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They are trying to gas-light us again.  Saying that the sudden increase in cancer has nothing to do with the DNA plasmid contamination found in the vaccines. We all know mRNA does not enter the cell.


What about this?


How do the Vaccinated Die of Covid? (20 min)


The first Europeans

The first Europeans

If the first Brit was Cheddar man was the first Dutch Edam man?   I read somewhere that God made Edam and Eve (lolz).   Soon we will see the last Europeans as they are now infertile and being swamped by middle-East immigrants.  Seems like the oligarchs love diversity as long as it is not white.

Origins of the First Europeans – ROBERT SEPEHR (1:08)

Covid vaccines are safe

Covid vaccines are safe

Covid vaccines are safe (11 min)


1st published evidence of gene therapy insertion into human DNA? (14 min)
The cohort is small. Yet it is alarming that vaccine protein was found in 2 out of 81 – viral protein in only 1. Nothing in the unvaccinated. PS thanks for the timing

DNA plasmid contamination

DNA plasmid contamination

We were correct and this website was among the first to expose the illegal behavior and scientific misinformtion regrading the science. Grace has demonstrated the science behind LNP (Lipid Nano Particles) like Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and the fact that the charge determines where the particle can go (everywhere) and that it can aggregate. Kevin McKernnan demonstrated that the vaccines were contaminated with with DNA plasmids and cancer causing agents. Dr McCairn identified the increase in neurodegenerative disease and prionergic agents. And there are many other doctors like Johanne Dienart etc with treatment protocols etc. This was a binary biowarfare attack against humanity. They are deliberately ignoring the millions of dead and injured. And this is not the first time because they pulled a simalr stunt with AIDS. We will soon be in WW3 because they will not be able to cover this up and they need an even bigger distraction.




@21:29 Kevin McKernan and his work on sequencing the vaccine and finding plasmid DNA containg the 72 base SV40 promoter that triggers cancers and tumors among other things.

Lies and secrets (17 min)

They lied and they lied and they are still lying

Meanwhile this is where Jonathan Couey is at which is why I no longer feature his videos. He sold out…….

The Federation Clone War — Episode 1

Global Cull

Global Cull

People really are sheep.  They are willing to follow the Judas goat straight into the slaughterhouse.


Independent Confirmation

Independent Confirmation

The sequencing work on the vaccine done by geneticist Kevin McKernan that showed the presence of plasmid DNA and SV40 promoter (cancer trigger) has been repeated by Japanese professor, Murakami of Tokyo University of Science and Dr Kevin McCairn  the systems neuro scientist intends to repeat the test again. That is how good science is done. Moreover, in a recent article McKernan demonstrated that the European Medical Association (EMA) pointed out the manufacturing quality control flaws  in their EU report which was ignored by the Governments.  Manufacturers supposedly adhere to GMP (Good Medical Practice) when making therapeutics, especially those that get injected.  There are certain strict quality codes because obviously they need to avoid contamination and the products need to be sterile.  It looks like that did not happen.  Now, whether you agree with mRNA vaccines and with an LNP delivery system is a moot point because quality is an entirely separate issue.    Emergency Use covers the use of a new product it does not cover the use of a shoddy, contaminated product.  The fact is, that the EMA pointed out the quality flaws in their report and recommended further investigation work which was not done.  Well now it has now been done by dissident scientists three years after the fact and the evidence is damning.  Whether you are for or against this new technology no one wants contaminated product.  They are therefore liable because this is negligence.

Japanese professor, Murakami of Tokyo University of Science:

Legal action DocKek

Our own DocKek is also involved.  He says the following:

I just confirmed access to the InPower movement and will be utilizing their structure for a Notice of Liability against local public officials. I have already given them notice of the cause of long covid as well as how to treat it, given public comment to the county commissioners, and provided an email with my spike presentation outlining the laws compelling them to act. Will be submitting a letter to the editor at local newspaper of record and continuing to talk to them to make them aware of the biology, and making them aware of the legal exposure they are all in if they fail to act. If they continue to ignore we will move forward with the notices after I meet with the Sheriff... soon coons, soon... in the meantime, give the video a watch and join if so moved. Many Blessings.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)-55 min

Please support Dr McCairn at the Dojo and help fund the next round of testing.  We are making breakthroughs and need to keep the momentum going.

Contaminated Vaxx

Contaminated Vaxx

It is now indisputable that the vaccines are contaminated with DNA. Kevin McKernan has sequenced the vaccines and found plasmid with SV40 promoters (cancer promoters) and also with antibiotic resistance. This is very bad and puts to bed the argument that the mRNA first needs to be transcribed to DNA using an enzyme for it to get into the cell. If the DNA is already free floating then it does not need that step. Of course, the next argument is that the cell is “impregnable” and very difficult to penetrate. Huh? I thought that is why we added LNP (Lipid Nano Particles) in order to “package” the mRNA (and DNA) and wrap it in a little bubble of synthetic “fats” so that it can easily fuse with the cell membrane. All these people do is lie and obfuscate. So the chances are (it is very likely) that it does enter the nucleus and become part of the DNA. Of course this final step has to be proven but we know from other studies that LNP and mRNA likes the ovaries. So it is likely that whatever abomination they made is passed onto the next generation. Is that an accident? Sloppy work? I do not think so. They are bio-engineering humanity. Don’t like your turbo cancer? Too bad, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

Genomics expert discovers concerning contents in COVID vaccine vials (14 min)

Here is the full article:

Here Kevin McKernan disputes the LNP nonsense: