Cataclysmic Polarity Shift

Cataclysmic Polarity Shift

Cataclysmic Polarity Shift – Is The World Prepared For The Next Magnetic Pole Reversal?

Not Live yet…at time of posting 2 hours until airing.

Eye on the Sky – Del Bigtree & Jim Lee (1:22 min)

How interesting that Jim Lee is now on with Del Bigtree. Fascinating how the Networking operates.

Magnetic Pole Shift | Two Critical Weather Impacts (4 min)

Diffuse the bomb

Diffuse the bomb

We either diffuse the bomb or we take down the whole building. Let it burn. No half measures. They must NOT be allowed to walk away from the death and mayhem that they caused. What do we do? The only thing we can do is walk away. “Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues” (Rev 18.4).

Lethal Weapon 3 Bomb Scene (5 min)

The video below this one is a 20 minute clip from Dr McCairns previous stream in which he discusses THE FORBIDDEN DEBATE  the topic from the ‘Better Way Conference’ in May, Del asked the forbidden question: “Do Vaccines Have a Role In the Better Way Forward?” The first day speakers were: ROBERT F KENNEDY, JR • DR ROBERT MALONE • DR JESSICA ROSE • DR PETER MCCULLOUGH • DR TESS LAWRIE • GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE • KIM WITCZAK • BRET WEINSTEIN • DR PAUL ALEXANDER • DR MARIA HUBMER-MOGG • MAAJID NAWAZ • SHABNAM PALESA MOHAMED.


A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details. It takes the form of deception, misdirection, or coverup often associated with intelligence agencies involving a release or "mea culpa" type of confession of only part of a set of previously hidden sensitive information, that establishes credibility for the one releasing the information who by the very act of confession appears to be "coming clean" and acting with integrity; but in actuality, by withholding key facts, is protecting a deeper operation and those who could be exposed if the whole truth came out. In effect, if an array of offenses or misdeeds is suspected, this confession admits to a lesser offense while covering up the greater ones.

Bret Weinstein’s brother Eric (another brainiac) was involved with Epstein hence the reference by Kevin to the “massage enthusiast” because the lawyer Dershowitz claimed he only went to the Epstein Mansion for massages and kept his pants on (lolz). Eric did a cringe worthy interview on YT (can’t remember where) making excuses blah (said he had permission from his wife or something like that). Heather E. Heying is Bret’s wife an evolutionary biologist and former professor together they do the Dark Horse podcast that draws a large audience which even mentioned Jonathan Couey and Charles Rixey (

However, the stuff that Charles and Johnathan are talking about should have been already known by these “expert” PhD’s and Doctors?? I knew this more than a year ago. This is the deliberate drip feed of a a bit of info to lend credibility….but trust me a Jew like Bret does not have a big presence on a Jewish Platform (YT) unless he is saying something that they approve of. Dr Robert Malone has connections with DOD and DARPA (which to his credit he admits) and holds patents on mRNA and vaccines etc. Geert is a vaccinologist who wants to continue the childhood vaccine schedule but has been preaching dire consequences of ADE caused by vaccinating into a pandemic. So Geert is actually a traditional vaxxer (trad vaxx) as are many of the other guests. Perhaps some of the vaccines are safe and perhaps if we halt all vaccines we invite a catastrophic resurgence but at this point who knows? Firstly, the covid vaxx is not a vaccine it is a gene therapy and secondly it is dual use and I would argue triple use. They want to base their next health platform on the development of mRNA gene therapies because they have proven that they are safe (lolz). At the same time the Military wants to use mRNA technology as a weapon because it is deadly and gene therapy can be race targeted. Both parties are wrong because we are dealing with something that in my view is far more complex with unforeseen consequences. The health consequences and the war-fighting consequences are in no way clear and have overlapping domains. We must not throw out the baby with the bathwater but the whole historical vaccination drive is under a cloud especially because it has attracted so many transhumanists and eugenicists. That by itself should raise alarm bells. Nevertheless, we should support these “dissidents” as they have their place in warning people…they act as a “gateway drug” until users graduate onto the “hard stuff” (Dr Kevin McCairn lolz) where they OD on scientific red (black) pills and casual misogyny, homophobia and racism (lolz) in the ongoing battle against woke science and culti-Marxi insanity.

Diffuse the Bomb (19 min)


The Forbidden debate is not vaxx vs. anti-vaxx. The forbidden debate is dual use (or triple use) biotechnology. It forms the basis of transhumanism, gene threapy, eugenics and raced based bio-warfare. It heralds the end of humanity in more ways than one.



Very good show especially the interview with Peter McCoullough. Crimes have been committed.  A rough running order:

15 Jaxen report- the govt paid all media to promote vaccines one billion $
26 Food prices (put together before the war)
32 ECG scans for athletes at schools
35 Florida ruling healthy kids need no vaccines
38 Dr Peter McCoullough (section on HCQ)
1:12 Dr Peter McCoullough on VAERS and Myocarditis


Game Set Match

Game Set Match

Catching up with Del Bigtree and the Highwire.  He is challenging the narrative and whatever you may think he has won court cases against the CDC.  Novak is a pysop-we are all being played.  Like Albert Pike the Mason said, “When they need heroes we will give them heroes”.

A – THE HIGHWIRE – Episode 250 – GAME, SET, MATCH – Del Bigtree (3:05)

KHOU-11: At least 27 states file lawsuits over Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses –
CNN: Fact check: Sotomayor makes false claim about Covid-19’s impact on children –
New York Post: Supreme Court’s liberal justices slammed over vax mandate statements –
Al jazeera: Hospitalizations surge for unvaccinated American children –
CNN: SCOTUS hears oral arguments on Biden vaccine and testing mandates –
NACS: U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on Vaccine Mandate –
CNN: The highly contagious Omicron variant will ‘find just about everybody,’ Fauci says, but vaccinated people will still fare better –
Reuters: ‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs –
OSHA: COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS –
BBC: Premier League vaccines: Players ‘may have legitimate concerns’, says PFA boss Maheta Molango –
White House: Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Announces Details of Two Major Vaccination Policies –
The San Diego Union Tribune: Judge rules against San Diego Unified’s COVID-19 student vaccine mandate –
The San Diego Union Tribune: Judge confirms San Diego Unified can’t proceed with student vaccine mandate, even during appeal –
WSJ: Omicron Makes Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Obsolete –
ESPN: After Australian Open draw delay, Novak Djokovic slated to open title defense against fellow Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic –
Sky News: Novak Djokovic will be deported from Australia after his visa was rejected following interrogation at Melbourne Airport under armed guard –
London News Today: Novak Djokovic breaks silence from the “detention center” while waiting for an Australian visa decision –
BBC NEWS: Novak Djokovic: Judge orders immediate release of tennis star –
ABC News: Novak Djokovic’s ‘health risk’ to Australia will determine fate of Serbian tennis star’s visa –
WSJ: The NFL Pivots to Less Covid Testing—Not More—to Thwart Disruptions –
NBA: NBA changes COVID protocols, shortens path to return to play –
Mail Online: Kyrie Irving to re-join Brooklyn Nets as a part-time player but will only be available for AWAY games – except for Toronto – as unvaccinated NBA All-Star fails to meet New York mandate over Covid-19 jab –
ABC: CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions –
Media Matters: Facebook and YouTube are letting anti-vaccine figure Del Bigtree push deadly coronavirus misinformation –
Science Based Medicine: Antivaccine leader Del Bigtree on COVID-19: “Let’s catch this cold!” Why antivaxxers and coronavirus conspiracy theorists are often one in the same. –
Daily Mail: ‘There needs to be a quick and devastating take down’: Emails show how Fauci and head of NIH worked to discredit three experts who penned the Great Barrington Declaration which called for an end to lockdowns –
The Times of Israel: Israeli research: 3rd vaccine dose produces 10 times more antibodies than 2nd –
Globes: Israeli research finds fourth jab boosts Covid antibodies five-fold –
ynet news: Effects of 4th COVID shot are good, but not enough, Israeli health expert says –
paretos substack: Vaccine Failure – Across the Board –
paretos substack: Vaccinated Cases Surge –
The Telegraph: Time to live with Covid and treat virus like the common cold, says Wellcome –
North Jersey: NJ COVID hospitalizations surpass 6,000 for first time since April 2020 –
MedRxiv: Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against Omicron or Delta infection – Governor Hochul Updates New Yorkers on State’s Progress Combating COVID-19 –
Fox News: CDC director’s ABC News interview remarks about COVID-19 victims with ‘comorbidities’ spark confusion –
CDC: Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics –
Quartz: As China and other countries lock down, the UK i

