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Wow just got this from listening to the Live show: The first time “HAMAS” (violence) is used in the Bible is the flood narrative; ” The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. “(Genesis 6:11) Following the “script” Dooooooooooooovid” Wow. Literal fulfillment of Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. But I say this. You will not take it by force and your PsyOp will fail.

You do know that Hamas was founded by Israel to split the PLO.   Do you see it yet?   Do you see it yet?



The War Machine

Notification: The War Machine


Just a reminder to watch the last Dayz of Noah stream.  Trust me it was worthwhile. All the technologies that we have come from military research and development.  The internet, GPS and now AI are military-industrial products.



Dayz of Noah LIVE

THOT girl summer

THOT girl summer

Dayz of Noah is usually very good.  Not watched this yet.  THOT is urban slang for That Hore Over There (lolz).

VERY WEIRD | THOT GIRL SUMMER, Bread and Zuckirces, Submersible Subversion, Hoe-Tez & Climate Pron (3:00 min)

Hotez is the bio-pharmaceutical complex personified. He was the mentor of Katzwoman at Georgetown University the same place attended by Avril Haines director of National Intelligence under Biden and attendee of event 201.  All Jews.  They are not your friend.


You’re being lied to about Peter Hotez and his DARK past | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (13 min)

Very Weird

Very Weird

Version 1.1  Highly Recommended

Not watched this yet but I will.  A video stream from Dayz of Noah.  I put a couple of tweets underneath that will probably be appropriate.


I have watched the stream and it is truly excellent.  After the first hour or so we are shown the advert for the Apple vision pro immersive technology which mimics the movie Ready Player One.  This immersive technology is about creating a different world which your avatar (alter ego) inhabits. It is  the meta self.  The self no longer exists (they say the  same thing about God not existing).   They want you to see the physical, material self as a prison (the Gnostic idea) and the adoption of an avatar as liberating and convenient. When this is introduced from a very young age (and this technology will become more and more realistic) the line between reality and simulacrum will become blurred and young developing kids will suffer split personalities or a distributed identity disorder as they inhabit many roles and many worlds.

This is why they are pushing so hard for the non-existence of free will  and for so called fluid (trans) identity.  They do not want individuals with a strong sense of self , sovereignty and free will.  However, it gets worse because with AI they can now outsource your executive function. You become a node in the machine.  We are talking cognitive distribution -human machine distribution which at @2:18 becomes human digital twins.  These can act independently from you in the metaverse.    They have gleaned that much data and even the voice printing has (very recently) become that good that you can’t tell the difference.  So your avatar could with the help of AI act like you, sound like you and look like you.  It can even cross the boundary into the real world and with AI make phone calls and act on your behalf.  This is all already possible. We are talking about @2:22 autonomous social systems not NPC bots but avatars that have agency. This is an ontological change and a dehumanization of man who is made in the image of God.  The education system is going to be at the forefront of introducing  pedagogic methodology that will acclimatize children @2:40 we are entering the age of Web 3.0 where even drones will be AI guided to monitor farms for ESG targets (He mentions Alison McDowell @ 3:55).  Overal a very informative and frightening show.

They are reshaping reality and reforming humanity. They are attempting to wrestle God to a halt.  We all know how that will end.

VERY WEIRD | LIARS, FIRES, AND ALIENS OH MY, Agent Orange, Tucker, Virtual LSD, Zeen-Age Wasteland (4:36)



Another DAYZ OF NOAH stream. These are usually very good. I look forward to watching it.

TECHNOPHILIA – I Went Down the TRANSHUMAN Rabbit Hole (2:30)


Not watched this yet may add comments (refresh browser).  Musk is controlled opposition.  There are no good guys and the Future Unity website is a click-bait shill for the right (Gnosticism, unity,consciousness, one world religion).

this will AFFECT everyone in 1-2 weeks.