Covid Deaths Before and After Vaccination Campaign

Covid Deaths Before and After Vaccination Campaign

I have copied this from Dead Man Talking by Joel Smalley @
and placed it on my own Odysee channel.  I intend to add my own comments when I get around to it.  The only thing I changed was the background music because my screen-capture picked up too much noise.

Covid Deaths Before and After Vaccination Campaign (9 min)

These are the comments that Joel left in response to questions –

Each country post-vax starts on the day they started their campaign. The comparison is therefore between COVID deaths since first COVID death and first COVID death after the start of the campaign. Yes, of course, each country had a different campaign start date but day 1 post-vax is always day 1 if you respect that. 687 days is the longest period since the first country started their jab campaign.

If vaccines were safe and effective, as I said in the title, you would see the post vax deaths to be lower than pre-vax and you would expect the rate (the slope of the curve) to be lower. How does it look to you?

Don't get hung up on the detail, what does your intuition tell you? In a race to the top, which line is winning - gold or purple?

The only people who die of COVID had at least one, and mainly several other comorbidities. How on earth could vaccinating ever more healthy people change that death rate?

Well, they don't all report decent data and JHU hasn't bothered to clean it up either. Only so much I can do!! And I don;t want to be accused of manipulating anything so I just left it as is...

s it says, COVID deaths before and after the vaccination campaigns. No idea who is vaccinated or not. But, if the vaccine was effective you would see a systematic reduction in COVID deaths after countries start their vaccination campaigns. And, if you believe everything they tell you, you would also see even more dramatic improvements in COVID mortality in high vax countries than low ones. Is that what you see?

It doesn't. People seem to forget, as a starting point, we should expect less deaths following a pandemic, much, much less. There is pull forward effect (depletion of susceptible population), attenuation of the virus / herd immunity, better treatments, etc. There is substantially more evidence supporting an INCREASE in mortality as a result of the jab campaign, not the other way round.

Zero is both the day covid started and the day vaccination started. Two different days but represented on the same chart. It's basically two charts in one.

 I will be adding some of my own observations when I find time they will go Here:




This article is also very relevant to the above:


Omicron Fears

Omicron Fears

The data continues to come in; omicron is exceedingly mild. It’s a super-fast spreader, that’s for sure, but there’s nothing yet in the data to suggest anything other than it is not only mild, but the best of all outcomes; a fast-spreading, super mild version of Covid We’ll have to keep a close eye on it yet as it spreads across the world, but more than 30 days into South Africa’s experience with it confirms that for SA, it’s just not a big deal. This hasn’t stopped many western governments from using it as an excuse to lock down their populations even further, or for the press and many fear-addicted individuals to hyperventilate over the possibilities.

“Data Hesitancy” Inflames Omicron Fears (33 mins)


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:49 – Omicron – Great News (so Far)
  • 01:52 – Aggressive Official responses to Omicron
  • 03:52 – Quite A Lot Of Concern
  • 06:00 – Producing Conditions #1&2
  • 11:11 – Omicron: The he Great Decoupling
  • 15:00 – Omicron: Evidence Says “Milder”
  • 16:50 – Producing Conditions #3
  • 25:52 – Predictions From August 2021
  • 27:52 – Conclusions

On killing old folk and fudging numbers

On killing old folk and fudging numbers

I wonder why Matt Hancock the UK Health minister was caught committing adultery and fondling a woman right under an office camera?  The footage ended up on the front page of the Sun newspaper and he was forced to resign.  You can see it was completely staged.


It was done because Hancock was feeling the heat about diverting Midalozam from France to kill old people in care homes in the UK.  These people are psychopaths.  He was laughing and crying on TV when “William Shakespeare” got his jab.  They are mocking you. You have to understand that you are dealing with pure evil.


All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances...

As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII [All the world's a stage]
William Shakespeare - 1564-1616


Hancock has had his exit as have many others with the help of Midalozam. He thinks that he has got his get out of jail free card.  That he can fall into obscurity with all the pandemic loot that he made with his various scams.   We will not forget. For the sake of all those whose lives were cut short we will not forget. Judgement is coming.  Apparently we did not have enough to do the job but the French were happy to lend a helping hand:




Where is the pandemic?

