Dirty Harry on Dirty Bombs

Dirty Harry on Dirty Bombs

Not watched this yet but probably contains salty language and “antisemitic” rants (lolz). It is not Mr and Mrs Rosenberg that Dirty Harry is mad with but a warmongering, predatory, supremacist Jewish banking class. They wield so much power now and are concentrating it even more. Look what they did to Corbyn (see video below this one).

Jews Planning on Igniting Dirty Bomb in New York or Ukraine (39 min)

PROOF Antisemitism Accusations Against Corbyn Were Labour Party Lies (26 min)


Itching for a fight

Itching for a fight

2022.10.29 The Americans Are ITCHING To Fight The Russians (17 min)

Dirty Bomb Accusations Fly Between Russia & Ukraine (9min)

The Days Of U.S. Hegemony Are OVER Says Putin (7 min)

Biden quietly moves world closer towards armageddon. Finland ready to host nukes (25 min)

US Sends Fewer Arms to Ukraine as Russia Prepares its Next Big Move (22 min)

“BRITISH SPECIALISTS” Behind Sevastopol Attack. Russian Central Bank Releases New Statement (33 min)

Buy Canadian sovereignty bonds for Ukraine (4 min)

Russia Completes Mobilisation, Prepares Offensive, Ukraine Stopped, Putin Hints Will Take Odessa (1:08)











Oil War

Oil War

We are officially in an oil war (USA vs OPEC) 10 min


Russia Wrests Initiative from Ukraine, Advances on Liman, Conducts Nuclear Drills,Threatens Starlink (1:06)

Russian (LPR) Forces Heavy Battle Combat Training For Advancing On Kharkov Ukraine (21 min)


Russia Reveals HOW Ukraine Will STAGE DIRTY BOMB Attack, “MASSIVE Retaliatory Strikes” Practiced (25 min)

They are sounding the alarm that this is going to get DANGEROUS | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

Putin just did the UNTHINKABLE and they’re ignoring it, again | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)





Jaw Jaw not War War

Jaw Jaw not War War

They want war. They can’t wait for it to escalate. They are positively drooling.

MEP destroys EU’s peace rhetoric (2 min)

Zelensky Can Cure EU Energy Woes But Claims “Kiev DOESN’T HAVE A CENT” (32 min)

Are Ukrainians Planning to Use a “Dirty Bomb”? (8 min)

Ukraine Admits Russia Digging In Kherson, Fortifying All Front Lines. All Ukrainian Attacks Repelled (41 min)

‘Russia losing’ narrative, Russiagate, and Moby Dick (31 min)

Explosive Undies

Explosive Undies

Apparently Zelensky wrapped his undies around explosives and created a dirty bomb (lolz) or am I getting mixed up with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called “underwear bomber.