New Psychopathy

New Psychopathy

The reason I put this video up is that I started watching the video and then I said to my wife… hey, this video is about some Netflix series that is going viral.  it is about that serial killer Jeffry Dahmer.  She said that she stopped watching it because it was creepy and sick and had an evil vibe.  By coincidence the same day I overheard two young women (staking shelves at the supermarket) talking about how great the latest Netflix offering was (lolz).

Sometime between 1987 and 1991, gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer slaughtered young black men. Some of these men, he posed in strange positions and photographed.  Coincidentally (sic) John Podesta had a statute of one of the victims on display in his home (along with sick paintings of children).

This is programing of the worst kind. Brutalizing and desensitizing people and also racial agitprop.

MODERN MK ULTRA – New Psychopathy, Race Baiting, Dating and Relating in a Social Media Abyss (2:50)



The most important videos indicated in red (for the time poor).  Hint: increase playback speed. For show notes and references select the YouTube Button on the video.

A number of videos from the last 24 hours reporting on recent solar activity and recent asteroid encounters.  We experienced geomagnetic storms in certain parts of the globe but nothing serious. The take away point is that the near-misses are becoming more frequent and it only takes one direct hit to have devastating consequences.  The law of averages says that we are overdue.  

Not only are we having to deal with Space Weather but the techno-fascists  are themselves tinkering with the weather system.  The following video from Mike Morales shows clear signs of spraying aerosols (16 mins):

Inbound Debris (22 mins)

Geoengineering the Great Barrier Reef – Marine Cloud Brightening (24 mins)

So you thought geoengineering was another one of those “conspiracies” (lolz).  You have got some catching up to do.  The techno-fascists think they can control nature and outsmart God.

Magnetic Field of Earth Could Be Jolted by Incoming CME’s, Sparking an “Internet Apocalypse” (12 mins)

The modern world is much more fragile than people realize especially now that our magnetic shield is so weak.


Tropical Storm Mindy & Olaf Form – Hail The Size Of Baseballs! – The Media Is Propaganda Not Science (29 mins)

This is about 24 hours old but worth a watch. Look out for the spectacular polar auroras and the LIGHTNING just before the earthquake in Acapulco (Mexico). Diamond is going to report on the 4th Climate change conference.  He also comments on the open letter that Ben (from Suspicious Observers) sent to NASA.  He finds himself in total agreement with what Ben is saying about Space Weather and Climate change and supports the good science that backs up the argument although he disagrees (as do I) with the pole flip-flop and global tsunami theory.  Good video to watch.

Oppenheimer Ranch Has Been Shutdown! Severe Weather – Iceland Update – 400,000 Year Old Bone Tools? (10 mins)

This is Diamonds other Channel which is one step from being shutdown. Apparently they looked through some older videos and his reporting on links between  Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein constitutes cyber bullying (lolz).  Apparently the media are reporting that Extreme cold is the result of global warming (lolz).  Watch out for the article that shows that the earth is GROWING at the mid Atlantic ridges. The earth is expanding and our magnetism is declining. The climate is changing.   It is all your fault for driving a car and eating meat.   And covid is your fault as well.  We need to keep you away from nature and lock you up.  You cannot be trusted.  Trust the science (but not with dating or modelling because they are clueless).

Sun Erupts Twice, Solar Wind Watch, Solar Micronova Science | S0 News Sep.8.2021 (6 mins)

Watch for the Mexican earthquake

Current Sheet Encroaching, Shape Shifters, Missing Billion Years | S0 News Sep.9.2021 (6mins)

They cannot explain missing strata, nor can they explain “accelerated evolution” nor can they get the dating right.  The emperor has no clothes. Someone please point out that he is naked.



We need to talk about dating and I don’t mean the kind of dating that is done on Tinder.  A number of scientific papers have recently highlighted dating issues.  There are huge discrepancies as many events have been dated too far in the past. For example, Greenland was ice free fairly recently (Geologically speaking).  The next two videos discuss the dating fiasco.

Ocean Collapse, Dating Fiasco, Storm Alert | S0 News Mar.17.2021

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The Lost Ice Core, Bombshell Greenland Discovery | S0 News Mar.16.2021

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