Where is the pandemic?

Burial and cremation figures obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from Local Councils do not show a significant increase in mortality.  Where is the pandemic?

I have charted the data from Kirklees council FOI for friends and family in the UK.  There is no pandemic and there are hardly any excess deaths……and the slight increase in mortality was caused by bad policy. The elderly did not go to hospital or seek help.

In other words they are lying through their teeth.

The first clip came from the UK Column (great show) that can be found here:

UK Column News – 21st May 2021

Vagabond News

Vagabond News

A very good program but 3.5 hours long?  My goodness.  It certainly is comprehensive and I like Ryan’s commentary but who has got time to watch all this?  Anyway, I have split it up rather roughly into sections and I have also pasted (below the Vagabond video) some of the video’s which he analyzes because they are worthwhile in their own right.  I also have the WHO document that he refers too. The highlight for me was 52.0  and 2.10, 2.43 and 3.10.

0.0 censorship- virus never isolated
40 Lasting immunity after you recover from Covid
52 Utah woman dies four days after Moderna vaccine
1.30 Pfizer Vaccine – Pfizer criminal record
1.37 Coercion
2.00 A million kids under five on psychiatric drugs in the USA
2.06 Russel Brand and Opiod crisis same companies involved in vaccines
2.10 Johnson and Johnson fined 572 million for “save” opioids now making “safe” vaccines
2.30 PCR Test
2.40 Influenza
2.43 Politicization of science
2.50 Vitamin D
3.10 Great Reset Build Back Better -nano tech and robots
guided by EMF and magnetism -smart dust
commercially released in 2004

The video by Russel.  The same pharmaceutical companies who were responsible for the opioid crisis and who were found guilty in court are now behind the vaccines.

The repeated pandemic health scares caused by an avian H5N1 and a new A(H1N1) human influenza virus are part of the culture of fear. Worst-case thinking replaced balanced risk assessment. Worst-case thinking is motivated by the belief that the danger we face is so overwhelmingly catastrophic that we must act immediately. Rather than wait for information, we need a pre-emptive strike. 

Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2011;89:539-540. doi: 10.2471/BLT.11.089086 Health is more than influenza Luc Bonneux b & Wim Van Damme c

This is from 2014 and still worth  watching. Imagine what they have now.

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Big Red Dog

Big Red Dog

There is not any doubt that people are dying but the question is what is killing them?   And why has influenza disappeared?    

People need to start asking questions.  Why is it that the USA has had 281,196 deaths and yet China only 4,746 deaths?  

Watch the full video right till the end and engage your critical thinking skills and remember  John Cullen (Hoover) helped design the John Hopkins Dashboard which can be found here:

The fact that the media are utterly silent and do not comment on these huge discrepancies shows that something is going on.  Someone is lying or spinning.  Make your own mind up.

(I have backed up the video in case it disappears…..

p.s…….Australia features at about 52 minutes)



The big lie gets dangerous

The big lie gets dangerous

They are lying. People seems intent to allow the lie and even to go along with the lie in the hope that it will keep them safe.  This is very dangerous. Even those who are in the police or army have children. Those children will grow up in a world in which it is not worth living. That is presuming they survive the transition.

They lie about Covid deaths

Have a look at this instagram report doing the rounds (apologies for the bad language in the comments). This is a report from Melbourne Victoria about a man whose uncle died of cancer and it was registered as covid:


New Zealand  forcible quarantine

New Zealand was upheld as the shining example of “hard lockdown”  all cases disappeared then all of a sudden 4 cases out of nowhere and that has now jumped to seventeen. They will be able to forcibly remove you and quarantine you even if you have no symptoms even if you refuse the test. And they can keep quarantining you. This is full on fascism and the crushing of dissent under the guise of health.  It is a medical tyranny.  it is meant to break people and demoralize them.  And people still comply.




 Lie after lie after lie

The new CDC numbers represent the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)not the CFR (CDC) has given a realistic estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, which in its most likely scenario is 0.26 %. This is almost exactly what the Stanford researchers had projected in April 2020.

 These people are crazy

I am sorry but these people are crazy.  If they could they would drug you into submission.

The whole thing is a psychological exercise.

Would you trust these people to vaccinate you?