The virus seems to be naturally deactivating itself and getting rid of the man-made inserts.  That is great news.  That means that variants although more infectious are less pathogenic.  On the other hand the vaccine (transfection)  can still cause damage. This is a clip from the Dr.Fleming video (see War criminals on this blog) to which I have added supporting evidence. It is incumbent that we stop vaccinations now and start using other available treatments and strengthen natural immunity.


Deactivate the Criminals

The criminal institutes and people behind the NWO need deactivating.  However…..I have to say this to all those who rushed to vaccinate.  You allowed fear and lies to rule and now you are allowing the government and fascist entities to use you as a tool to bully those who refuse compliance to the NWO.  It is time you woke up and showed some integrity. They are going to inject kids in the UK which goes counter the advice of the JVCI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation).   The Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Vaccines Research at the FDA resign and write a letter to the Lancet (which is a captured journal).

The wheels are falling off. They are about to start the Fourth Booster in Israel and people are still getting sick and dying.


Can’t you see that something is badly wrong?  What is the matter with you?  Still going around calling people “anti-vaxxers”.   Still listening to the lies of the people that told you two weeks to flatten the curve?   Still listening to the corrupt “experts” who made and released a bioweapon?

This ends when you stop complying?  Stop now.  Do it for the children.


ADE and more

ADE and more

We said that a consequence of using a non-sterilizing vaccine during a pandemic would be ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). ADE has been observed in SARS, MERS and other human respiratory virus infections including RSV and measles, which suggests a real risk of ADE.  Now we get a study showing that the Delta Virus is actually ADE.  They took the covid virus and made it worse. Gladys Berejiklian even admits that  higher vaccination rates means higher Delta variant rates.   The more we jab, the more Delta variant we get.  Does she even listen to herself?

Health Freedom

The next tweet does not allow you to copy the video address and download it using twitter download.


I think you should listen to a highly qualified health professional and make your own mind up.  So I did a reverse image search and found the original video from which this clip was taken.  So, I posted all three full videos under the twitter notice (lolz). Here follow the YouTube and Odysee versions: