Mortality data

Mortality data

During this breaking MUST ATTEND presentation, Joel Smalley (MBA, Quantitative Analyst) unpacks the mortality during the Pandemic in England and explores what impact Covid-19 has had upon overall mortality amongst other key factors that must be considered in evaluating the impact of the Pandemic.

Joel Smalley is an experienced quantitative analyst who is also a member of HART, a group of UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, and PANDA – Pandemic Data & Analytics, where both organisations independetly seek to widen the debate in order to formulate an exit strategy that benefits everyone in society.

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Damn lies

Damn Lies

Their are lies, damn lies and statistics.   Despite overwhelming evidence they are persisting with their damn lies.

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Plenty of evidence that it is a scam. And still people are brainwashed. It is unbelievable.