Electric Geology

Electric Geology

Interesting documentary by David. Well worth watching because it ties in with what Suspicious Observers have noted regarding petroglyphs and plasma displays.

Planetary lightning discharge through Earths past and global cataclysms are human history. Using supersonic wind deposit patterns to locate electric discharge line through the Smokey Mountains from Tennessee to N. Carolina, and along the connecting arc to a secondary filament branch sit the largest Cherokee sites and prehistoric settlements. In N. Carolina south of the shock wave line were witness to plasma displays in the skies, then carved onto the Judaculla Rock after viewing the event from Sylva, N. Carolina looking NW. Five caves in Tennessee have yielded more to the idea that electric skies and plasma displays recorded around the planet occurred in S.E USA skies as well as the western U.S. With an additional electromagnetic field forming in the outer solar system in 2024, perhaps we should begin looking for massive sink holes and landslides as an indicator that cave art was a warning to future generations. Simple question : Were Cherokee and Prehistoric Sites Flooded to Hide Global Timelines in East Tennessee.

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Magnetic Pole Shift Update, Life, Nova, Quake Watch | S0 News Jan.30.2021

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Earthquake anomaly

Earthquake anomaly

Dutchsinse says the following: So far, no large earthquake has struck next to the deep M6.9 (today is day 10 of the 10 day watch). Waiting to see what happens. So far, strike out on this one (that was yesterday on the 31 st August).  We are now in day 11.

8/31/2020 — Multiple M6.0+ earthquakes spread along with M5.5+ worldwide — NO LARGE QUAKE YET

 Dutch has been very good with his predictions and he expected a much larger quake but perhaps the creation of the Sooth Atlantic Anomaly is absorbing the extra energy?


Solar Eruption, Earth Discharges, Geoelectric Pathways | S0 News Aug.31.2020

The observers point to the position of the quakes being close to the top and bottom of the anomaly. They also point to the increase in electric discharges.  The global electric circuit seems to be ramping up its energy hence the storms and quakes.