivers Run on the Planet With Signs From the Past (14 min)



Travel Forecast For Thanksgiving And The Weekend – Kīlauea Unrest – The Ozone Hole Isn’t Recovering (9 min)

David Dilley:  We’re definitely going into a global cooling cycle | Tom Nelson Pod #173 (57 min)

The Galactic Current Sheet & Magnetic Field (4 min)

Beginning of birth pangs

Beginning of birth pangs

People either blame this on CO2 (fossil fuels) or on geoengineering or on natural cycles. What if I told you that they are all contributing it is just a matter of scale.  The biggest contributor by far are the Natural Cycles. They can be rapid and catastrophic.

Pity the people who perish. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.  Brace yourselves. It will get much worse before it gets better. The earth is overdue a good cleansing.


Libya Death Toll Rises To 5300 as 9000 Still Missing – Geomagnetic Storm Watch -Crestone Energy Fair (17 min)

Unexpected Solar Storm Impact, Africa Disasters, 2 New Planets | S0 News Sep.13.2023 (3 min)

Hiding The Decline In Hot Days (9 min)

Maui Horror Told In Their Own Words! (16 min)

U.S. Military Is ALREADY Controlling The Weather! (13 min)

The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels

The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels

What if we are headed into a cooling period?   Ever thought about that?  What if they are lying about everything? (Hint:  they are).

Most people are completely unaware how many products are oil based. It is not just plastics, paints,chemicals,clothes,medicines,fertilizers,fuel etc etc. People have become very, very , stupid. Do we need to do things differently?   Of course we do, but their “solutions” are more like the “final solution”.  The same people who are behind  BIG OIL  are behind BIG GREEN and they want less for you and more for themselves.  They want it all and the don’t care about you at all,  at all.  Zero Carbon=Dead people.  They want a Great Leap Backwards.


The documentary explores the Little Ice Age, a period of climate cooling between the 14th and 19th centuries, and its impact on history.

It is going to get colder

It is going to get colder

It is going to get colder. Make sure that you have warm clothes and reserves of food.  They are lying about the climate. They are lying about everything.

Professor David Dilley is a Meteorologist-Climatologist-Paleoclimatologist and a former NOAA National Weather Service Meteorologist.

David Dilley: Signals that global cooling is beginning | Tom Nelson Pod #97


David Dilley: Signals That Global Cooling is Beginning


Cooling the Mark

Cooling the Mark

This is again from a Discord comment.   This is very relevant and is a technique that is used by con merchants on the “mark” once they realize that they have been suckered.  You cool them down (their anger) by gradually releasing information in a controlled way….

We are being played

We are the mark……

https://vdocuments.net/7on-cooling-the-mark-out.html?page=27On Cooling the Mark Out* Some Aspects of Adaptation to Failure Erving Goffman† In cases of criminal fraud, victims find they must suddenly adapt themselves to the loss of sources of security and status which they had taken for granted. A consideration of this adaptation to loss can lead us to an understanding of some relations in our society between involvements and the selves that are involved. In the argot of the criminal world, the term “mark” refers to any individual whois a victim or prospective victim of certain forms of planned illegal exploitation. The mark is the sucker – the person who is taken in. An instance of the operation of any particular racket, taken through the full cycle of its steps or phases, is sometimes called a play. The persons who operate the racket and “take” the mark are occasionally called operators.


7.on Cooling the Mark Out – [DOCX Document]

On Cooling the Mark Out* Some Aspects of Adaptation to Failure Erving Goffman† In cases of criminal fraud, victims find they must suddenly adapt themselves to the loss…



Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction

I had to look this video up because Diamond mentioned it and Elon Musk tweeted about it….something like…what has 60 minutes become.  The video is a big lie and scaremongering propaganda. If there is an extinction event it will be God that does it, not man. Here is the egregious propaganda:

How agriculture hastens species extinction | 60 Minutes
YouTube·60 Minutes·1 Jan 2023

The earth has been cooling for five years (lolz)

Massive CME Off The Back Of The Sun – Winter Storm Hudson – Record Snow For The Sierra’s – Cycle 25 (15 min)

They are clamping down on the science now:

Solar Maximum, Micronova, Clamp-Down | Q and A Jan.3.2023 (7 min)

Volcanic Haze

Volcanic Haze

Volcanic Haze Begins to Block Sunlight Across the Planet ! (13 min)


11/29/2022 — Large volcanic fissures (cracks) open on the North Side of Mauna Loa in Hawaii (12 min)


Wrong Modelling

Wrong Modelling

There are so many contrary forces at work that it is difficult to figure out exactly what is going on and that is exactly what they want.  The whole “climate” thing is being used to fulfill an agenda.  The climate modelling is wrong, but is that due to incompetence or on purpose?  On top of that we have geoengineering and huge natural changes.  Space weather effects the magnetic excursion and the global electric circuit including the jet streams etc. Increased cosmic radiation effects the ozone layer and seismic activity.  Volcanoes spew dust, CO2 and SO2 etc into the atmosphere.  


Eastern Pacific Ocean is cooling NOT warming! Are the climate models wrong?? (11 min)

Magnetic Pole Shift & Ozone, Earthquake, Cold and Snow | S0 News Nov.13.2022 (3 min)

11/12/2022 — SEISMIC OVERDRIVE — Another deep M7.0 Earthquake strikes on top of the other FOUR (43 min)

HAARP for Dummies (1:23)