Covid lies and vaxx lies

Covid lies and vaxx lies

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The wheels are falling off their little red wagon:


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Cancer -DNA


They are trying to gas-light us again.  Saying that the sudden increase in cancer has nothing to do with the DNA plasmid contamination found in the vaccines. We all know mRNA does not enter the cell.


What about this?


How do the Vaccinated Die of Covid? (20 min)


Notification: Dr McCairn Streaming

Notification: Dr McCairn Streaming

Dr McCairn has not been streaming due to a bout of Covid that has made him and his family ill.  One of the symptoms that he experienced is lower back (muscle pain) which I also had.  Of course their is fatigue and loss of taste etc and often respiratory symptoms.  Covid seems to find your Achilles heel and make any inflammation worse.  Covid accelerates  senescence, the diseases of old age and the “vaccines” are no better.   Of course Dr McCairn loses income when he is sick (not streaming)  so your support is appreciated as he also has a freely accessible video platform with associated costs to run. Independent media is crucial in the battle against censorship.

The association between back-pain and Covid:


Get back in your Kill-box

Get back in your Kill-box

Did you know that AIDS, SV40 (Simian Virus 40 found in the polio vaccine), RSV (Respiratory syncytial  virus) and Monkey pox all come from……ta da…monkeys.  How many monkeys have you spotted lately?  Any in the last year?   Did you know that vaccines are cultured in monkey tissue.  Oh, and that CJD (mad cow) outbreak in the UK happened at a farm that was 66 km (as the crow flies) from the bio warfare lab Porton Down.  Do you see it yet?  CJD was a Prion disease and the spike protein has prion-like epitopes as well as GP-120HIV. 

DO YOU SEE IT YET? (5 min)

Rockerfella Petroleum Pills – Reloaded ftom Killuminati3420 (2 min)

And David Rockefeller his descendant is now dead after his sixth heart transplant. They all die..even Kissinger.  Where did all their wealth get them?  

Covid and the “vaccines” are biowarfare.  Just the latest iteration of them trying to cull us.  We are just useless eaters.  They don’t need us anymore. According to them we have no intrinsic worth.

What are these (7 min)

Prion Bonanza

Prion Bonanza

The next decade will be a bonanza for Jewish Pharma.  They are buying up cancer treatment companies and now they hit the sweet spot for exponential prion growth. $$$$$$  As we all come down with rotted brains and VAIDS it is nice to know that someone is making loads of money as we slip into that dark night.

This is a 15 min clip from this stream By Dr McCairn and Rixey ( with the audio enhanced (the original sound quality was bad):

Prion Bonanza (15 min)

Here is the website article:


Is Pro-vax Misinformation Contributing to Vaccine Hesitancy? (23 min)

17 Million dead? This is just the beginning to a prolonged die-off.