Grotesque Malpractice

Grotesque Malpractice

Del Bigtree interviews Dr Roger Hodkinson.

He received his general medical degrees from Cambridge University in the UK (M.A., M.B., B. Chir.) where he was a scholar at Corpus Christi College. Following a residency at the University of British Columbia he became a Royal College certified general pathologist (FRCPC) and also a Fellow of the College of American Pathologists (FCAP).

He is in good Standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, and has been recognized by the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta as an expert in pathology.

Dr. Hodkinson is a broadly experienced clinical pathologist who holds medical degrees from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. Prior to his association with MutantDx, he was the CEO of Stirrat Laboratories, a large retail diagnostic medical laboratory in Alberta, Canada.  Dr. Hodkinson is a Past President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians (ASLP), which represents pathologists in Alberta, Canada, and was a key player in the restructuring of the $250M diagnostic laboratory industry in that Province.  He has acted as a laboratory accreditation inspector, and was previously Chairman of the Examination Committee in General Pathology for the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. He is a Fellow of the College of American Pathologists and has been the Medical Director of a CLIA laboratory. Dr. Hodkinson is a co-author of publications based on MultiGEN technology.

The end of everything

The end of everything

Dave Cullen demonstrates that covid is being used to end civil liberties.  The 9/11 false flag that brought in the patriot act showed that anyone could be a terrorist therefor more restrictions were necessary. Covid demonstrates that anyone could be an asymptomatic carrier, therefore we need even more restrictions.  Do you see how that works?

9/11, Climate Change, Covid and The End of Commercial Air Travel


Former Clinton advisor, Dr. Naomi Wolf, peels the layers back on the newest hot button issue, vaccine passports, with a dire warning they are a “point of no return.”

She is completely correct.  Interesting to see this liberal Jewish feminist author issuing the same dire warnings as the “far right” (lol). When that happens you know that you are in trouble.

Covid Report

Covid Report

This is a very good report and examines all aspects:
















For the Global Report click here

 As a compliment we give the latest evidence from the HighWire demonstrating that we are dealing with social engineering not with disease prevention.


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Notification Highwire

Notification HighWire

YouTube or more accurately JEW TUBE has taken down Del Bigtree’s channel the HighWire.   They are starting to practice heavy censorship. This is probably because his news channel is very effective. His organization the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has fought a number of successful court cases against big pharma regarding the testing of vaccines and won.

I have numerous of his videos on my website which have now disappeared.  I believe that I have backed most of them up.  However, they are too large to upload to my server as they would soon take up my server hard drive space.   As a work around I am going to upload them to BitChute and then embed them from there.   I will start with the last video and slowly work backwards in time.   Many more videos are disappearing.  I will replace them if I can.

I urge all of you to sign up for a BitChute account and find and upload as many banned videos as you can.  Start a blog or website if you can. Link up with others. Please do what you can to fight this otherwise you will hear lies all the time and nothing else. 

Good News

The HighWire already has an alternative channel on BitChute.  

Make sure you bookmark it…..everyone is starting to migrate away from Jewtube.


I will  soon replace his  last video (Exit Strategy) with the BitChute Embed code shortly……