Russian MOD Biowarfare Accusations

Russian MOD Biowarfare Accusations

Are we the bad guys? Yes. But there are no good guys. None.

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Russian MOD Brings New Biowarfare Accusations About DOD Activities in Ukraine (3:22)

Fatties go first

Fatties go first

Obesity is one of the leading risk factors in Covid deaths (as well as low vitamin D) and this has been constantly pointed out by Dr Jonathan Jay Couey on his Gigaohm biological stream where he references the scientific literature.  In Zombieland the fatties go first.

Rule 1: Fatties go first


This got me thinking because Kevin once again highlighted the huge discrepancy between the West and Asia and Africa.   How do we explain the difference?   I believe that obesity is key and I downloaded maps and recolored them to demonstrate the correspondence.

Maps from:

If the map does not display large in your browser try this link:

Glyphosate Induced Obesity?

Roundup is the brand name of a systemic, broad-spectrum glyphosate-based herbicide originally produced by Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the United States.Recent research papers show that glyphosate is an endocrine (hormonal) system disrupter and is linked to breast cancer, reproductive issues, thyroid problems and obesity. One of the most important revelations is that glyphosate disrupts your body’s defensive immune system. 

The Link Between Glyphosate, Obesity, Diabetes And Kidney Disease – Jeffrey Smith, Stephanie Seneff (10 min)

The evidence of human exposure to glyphosate: a review

Eight studies reported urinary levels in 423 occupationally and para-occupationally exposed subjects; 14 studies reported glyphosate levels in various biofluids on 3298 subjects from the general population. Average urinary levels in occupationally exposed subjects varied from 0.26 to 73.5 μg/L; environmental exposure urinary levels ranged from 0.16 to 7.6 μg/L. Only two studies measured temporal trends in exposure, both of which show increasing proportions of individuals with detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine over time.



Monsanto the producer of Roundup (glyphosate) before they sold it to Bayer, rose to global domination under Romney.Monsanto also designed and produced GMO plants genetically immune to glyphosates in order to make it easier for farmers to thoroughly spray down their fields for weeds without killing their own crops

Monsanto reminds me of this:

Damien – Omen II (famine scene)

One wonders if the obesity and diabetes problems were accidental or something more sinister. So many of our other products are endocrine mimickers, our food is highly processed and even our fats are now trans-fats.    We are destined (especially in the West) to be fat.  And fatties go first.   


Whether this theorizing is correct  or not…..I need to lose weight.



When Science cries Wolf

When Science cries Wolf

Another Excellent show from Del Bigtree and the HighWire team.  He really looks at the fake science surrounding every aspect of the Covid Scamdemic.  This is a rather long (2.5 hours) video but worth watching completely.  I have placed a time-stamped breakdown of the relevant sections (paste them in your browser if you want to go directly to that topic).  

The way science has been abused and misused is terrible.  I have had this argument with people online. If you say that you are a scientist they immediately ask “What are your qualifications” and “Where is your peer reviewed study”?   My answer to that is that it doesn’t matter what your qualifications are if you lie.  If your science is ideologically driven or has an agenda then why do qualifications matter?  Some people think scientists are above lying.  Science has become utterly corrupted.   Whether it is Climate Science or Medical Science etc…there are huge amounts of money involved. People need to learn to think critically. I have never seen so many dumb people.


The HighWire (June 26) Summary

0:00 Start evidence of ineffectiveness of masks
Fauci Blames Ant-Science Bias
instead of his own lying and conflicting information.
Jaxen Report
Bayer acquired Monsanto
Lost Roundup lawsuits
They hid the evidence that glyphosate
causes cancers non Hodgkin’s lymphoma
$10 billion in damages to be paid out
but they continue to use Roundup.
Also a ruling against Dicamba herbicide
Warning against hand sanitizers
Nursing Home crisis
Also Governors held accountable
As many as 60,000 elderly
may have died because of faulty covid policy
Covid Deaths by US State
Half the deaths came from five (Democratic) states
Coronavirus downgrade
no longer talk about death rate
but about cases
90% collapse in death rates
hardly anyone dying from it anymore
Vaccine may never come
But huge depression hunger games coming
Drop in SIDS
Less childhood deaths
The death spike happened when the lockdown happened
Psychological =Panic
Experimenting on black people
Break down mRNA experimental vaccine
Mask shaming -news reports
Effectiveness of masks
Prof Denis Rancourt, PhD
Masks don’t work
Studies show no statistical advantage to wearing a mask
All-cause mortality during COVID-19:
No plague a likely signature of mass homicide by Government
Criminal prosecutions