Covid symptoms change

Covid symptoms change (17 min)

After lots of sycophantic comments under the video praising nurse Campbell I had to post this (which some found harsh) but with 2.4 million subscribers you have a duty to get it right.  He should have known.  I knew.

You promoted the "vaccine" (transfection) from the very start and are controlled opposition. There are some of us who told you more than two years ago that the FCS was lab origin. We told you that the vaccines were dangerous and told you what alternative treatments to use. We told you about the excess deaths. We were called cranks. No...he does not get away with it despite his backpedaling. WE KNOW. Deepak Kuashi who was the top scientist in charge of millions of research grants is being investigated by The Office of Research Integrity for fraudulent results in the trial that produced the " BNT162B vaccines protect rhesus macaques from SARS-CoV-2" add to that the fraud committed by neuroscientist: Sylvain Lesné of the University of Minnesota (UMN) regarding amyloid....a fraud that has underpinned more than a decade of research and John's own backpedaling admission that handing out SSRI's like sweets for anxiety and depression does nothing....but hey, nothing to see here. No, he promoted the "get your vaccine narrative" from the start. Yes, get your vaccine from the company that has faced the biggest fine in history (2 Billion dollars) because they care about your health (lolz). If you think we are going to go away and forget about the DECADES of malfeasance corruption and dual use technology which covers bio-warfare and experimentation on ordinary people then you have got another think coming. WE KNOW. We know about the SVCP and aids. We know about SV 40. We know it all and there will be a reckoning against all the corrupt institutes and anybody who promoted this abomination. We know there will be more waves of death and more viruses released but we are the control group. Unmasked and Unvaccinated and still standing and WE ARE COMING. The people who told you the truth have all been silenced and removed from social media. You do not get to change your tune now that it is blowing up in your face. We see you and there will be a reckoning. No one escapes this and no one walks away...your lovely bed side manner will not save you from the s*** storm that is coming. Thousands have died and been injured. GET YOUR VAXX.