Independent Confirmation

Independent Confirmation

The sequencing work on the vaccine done by geneticist Kevin McKernan that showed the presence of plasmid DNA and SV40 promoter (cancer trigger) has been repeated by Japanese professor, Murakami of Tokyo University of Science and Dr Kevin McCairn  the systems neuro scientist intends to repeat the test again. That is how good science is done. Moreover, in a recent article McKernan demonstrated that the European Medical Association (EMA) pointed out the manufacturing quality control flaws  in their EU report which was ignored by the Governments.  Manufacturers supposedly adhere to GMP (Good Medical Practice) when making therapeutics, especially those that get injected.  There are certain strict quality codes because obviously they need to avoid contamination and the products need to be sterile.  It looks like that did not happen.  Now, whether you agree with mRNA vaccines and with an LNP delivery system is a moot point because quality is an entirely separate issue.    Emergency Use covers the use of a new product it does not cover the use of a shoddy, contaminated product.  The fact is, that the EMA pointed out the quality flaws in their report and recommended further investigation work which was not done.  Well now it has now been done by dissident scientists three years after the fact and the evidence is damning.  Whether you are for or against this new technology no one wants contaminated product.  They are therefore liable because this is negligence.

Japanese professor, Murakami of Tokyo University of Science:

Legal action DocKek

Our own DocKek is also involved.  He says the following:

I just confirmed access to the InPower movement and will be utilizing their structure for a Notice of Liability against local public officials. I have already given them notice of the cause of long covid as well as how to treat it, given public comment to the county commissioners, and provided an email with my spike presentation outlining the laws compelling them to act. Will be submitting a letter to the editor at local newspaper of record and continuing to talk to them to make them aware of the biology, and making them aware of the legal exposure they are all in if they fail to act. If they continue to ignore we will move forward with the notices after I meet with the Sheriff... soon coons, soon... in the meantime, give the video a watch and join if so moved. Many Blessings.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)-55 min

Please support Dr McCairn at the Dojo and help fund the next round of testing.  We are making breakthroughs and need to keep the momentum going.

Three in one bioweapon

Three in one bioweapon



How Spike Causes Disease

This is our own DocKek from the Raccoon bunker.  The bunker has its share of doctors, emergency workers and scientists.  We have a depth of knowledge that we can draw on and our network is growing.  We are the resistance. Many others have fallen by the wayside or shown their true colors but we are still fighting and financing and building our own platform.

How Spike Causes Disease (2:36)

PhD Level Lecture on the Spike Protein for SARS-CoV-2 Alpha Strain B.1.1.7 (original strain) and the Disease Causing Effects of the binding of various receptors throughout the body.
Time Stamps Below
Presenter: Anthony "DocKek" Pena, Executive Director, American Foundation for Informed Consent -

0:00 – Intro
2:21 – Beginning – What is Disease – Goal – Agenda
7:21 – Role of Spike in Natural Infection
11:18 – ACE2 in Human Mice
25:16 – Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (a7 nAChR) & Snake Venom
48:20 – CD147 & Pericytes
1:01:33 – Fribrinogenic Amyloidosis
1:08:26 – avB3 Integrin Binding
1:16:49 – Syncytial Mediated White Blood Cell Elimination
1:24:13 – Furin Cleavage Site
1:42:50 – Mitochondria, Micoglia & mRNA, OH MY!
1:48:46 – Long Covid
2:01:14 – Summary
2:09:00 – Spike Therapeutics
2:26:07 – Thank You!