Eat Meat

Eat Meat

We are built to eat meat.  We have eaten meat for thousands upon thousands of years. We need meat in order to stay healthy.  In fact after the deluge it is specifically said, “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things” (Genesis 9:3).   We know that Jesus ate meat (fish and Passover lamb).   Everything these people advocate is “unnatural”.  The Techno-Gnostics want a utopia like Eden where only vegetation is eaten and where Adam and Eve are “one flesh” (no gender or transgender). Only God can recreate Eden.  Man is too stupid and evil to create his own Eden.

10,000 Years Ago We Stopped Eating This and It Was a Huge Mistake (34 min)


Fat of the Land

Fat of the Land

Wall of shame and motivation…Weight record which I will update (or completely delete, lolz):

  • April 3rd 115 kg
  • April 5th 111.3 Kg
  • April 6th 111.4 kg
  • April 7th 110.5 kg (Easter)
  • April 8th 111.0 Oops
  • April 9th 111.9 (lolz)
  • April 10th  112.2
  • April 11th 112.5
  • April 12th 113.0
  • April 13th 114.0 (Bingo.  Recommence fasting and diet)
  • April 14th 112.3
  • April 15th 111.6


The Israelites were promised a land flowing with milk and honey,the faithful would receive the fat of the land but I think God gave all the fat to me (lolz). So, I started intermittent fasting because not only is it a very good strategy against covid (and I believe that we pick up SP and virus that is still in circulation) but I also need to lose some weight. It is even possible that the weight gain is an inflammatory response to SP, it is certainly a response to stress as it increases cortisol. So I am blaming it on that, not what I put in my mouth (lolz).

Why Stress (Cortisol) Makes You Fat (Spikes Insulin) – Stress (4 min)

So, I have been doing more gardening and went for a two hour walk yesterday and just got back from a walk now.  The walk in the nearby nature reserve was beautiful and I picked some gumbi-gumbi leaves which I am drying out for tea.  I also planted all my dandelions into one pot so that I can harvest the leaves for tea and I transplanted my burdock from a pot to the front garden. Burdock can be used for tea and cordials. I am even growing stinging nettles which are a super-food (lolz). Planted some chilies,lettuce and climbing beans and removed some of the dead tomato plants.  Got a box of Portobello mushrooms that I still need to jump start.

I also got two new chooks -young hi-line birds, a black and a white one with apricot coloring and I have to spend my time stopping them getting bullied

Fasting and health



Prolonged Fasting Not Needed 4 Fat Loss, Longevity, Study Finds (10 min)