Economic Meltdown

Economic Meltdown

Remember all those people screaming, “you care more about the economy than peoples lives.”  They are about to find out than when the economy is shut down people die en-mass. It starts in periphery countries (like Sri Lanka and Northern Africa) and then eventually it will drag down the West.  The crash is now inevitable. Never forget that they orchestrated it.   Of course they will blame Covid and Russia. Very soon they will have their zero carbon.

SRI LANKA VIOLENT PROTESTS. MP Among Dead as Violence Erupts. Out of Fuel, Food & Currency.(21 min)

All going according to plan.  The banksters are getting ready for the “New Normal”

Bank of International Settlements Says its “Cryptocurrency Time” #CBDC (6 min)

High inflation an massive debts are signs of a thriving economy. I know because the MSM told me so.

PANIC SELLING ON WALL STREET! The 10-Year Yield NOSEDIVES. F..E..A..R.. Grips The Market. Mannarino (13 min)


A tale of two economies

A tale of two economies

Depending on who you listen to the Russian economy is either collapsing or is coping.  I have featured videos which argue both points.  The Joe Blogs video reckons Russia is a mess but I am beginning to think that Blogs is either a propagandist or misinformed.

Firstly – Russia was hit hard. The West confiscated (stole) Russian assets abroad (about half of CB assets) and they impounded (stole) Russian private property (oligarch homes and yachts etc). They withdrew western business investments, stopped trading with Russia and kicked Russia out of SWIFT. This was indeed an economic “blitzkrieg” and it failed.  Russia will struggle for the next two years but will emerge stronger.

Secondly, while Joe Blogs harps on about Russian shortages and inflation he says nothing about  US shortages (or EU shortages).   Not only that but he says that many of the shortages in manufactured goods will be because foreign companies have withdrawn.   Really?   You mean it is a bit like all those same globalist companies more or less withdrawing their western manufacturing bases and exporting them to China?  (lolz).


What about this then Joe?

Russia Avoids Debt Default by Paying London’s Citibank (12 min)

Does not sound like a collapsing economy to me.

How is inflation shaping up in the USA?

I suppose it depends on who you listen to. By way of comparison Shadow stats employs the CPI inflation calculation methods used in the 1980s. Follow the link to the national debt clock and have a look.





Global Economics

Global Economics

I don’t know what it is but I detect a theme in all these financial videos.

Global Economics and the “Bigger Picture” with David Morgan (36 min)

You Can’t Use Cash and Bitcoin is ‘Hijacked,’ the New Financial System Has Started (24 min)


RUSSIAN DEBT DEFAULT – US$ Bond Coupons Not Paid & Russian Ruble Payments Not Permitted Currency (20 min)

Death of the Dollar (1:45 min)

PENTAGON SAYS: “War Could Last For Years.” Fed. “No Recession Coming.” Consumer Debt SKYROCKETS.(12 min)

Kill the Dollar

Kill the Dollar

This vid was first published in 2013... the time has come. Even if the Russians walked away from Ukraine tonight, nothing can stop it now.

Some might be surprised to learn that the fate of America's economy has already been determined, verified and announced by the Obama White House. Yet, it has received scant attention from the corporate media. In 2011, economist Kyle Bass interviewed a senior member of the Obama administration about its planned solutions for fixing the US economy and trade deficit.

Among the questions he asked was about U.S. exports and wages, but the question itself was not nearly as important as the response he received from this senior administration official. In fact, this single, seven word response clarifies everything, explains everything, and leaves little else to discuss: "We're just going to kill the dollar."

The Dollar Will Be Dead By 2024 (14 min)


Gonzalo Lira – Hyperinflation is coming

Goldman Sachs WARNS On The Market. The Fed THREATENS Aggressive Action! Plus More Updates. Mannarino (15 min)

The Great Robbery

The Great Robbery

First Turkey now Pakistan…

To boost its dwindling foreign exchange reserves, Pakistani government is now looking at the vault of its citizens. What is interesting is that Pakistan seems to be planning with a scheme that would translate the gold that is held by the households and citizens in Pakistan into foreign currency to enhance its foreign exchange reserves, listen in.

Pakistan eyes citizens’ gold to boost foreign exchange reserves | Business News | WION (2 min)


The WORLD BANK has just released it’s latest Report which states that a Once in a Generation GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS is coming. They are highly concerned about HIGH DEBT LEVELS, INFLATION and INTEREST RATES. They have specifically identified TURKEY and CHINA as being of major concern and identified SOVEREIGN and HIDDEN NON PERFORMING DEBT as major issues. Almost 50% of Small & Medium Sized Businesses in Developing & Emerging Countries are at Risk of DEFAULT and the figure is as High As 65% in Larger Countries such as INDIA and SOUTH AFRICA. In this video I provide details on the World Bank itself and the Report. For specific details please check out the CHAPTER list below. Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated. Chapters:

Warren Buffett Finally Goes Crypto… (3 min)

Mind you can always buy bitcoin because that is safe (lolz). Brendon O’Connell calls it “vapor ware” (poof its gone).  They want you all in on Digital.





