Tears of a Clown

Tears of a Clown

The second  video live stream which aired on the 14th of March contains my video meme (at about 54 minutes) about the ongoing Debunk the Funk take down.  His channel is obviously supported or boosted because it promotes vaccines (transfections). He is a clown because he tried to lecture Kevin on GMO organisms and protocols even though Kevin has worked for years with monkeys and had to adhere to all the protocols.  These are not “vaccines” they are “transfections” and if you were to treat a monkey with this technique it would be considered a GMO.  The same with humans.  They are being treated with gene therapies and if the were monkeys they would be considered GMO organisms and they would have to be treated accordingly.  That means they would have to be properly isolated and disposed of after experimentation.  And yet, this clown who has bad mouthed Dr Peter McCoullough , Robert Malone and Geert vande Bossche thinks he knows more about bench work than someone who has been dealing with hands on experimentation for decades.  But first a stream that explores the Ukraine situation and shows that the “trash pandas” (raccoons) were correct about SARS-Cov-2 detection.


Ukraine Mercs, Early detection of SARS-CoV-2 Exonerates Trash Pandas, & Brain Autopsy Data (2:21)

Dojo Time Stamps:

  • 00:14:08 Start
  • 01:50:28 “Here we’re starting to see damage control from these people”, video: Albert Bourla “It was most counterintuitive to go the mRNA route”, “the mRNA was the tehcnology that we had less experience, only two years working on this”


Tears of a Bog Brushed Haired Clown And SARS Targeting CD4 T-Cells (2:45)

My meme at about 54 min


Whatever you may think of this approach – irreverent, bawdy..meme ridden, offensive…it is working.  It is waking people up because it is backed by sound science and sound Geo-strategic and Geo-political analysis. They changed the narrative from cronavirus to war but they could change back at any time.  We must keep the pressure up and keep putting the truth out there.

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated

It makes me very angry that such studies have never been carried out before.   We are truly being farmed like animals. They cause the disease then offer the so called remedy.  It is a business model that only works by keeping us sick and injured.  It is shameful to target children.  

Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated: The Study The CDC Refused To Do — Interview with Dr. Weiler

On BitChute:  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/IiUMdsNGJBE2/

The study:



To find out more visit http://ipaknowledge.org

We are being farmed….

Red Pill Your Friends: The Human Farmers




Warp Speed Vaccine

Warp Speed Vaccine

The warp speed vaccine fills me with confidence.  I mean, it is based on a futuristic sci-fi Star Trek, so it must be good.

What’s not to like?  Made at breakneck speed and there are multiple types to chose from.  Shall I have the Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) made from chimpanzee saliva (the warp speed monkey snot vaccine) or the Moderna  (=Mod RNA) which permanently changes my genome…or should I go with Pfizer’s Frankenstein version?   I am giddy with anticipation. We desperately need a vaccine against a deadly virus with a 99.86% survival rate.

Adverse reactions?

Adverse reactions?  bah, humbug.

All those anti-vaxxers are unscientific (lol)

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Evidence that the Vaccine does not work

Boris has already been in hospital with Covid (supposedly) on the brink of death (lol) now he is isolating again even though he is “bursting with antibodies”.  That is how stupid they think we are. Meanwhile Hangcock is conspiring with Blofeld.




And in case you were thinking this is all conspiracy theory, here we have blackface himself…..or should I call him greenface now?



UK Column News – 25th September 2020

UK Column News – 25th September 2020

0:44 Conflict of interests
Patrick Vallance has 6k shareholding in vaccines
4:20 Big Pharma advising government
They are all compromised
Imperial college and Welcome Trust
funded (or connected) to the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation
Sir Patrick Vallance CSO former head of GSK
Chris Whitty CMO board member of Gates funded CEPI vaccine coalition
Kate Bingham on board of DDF investment
9:02 T Cells Immunity
We already have herd immunity
11:52 Matt Hancock- THEY ADMIT
Government strategy all about vaccines
12:59 Conversation in the United States
Dr Scott Atlas head of CoronaVirus task force
There is T Cell immunity
15:05 Believe the science
16:52 Nest of Vipers….Chris Whitty
18:15 NHS app -track and trace
21:46 The contact tracing app is not mandated (yet)
mixed messages
23:17 Rishi Sunak
Chancellor of the exchequer
Job support scheme from November
Only 22% paid by gov
Institute for Government
Only save some jobs
27:29 Mark Carney former Governor BOE
If you are on the wrong side you will go bankrupt
No credit extended
29:42 2 Trillion debt
100% of GDP
33:00 Students lockdown for Xmas
37:33 Updated infection fatality -survial rates for Covid19.
39:42 90% of Coronavirus tests are not fale positives
41:40 false Positives
Prof Carl Heneghan – false positives could be as high as 50%
42:45 Are they right? Yes…but…(ha, ha)
Being disingenuous
47:39 Hospital admissions
51:27 When is covid Covid?
54:24 Boris Johnson

Two minute out takes for Twitter

UK Column News – 2nd September 2020

UK Column News – 2nd September 2020


0:00 Deliberately confusing using psychological warfare
Weekly Corona report Public Health England (Cases)
Weekly Corona report Public Health England (Cases per 100k)
Very low
Weekly Corona report Public Health England (Hospital admissions)
Virtually Zero
Piers Corbyn arrested fund raiser
Piers Corbyn Good Morning Britian interview
People power
Mark Sedwill leaves
Simon Case in charge of Intelligence
Experience in Royal Household?
Returning to Primary Schools
Confirming online Identity
Russian border- U.S. military exercises
Australia Face book Changes


I am John Cullen

The report from John Cullen was mentioned on the UK Column.  This is truly an excellent video that completely deconstructs the CDC numbers.  It was the result of a tweet that pointed out that the CDC stated on their own website that only 6% of the deaths were attributable to Covid. This would take the covid deaths down from about 180,000 to about 10,000. Trump retweeted the  tweet and the MSM came down on him like a ton of bricks. I recommend watching the complete video….it gives you an idea of what they are actually doing. This guy knows his stuff:

When Is CoronaVirus Not Your Worst Pandemic? John Cullen Reveals A Stunning Breakthrough..!!!

Live streamed on Sept 1st

UK Column News – 31st August 2020

UK Column News – 31st August 2020

They are back from their summer break. I am a bit late posting this because I tried the “live stream” and did not realize it was already up. I recommend watching the full show it is excellent.  I have placed timestamps underneath.


Consultation Document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines
Health Passports
Timestamp=https://youtu.be/TVuFReu9MPI?t=806 Case-demic
PCR test and viral load. Even the NYT is now exposing the falacy.
Hardly any new cases perhaps 1 per 100,000
Hospitals empty. Where is the pandemic?
CDC:Administrative fraud: Covid deaths
Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Do not Lead to Reduced Covid
Transmission Rates or Deaths, New Study Suggests
Scotland Care home Covid cases
Covid travels up drain pipes (lol)
Dirty banknotes
Northern Exposure
Piers Corbyn arrested
BLM Protest only 300
Berlin protest numbers
RFK junior speaks in Berlin
Australia – Melbourne – Ground Zero
USA ANTIFA fatal shooting
Krankie Nicola Sturgeon

Piers Corbyn on Good Morning Britain

The media are losing the plot. They must be getting desperate because they are losing the plot. This is my analysis of the interview on Good Morning Britain.





Rona rumble

Rona Rumble

You heard about the rumble in the jungle…well the Rona rumble is starting.  They are going to lie, cheat,shame, embarrass etc you into getting the “voluntary” vaccine.  They will do just about anything to get you vaccinated. That is how much they are concerned about your health.



Melinda in Africa

After all, they have done such a good job in Africa why should we miss out?



Sick of the lies?

If you are as sick of the lies as I am….then watch this. It always makes me feel better.


The Great Reset

The Great Reset

Two of the videos that follow are about 2-3 months old. They are really worth watching in full. Often these type of videos do not age well but I want you to watch what they are saying and you will see that they were right. They were already warning  back then (as was this website). Watching these videos is not a waste of time – they will really open your eyes to the evil that we are facing.  They were correct. In Victoria and even in the UK they are talking about extending the state of emergency.  In case you had not realized it your democracy is effectively over.   Pretending otherwise or ignoring it will not make it go away.  The beast system is emerging.


Israeli News Live- The Master Plan

This is a Christian website that I recently discovered. Apparently they were censored off YouTube for a while but they are back.  This is worth a view  (whether you are religious or not) because it shows the connections between Moderna and the Gates Foundation and other companies like GSK and the type of “enhancement” they want to achieve. This is the integration between man and AI. 

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a more recent video and also truly must watch. Dr Vernon says he would rather die than take their experimental vaccine.  He warns about the dangers. I have backed this video up in case it gets removed. 


Good Reads

Boris the Eugenicist

CODENAME: Operation Virus Identification 2019; the Elitist Plan to Remake Society



Fascism in Australia

Fascism in Australia

We are seeing similar things all over the world but people are starting to object. In Berlin 1.3 million people protested against lockdown and 640 doctors have started an independent inquiry.  In London a mass protest is called for August 29th.  They are attempting to roll these restrictions out around the world. It is technocratic  fascism-socialism disguised as  a medical tyranny. They are using house arrest and curfews to empty the streets for building their 5G infrastructure. The mask wearing and social distancing is part of the conditioning to make people distrustful of each other and obedient to authority. New Zealand has been effectively disarmed since the Christchurch “massacre” (false flag) and now they are talking of separating families for quarantine purposes. They will try this one region at a time and see how successful it is.  This has been meticulously planned and is being closely evaluated by the intelligence services.  Much of the public is already demoralized or suffering cognitive dissonance.  They can no longer process even simple information and have been completely  propagandized and traumatized with fear.  And we have not even begun with the mandatory vaccines and global economic reset (single digital blockchain currency). 


Melbourne’s Lockdown Hell/Police State (Datasheet)

Censorship in the UK


Do you see how easy that was?

It was not really difficult to get you to give up your freedom, destroy your businesses and jobs and put a nappy over your face was it?  All it took was a media propaganda campaign and constant fear mongering.  Of course, Jacob the deceiver is a master at using psychological manipulation and emotional blackmail but you were an easy mark. Oh, well better get used to slavery (if you survive).