War Fever

War Fever

NATO warns that Putin’s MASSIVE attack is happening now, send weapons | Redacted with Clayton Morris (24 min)

As Ukraine crumbles, EU holds circus act summit in Kiev (33 min)

Russia New Kremennaya Offensive Bakhmut One Road; Pentagon To Congress Ukraine Unable to Take Crimea (1:11)

US Threatens Missiles, Jets, and now Crimea, US Sees (Seeks) War with China by 2025 (52 min)

Military Reality vs. Political Reality

Military Reality vs. Political Reality

Military Reality vs. Political Reality. Putin vs. The West (42 min)

Can Ukraine take back Crimea? (15 min)

My Comment: How ridiculous. Ukraine is losing the war. You think Russia will allow this in its backyard? Crimea has always been Russian. The West is provoking a nuclear response. Warmongers. Soon you will have to face reality.

Dedollarisation & Shift Towards the East (4 min)


Report: US says UK army no longer a top-level fighting force | WION Pulse | Latest English News(8 min)

Russia issues WW3 warning

Russia issues WW3 warning

If you only watch one video watch this one until the end and see how the former advisor to Zelensky admits the truth.  He resigned and feels free to speak.  Shocking.  He admits that Ukraine is losing.  He admits that the war is their fault and he says it was not necessary because Putin wanted peace.   We were right about everything.

Russia issues WW3 warning as NATO escalates in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (25 min)

Lavrov, ‘War with west no longer hybrid, but almost real'(32 min)

Russian Gains, US Gears Up for Crimea Escalation, US Proxies Strike China/Pakistan in Train Bombing (50 min)

AA Defense ON BUILDINGS In Moscow. Germany READY TO GIVE TANKS. Weapons Stored At NUCLEAR Plants. (32 min)



Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?

Who’s REALLY responsible for the Ukraine war? (25 min)

Crimean residents React To Russia attacking all Major Ukraine city’s (34 min)


Bombing Ballerinas

Bombing Ballerinas

Seems like Elensky is taking the Nutcracker a bit literal but perhaps I should not be joking about murdering ballerinas.

Ukraine’s Bombing of Central Donetsk August 4: 2 Ballerinas Among the 6 Murdered by Ukraine (5 min)

Crimea airbase explosions. EU’s Borrell says ‘we are at war’ (12 min)

Scott Ritter: Tensions Between Zelensky & Ministry of Defence (2 min)

News From Saint Petersburg – August 11th 2022 Update (47 min)

Foul War Crimes and Bio Weapons

Foul War Crimes and Bio Weapons

Two streams by Dr Kevin McCairn demonstrating war crimes and bio-warfare.  Russia may not be innocent but the West is definitely foul and guilty.  Russia has been blocked from asking any questions in the UN and no independent forensic investigation is being done. Below are some of the video materials used by Kevin. Russia has every reason to be upset and the usual suspects are involved…the same people we already identified as being involved with Covid.

This the original Scott Ritter interview included by Kevin at about 54 min.

Interview w/Scott Ritter, April 6, 2022, By Don DeBar (29 min)

Deep Fakes & War Crimes, Peeling The Onion on Biowarfare (2 hour stream)

The most shocking footage is Ukrainian soldiers beating up civilians and executing Russian soldiers in cold blood. Warning, you will need a strong stomach to watch this.  Starts at 1:25.

There are only a few Dojo Time stamps on this video:

  • 00:13:43 Start
  • 00:28:36 Video: Covid zombies in the supermarket
  • 00:35:50 Video: drones in Shanghai at night, “Citizen, stay in your house!”

More Evidence For Out of Control Biowarfare Programs, The Ukraine Network (Crimean-Congo-Hemorrhagic Fever) 2:27

Another two and a half our stream.  By a coincidence we have a case of Crimean–Congo Hemorrhagic Fever  (CCHF) in the UK. Apparently a woman who traveled in those regions caught it.  Nothing to do with the US nuclear air-force base nearby or the fact that personnel from that base were probably involved in the Ukraine (cf. Crimea) ….or that the US was funding bio-warfare in Ukraine.  Nothing like that. The fact that the rare CCHF case is close to an air-force base is a coincidence a bit like the Skripals being poisoned  (by Russians sic) next door to the UK’s primary bio warfare-lab in Porton Down.  So many coincidences.

Interesting that the only other time CCHF was found in Europe (in 2017) was in Spain in a region where they were doing lab work. Apparently they amplified  viral RNA from ticks in 2010 (https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa1615162). Another coincidence I am sure.  So many coincidences nowadays…


And the rumor of the NATO commander holed up in an underground bio-lab?   Who knows?   The fog of war?  Whatever the case may be it is certain that the Russians now have the dirt and it is also certain that the West will do whatever it takes to suppress the truth.