When even a left wing glowie like Colbert starts speaking out then you know that you are on a hiding to nothing.

Unconfirmed Reports Iran Strikes Tel Aviv (2 min)

U.K. Official Accuses Israel Of War Crimes In Leaked Audio! (18 min)

๐Ÿ”ด Outrage Over Israel Targeting Aid Workers in Gaza | Syriana Analysis w/ Rachel Blevins (31 min)

Israeli Spokesman Visits Iran Embassy in Damascus (5 min)

Stephen Colbert: World Central Kitchen Commentary

Max Blumenthal: “Everybody has to Starve” (3 min)

Scott Ritter: “Israel Doesn’t Want These People Fed” (3 min)

Max Blumenthal: Netanyahu’s Crimes Against Humanity.(30 min)

Bassem Youssef on Palestine: The West is terrified of Israel (55 min)

Israel Transgresses

Israel Transgresses

They crossed the line…


Haaretz: Israel passed a law to shut down Al Jazeera in the country. Its own citizens not permitted to watch but the world – including the @CIJ_ICJ – continues to see evidence of the atrocities it documents

Israel’s Bombing of Iran’s Embassy Marks HUGE Escalation (26 min)


US expresses concern about footage of Israeli executions at al-Shifa but slams Hamas (26 min)

Israel Targets Iranian Embassy Officials in Damascus (11 min)

Anya Parampil: Netanyahuโ€™s Risky Gambles (32 min)

๐Ÿ”ด Benjamin Netanyahu: Whole World Is Against Us | Syriana Analysis (59 mins)

On RT to speak about Zionist attack on Damascus and assassination of IRGC General (3 min)


Biden Officials Resign In Protest! (7 min)

Middle East Chaos

Middle East Chaos

U.S. Spokesman WONโ€™T Condemn Israeli Explosion Of Gaza University (9 min)

US/UK, Yemen air strikes. Elensky, 6 Russian regions decree. Tusk in Kiev. Churchill origin story (33 min)


US-British Strikes on Yemen Seek to Provoke Wider War with Iran (25 min)

Israeli Assassination of five Iranian military advisors in central Damascus (6 min)


US airstrikes in Iraq target Iranian-backed proxy group Kataib Hezbollah | LiveNOW from FOX (15 min)

Israel Makes An Offer — A 2-Month Ceasefire For Return Of Hostages (16 min)


Do you like your JWO?

Do you like your JWO?

The Polish have a saying that the Jew cries even as he stabs you to death…

White House Spokesperson Cries for Poor Israel as It Pummels Gaza (40 min)

What did Tucker Carlson recently say?ย  That he knows these neocons personally and they all have unusual sex lives.ย  Bunch of depraved, degenerate, psychopathic perverts with a blood-lust.ย  I really hope they get theirs.ย ย  And I wish the stupid public would wake up to how they are being manipulated.ย 

Lindsay Graham Says โ€œBomb Iranโ€ in Unhinged Rant (10 min)

Does This Get to Damascus? SITREP 10.11.23 (51 min)

Blood Lust

Blood Lust

The gods of war want more blood.ย  Ukraine was not enough. Only half a million dead.ย  We need more injuries, more dead babies and rubble.ย  What we really want is a good old fashioned genocide. That would be the perfect sacrifice to the gods of war.

The new rule is that there are no rules. After all we are dealing with “human animals”.ย  Finish them all.

Hezbollah Sends paragliders into Israelโ€™s northern borderย  (1 min)



Origins of Hamas/Israeli Conflict w/ Scott Ritter (28 min)


Mid East Crisis, Israel Gaza Strikes Intensify; Putin Erdogan Discuss, Rus-Saudi Talks; Rus Avdeevka (1:32min)

Does This Get to Damascus? SITREP 10.11.23 (51 min)

Gaza live


Syria threatened by Turkey and Israel

Syria threatened by Turkey and Israel

Turkey is about to go bankrupt so what does Erdogan do?ย  Launch a war against Syria.ย  Hang on a minute…I thought Turkey was in NATO?ย  Russia will not be pleased, besides which I thought Israel were making waves in Syria.ย ย  This will not end well.

Turkey Announces “Military Operation” in Syria (44 min)

Will Israel wage an all-out war against Syria soon? (10 min)

Damascus road conversion?

Damascus road conversion?

Putin jokes with Assad about Trump receiving a Damascus road conversion like the apostle Paul.ย ย  A bit late for that I am afraid because he has already had a vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbeย who told him what great things he must suffer for my names sake.ย  And the Rebbe said; Go thy way: for Trump is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear the name of the Anglo-Zionists before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel and to make Israel Great again.