Dollar Death Spiral

Dollar Death Spiral

A trillion here and a trillion there and soon you are talking real money (lolz)

Bank of America Warns Dollar Faces Death Spiral as 1971-Style Reset is Coming

U.S. Economic Crash Worse than 1929 – Peter Schiff Issues Warning (1:06 min)

Monetary Reset: Frank Giustra Warns Of U.S. Dollar ‘Crisis’ (45 min)

The Great Taking – Derivatives are a Massive Systemic Thread (Still) 4\4 (33 min)


Dollar Death

Dollar Death

More  merde…


Jim Rickards: Put on Your Crash Helmets – New Banking Meltdown Coul…(41 min)

Charles Schwab Just Dropped a Bombshell (21 min)

It Started: Huge Lay Offs, Banks In Trouble, & Interest Rates Are High (14 min)

Be Ready- THEY WILL KILL MILLIONS… On The EVE Of Yet Another War. CRITICAL UPDATES. Mannarino (11 min)