The Prigozhin plot – who was managing the narrative?

The Prigozhin plot – who was managing the narrative?

This is a very good analysis of the events. A fake coup used by the Kremlin to move troops and trick the West. Putin is running rings around the West.  The Russkis also upped the ante in Syria.  It looks like it was a case of look over there….while they got on with business. A typical magicians trick…distraction.  Very good analysis.

The Prigozhin plot – who was managing the narrative? (28 min)



Prigozhin off to Belarus

Prigozhin off to Belarus

According to Andrei Martyanov in the short video below , this mutiny by Prigozhin was [highly likely] coordinated with the West (UK MI6) to coincide with the Ukrainian mythical counter offensive. The Russian forces will not forget or forgive and it has flushed out many unreliable elements within Russian officialdom. Prigozhin is no longer only an ex con, he is a traitor to Russia and there will be severe consequences. Wagner did not perform well in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) and could never have achieved any military gains without the Russian military and air-force.

Andrei Martyanov weighs in on the Wagner mutiny (18 min)

Prigozhin off to Belarus. NYT, Biden had mutiny intel. MSM coup mania. Elensky, no elections. U/1 (35 min)

BREAKING: Putin just dropped a BOMBSHELL & outplayed the Western coup | Redacted w Clayton Morris (13 min)

Obsessed with the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (35 min)

Russia’s “Civil War” Evaporates as Ukraine’s Offensive Enters Week 4 (31 min)


Prigozhin Uprise Collapses, Putin in Control, Prigozhin Agrees to Exile in Belarus, Wagner Under MoD (56 min)

Wagner secretly in war in Africa (15 min)

Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty

President Putin’s address (5 min)

"The western 5th columnists have been waiting for this moment for many years.
Blowback will be a bitch. As we have been saying for a while now, if Prighozin is arrested can he volunteer as a Wagner fighter being a prisoner?;)
Let us hope it ends without bloodshed." Sasha Gervais 

Putin: I appeal to the Russians, the military and law enforcement agencies, and to those who were pushed onto the path of armed rebellion by deceit and threats.

The Russian armed forces received the necessary order to neutralize those who organized the armed rebellion. Putin also called the heroes of the Wagner fighters fighting in the SMO, their name and glory were betrayed by those who organized the rebellion. Vladimir Putin called the ongoing events a stab in the back and that he would not split society again.Those who organized and prepared the military rebellion betrayed Russia and will answer for it, Putin said.  Is Putin suspect?   Yes, he has links with Chabad and was formerly a WEF member. He was supposedly put in place by Kissinger and Steve Pieczenik but then Hitler was put in place by the banking cartel and the Old East India Company and he did not tow the line either.


Lukashenko saves the day. Prigozhin calls off mutiny. U/3 (14 min)

Prigozhin Rebels, Wagner Enters Rostov, Voronezh, Russian Military, Gov, Society Rally Behind Putin (45 min)


LIVE – Wagner, Prigozhin, Putin, A Coup, And A Partridge In A Pear Tree (1:23 min)

Although Brenda is often manic and falls out with everyone he works with he still has useful info to contribute.  He offers two conclusions as to what is going on in Russia but he says that “no one really knows what is going on”.  Here are his two conclusions:

Conclusion 1 & 2

l. The Russian oligarch elites. realizing the war is Over and no more nuclear bluffing will Stop the destruction of their bank accounts and impounding of their super yachts. have made a move with St Petersberg mob lackey, Prigozhin. It will most likely succeed. Prigozhin becomes defense minister and deals are done to withdraw from certain parts of Ukraine. Russia may retain Crimea Ukraine will be vulnerable to Russia (again) and two bases go in to comfort the Ukrainian public.

2. Prigozhin and Putin are in on it. Putin knows the war is lost and not even a Scott Ritter or Colonel Mac Gregor fantasy You rube interview can save the day. They needs scapegoats and the truly incompetent Russian General Staff will do. His most ruthless generals and still remain friends with Prigozin. Heinz Kissinger arranges the end to the sanctions technology rolls in along with weapons and it’s back to Cold War stand off business.

I believe that O’Connell is wrong in his assessment and overestimates the military power of the USA and underestimates Russia.  Russia is not just a gas station with nukes.  The West expected Russia to collapse under the sanctions and they expected a color revolution.  The Russian economy did not collapse and the reverse happened- the separation of BRICS accelerated and the establishment of a separate financial system.  This is what the proxy war in Ukraine is about.  Keep Germany down and keep Russia out (of Europe). They do not want a multipolar world but they can no longer stop it.   Is a great game being played?  Yes, of course.

So is this a failed “color revolution”?   It seems pretty cack-handed if it is.  Prigozin telegraphed his intentions and his frontal open challenge does not seem like a well planned military coup and now at the time of writing he has backed down.   It seems that this was staged to given the neocons hope that their plans are working.

I think O’Connell needs to lie down in a dark room and take some chill pills.