Ukraine Admits Massive Losses

Ukraine Admits Massive Losses

Russian Ops in Ukraine (June 16, 2022): West Sends Arms, Russia Still Gaining Ground (29 min)

Maria Zakharova speaks at SPIEF 2022 (25 min)

Rouble is now “OVERSTRENGTHENED” As Food Prices Fall – Inside Russia Report (11 min)

Ukraine Admits Massive Losses, Gas Flows to Europe Stalls, Biden Officials Privately Doubt Sanctions (36 min)



This is about maintaining perspective. We are going through a period of rapid natural change. We need to be able to evaluate risk without  succumbing to the fear porn and doom mongers who are after click bait.   I always try to present videos that are realistic and based on science.

When is Space Weather Scary? & Top Science Updates | S0 News Nov.5.2021 (5 min)

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La Palma Volcano Update: Reduced Seismicity & Tremor – Deflation Occurring as Ash and Steam Continue (10 min)

Activity at Cumbre Vieja Volcano La Palma continues at lower levels wit reduced seismicity. Latest quakes near La Palma volcano: past 24 hours La Palma Quakes vs Depth Chart La Palma Volcanic tremor live chart LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption, the Canary Islands Lava Tube Drone Footage… Evaluation of the threat of mega tsunami generation from postulated massive slope failures of island stratovolcanoes on La Palma, Canary Islands, and on the Island of Hawaii Lava Progression Time-Lapse Map IGN Daily Updates… Canary Islands Earthquake Map LIVE…