Time of Complications

Time of Complications (12 min)

This is more than a cyclical Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).  This is the big cyclical reset and will be nothing like previous civilization ending collapses.  This is the big one.  Even though the sun was “put to sleep” the fact is that it is now starting to wake up. It seems as though the sun is fighting back against whatever force (galactic sheet pressure wave) that is pushing against it…..but here is the kicker….the sun is throwing off CME’s when the earth is at its most vulnerable (weak magnetic shield). We are going to see crazy weather everywhere (and cooling) until the sun goes boom (micro-nova) throwing off the dust and plasma. After that things will slowly stabilize.


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Eye of Richat

Eye of Richat

This was fascinating and it inspired me to make my own video and to put some pieces together. This may seem like “Twilight Zone” but it makes a lot of sense. Watch the first two videos and then have a look at the one that I made.

Awaiting CME Impact, Atlantis Evidence, China Weather | S0 News May.24.2021


Secret Files on The Eye of The Sahara & The Lost Ancient City of Atlantis | Richat Structure Africa

 The  Richat eye