Stealing the Precious

Stealing the Precious

Turkey is the canary in the goldmine.   It is going to begin confiscating gold because it has 50% inflation and its currency will soon be worthless. Erdogan is now jailing financial journalists for being insulting.  Previously he targeted people who compared him to Golem.  They were right though….he is changing into Golem because he will do anything to get the precious.

Smeagol transforms into Gollum (1:40)

I just subscribed to this channel it has an excellent report:


The Turkish Authorities have announced a scheme asking its citizens to hand over their GOLD. This gold will then be MELTED DOWN to create GOLD BULLION to boost the State’s RESERVES. The Turkise Economy is currently under immense pressure with INFLATION at 50%, the Turkish Lira at an all time low and Gas supplies running out. The Foreign Currency Reserves have almost run out and this GOLD GRAB is a DESPERATE attempt to prevent the economy afloat. For more details check out the list of Chapters below. Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated. 



His other recent rapport is well worth watching and I think he is right…namely the Escrow cash is already gone.  They are changing the law to cover their ass. It  can be summed up as follows:

Poof and it is Gone (1:45)

If you thought the EVERGRANDE story had gone away or was resolved you would be wrong. They are bankrupt and propped up. When it goes down it will be huge…even for China.

EVERGRANDE – CHINA RAIDS Buyer’s Deposits to Delay Sector Collapse. Escrow Cash to be Released. (17 min)

In this video I provide you with the latest update from Evergrande, the most Indebted Company in the World. It has just been announced that the Chinese Authorities have decided to RELEASE ALL CASH Held in Escrow Accounts to the Property Developers to help their cashflow. Escrow Accounts are designed to PROTECT Buyers in the event that a Developer gets into Financial difficulty so it is does not make ANY SENSE to release the cash now as All of the Developers are on the VERGE OF BANKRUTCY. For specific details please check out the CHAPTER list below. Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated.


106. Top Leftist Commentator Admits The Fed Is A Fraud – Jon Stewart (39 min)

Brendon O’Connell sometimes seems at war with everyone and needs to learn to appreciate his friends and allies a bit more. I suppose the frustration is just too much especially as he has been warning for years and has suffered for his stance.  He is right about this though.

Jon Stewart, a funny guy, has interviewed the former head of the Fed, Kansas City. They admit, right on camera, The Fed makes money out of thin air and it is is all a “confidence game.” For us, and G.Edward Griffin, this is hardly news, but the fact it is being discussed by the comedians is a sure sign something is afoot… Is Money Even Real? An Economist Explains | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast | Apple TV+… The enemy is nervous. Things are not going well. Covid has not done the job Kalus and Henry Kissinger had hoped. Are they backing off and have they indicated a gentle roll over into a new system is at hand? Is this good or bad? Can we begin the slow and laborious process of forming a grass roots movement involving ordinary sincere people – military/policing/intel – serving and retired? Free of IIA Operations and the right left paradigm? Let us attend… The Fed – I Can’t Believe He Actually Said It…… UNDERSTANDING THE BIG PICTURE (MUST WATCH) – PLAYLIST… WHAT IS JEWISH POWER BY BRITISH JEWISH ACTIVIST PAUL EISEN… How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO… The Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel l Al Jazeera Investigations… PLAYLIST – AIPAC, THE LOBBY… MUST WATCH – – – The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000)… DEF CON 26 – Christopher Domas – GOD MODE UNLOCKED Hardware Backdoors in redacted x86 – DEFCON…


Last but not least we turn to Greg:


This is my take and I am no financial expert. We are headed for a global financial collapse. It has been engineered.  Many countries will need to switch to the dollar because their currencies are being devalued.  The dollar is the cleanest dirty shirt but the Fed is also printing hell for leather. The petrodollar is linked to energy so if they can sky rocket energy prices (a nice little war) and keep printing they can suck up all world currencies. Once they have captured everything they can go digital.  Then the precious is all theirs (all your base belong to us – a private Jewish Central Bank Rothschild consortium).

Debt Tsunami

Debt Tsunami

US Debt of $30 Trillion Visualized in Stacks of Physical Cash (2 min)


Mannarino Market Risk Indicator: I Fixed It! (13 min)


Greg is confident about Crypto but…….


The Dying Dollar

The Dying Dollar

Whether you are into trading the stock market or not this is well worth watching because it all revolves around the transfer of wealth.  These guys know what is going on and what is coming.  The Bob Kulda interviews are excellent as is the rant by Greg in the last video.  Moreover, Greg is right…when this goes down millions will die.  

Supply and Demand Implications For What You Eat and Buy (Bob Kudla 1/2) 20 min

How Food Costs & Shortages Will Be Spun in 2022 (2/2) 22 min

THE DOLLAR IS DYING AND HERE IS THE PROOF. BlackRock WARNS On Commodity Prices. BE READY! Mannarino (15 min)

A Biblical Loss Of Life

A Biblical Loss Of Life

Those are Greg’s words not mine.

IMPORTANT UPDATES PLUS: Beyond The Debt Hyper-Bubble.. A Biblical Loss Of Life Will Occur. Mannarino (16 min)

Record Offshore Dollar Bond Defaults, China Liquidity Crisis….Time For More Stimulus (8 min)

The Evergrade situation is not over.  Michael Bury (who called the Big Short on the GFC) said that China is already bust but that it will take about a year to manifest.