Jefferey Sachs Blows Whistle On DoD

Jefferey Sachs Blows Whistle On DoD

This is very important and is the second part of this:

Damage Control

Dr Kevin McCairn, and the members of Drastic with special mention to Charles Rixey as well as many others were justified.  They called it correctly. Covid was a bio-weapon made in a lab and they have been busy for decades researching and experimenting with viruses using Gain Of Function (GOF).

However, Sachs is not issuing a mea culpa but it is an ass-covering operation. They are circling the wagons. They are throwing all extraneous baggage overboard to lighten the load so that the ship does not sink. The narrative is breaking but it is not broken.  Thus far and no further.  A firewall has been erected.   They are never going back on this new technology.  They will never dismantle the corrupt institutions and journals.  They are not going to prosecute pharma.  The DoD will never accept full responsibility….the research was defensive.  If this whole edifice is not brought crashing down and people punished then you and your kids can forget about it. 


Jefferey Sachs Blows Whistle On DoD – Damage Control Mode Engaged by WEF! (3:04)


(starts at 12 min)

Damage Control

Damage Control

Jeffry Sachs (another Ashkenazi) sits on the Lancet Commission looking into the Origins of Covid and here he is being interviewed by JFK junior from the Children’s Health Defense organization. The only reason that Sachs is back pedaling and throwing some crumbs to the hoi polloi and it is only because people like us pushed back but it is not enough. We won’t stop. Keep pushing and exposing the criminality. Kevin deconstructs the interview (lies).

Jefferey Sachs Blows Whistle On DoD – Damage Control Mode Engaged by WEF! (4:00 hours)

Original Interview:

The defender show Episode 64: The Origins of COVID-19 With Jeffery Sachs

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine

The Expose has dropped some sensationalist stories in the past but this looks legit as they connect many of the same dots that we have already established.  In this nearly three hour stream Kevin attempts to establish the bona fides of this new intelligence. One thing is certain the US spending tracking website is an official site and does  point to funding a Covid project in 2019. There may have been Dynamic changes to contract titles on the website so that they were backdated to reflect current spending so someone needs to FOIA  if (and when) any changes happened…but the website is real and official and the links are there to the EcoHealth and Metabiota etc programs. My website is mentioned at 01:30 and the Homeland Defense debrief of Serguei Popov in 2000.

Here are the links to the major themes:

DOD Funding COVID19 Research In Ukraine In November 2019 – A Look At The Breaking Expose Report (2:42)

Rough Running order:

00:00 US DOD awarded a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine before pandemic
01:00 Houseatonic:Strange links between Ukraine and Liberia (Metabiota)
01:04 Nathan Wolfe virus hunter
01:15 Dr. Annelisa Marcelle Kilbourn killed in plane cash
01:19 Tissue digesters-Biosafe
01:23 Leaking Labs
01:27 Antonov lab transport?
01:31 <a href=””>Serguei Popov 2000</a>
01:39 Remdisivir Execution – Robert Malone
01:45 Bourla Moonshot Book
01:50 There may have been Dynamic changes to contract titles but someone needs to FOIA the if (and when) the changes happened
01:52 Drones and toxins?
01:54 George Webb says that Kissingers daughter a member of the board on Metabiota
01:55 Military Drones (chinese)
01:57 Round-table comparing notes
02:00 the Whistles are a higher pitch
02:01 Spent as much on HIV research as on the moon landing
02:02 Comments…
02:06 US Amrid flooding
02:12 The Malone question
02:18 George Webb on Kissinger daughter
02:26 The Ukraine is the New Israel
02:27 war porn
02:39 Censorship pressure on Rumble

Gigaohm Biological (8 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (8 Feb)

This video is only 1:19 but well worth watching because Jonathan interviews Sasha Latypova a retired pharmaceutical industry executive with 20 years of relevant experience. She is not a virologist or geneticist but an industry executive with experience in how these products are made and distributed.  I have mentioned before that I was a Senior Chemist (industrial) manufacturing polymers.  Some of those polymers were used in face creams and required stringent quality controls and equipment “clean down” between product runs.

Suffice to say that when you are injecting material the quality control should be even more stringent, the product needs to be sterile and product quality needs to be consistent.  This got me wondering about problems of scaling.  I know from experience that it is not easy to scale something from a lab environment up to reactor size.  A one liter glass pot has different dynamics than a 12 Te steel reactor.   In a similar fashion making soup for two people is different from making a gigantic pot for 100 people.    What about scaling to make (at warp speed) vaccines for 8 billion people?   As someone involved in Quality Control I know this is going to give problems even if your product is 100% safe.   What quality control regime is used?  Why is it not transparent?  Is anyone doing independent testing?  Our lab required quality certification.  I suppose none of that is necessary….because….because…it is an emergency.

Latypova demonstrates from Pfizer’s own data huge batch variability in the range from 55% to 80% regarding integrety of the mRNA.  The remainder is broken down mRNA in lipid nanoparticles floating around in the bloodstream… the body doesn’t like loose RNA outside the cell, that’s exactly why they have to encapsulate it so it gets inside the cell.  So, the junk mRNA etc will probably be degraded (eaten up by macrophages etc) Ironically, it seems to be the purer batches (with more pure mRNA) that are causing the damage. That means the Spike protein itself is cytotoxic.  Latapova runs the website How bad is my batch which we have featured before:

Jonathan also points out that  the data presented by Thomas Renz on vaccine injuries given to him by whistleblowers from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) has been challenged. They compared 2021 with the prior 5 year average. The comparison showed that 2021 was off the chart for adverse effects. The DOD responded, saying the 5 year average data was wrong. And then, they increased it. So now it is about the same as the 2021 data.

There are a number of ways of looking at this:

  • The data was wrong (honest mistake) and has been corrected
  • The data is correct and this is a cover up
  • This is a psyop deliberately releasing wrong data to discredit opponents

Here is an article that attempts to debunk the huge increase in adverse effects:


The guy who wrote this hit piece is a cancer specialist and he says:

"The cancer numbers alone made me seriously question whether there was a problem with the database Cancer is the culmination of a process that, in general, takes years, from the initial insult that resulted in cellular transformation to the development of a cancerous tumor detectable by symptoms, physical exam, or screening tests......    A far more probable explanation is some sort of underreporting in the years prior to 2021".

O.K., got that…it is just the DOD and their bad record keeping. And VAERS reporting is just anti-vaxxers reporting made up illnesses.  So any information that shows vaccines in a bad light is either wrong or made up.  But what then of Pfizer’s own trial data which was released after a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) court order?   It showed a nearly 3 % increase in deaths and thousands of injuries (some of them permanent).  This was their data.  This was not made up or wrong. This was their data.   Why did Pfizer not do a long term follow-up?  Moreover, the article in the above tweet references Gorski who was involved with Epstein. The speed with which the cancers appear is apparently evidence that this cannot be true….however…if the mRNA suppresses or down regulates expression of P53/54 genes and knocks out interferon that is exactly what you would expect.   Doctors are reporting a huge increase in cancers (anecdotal I know…but I would rather believe them).

Gigaohm Biological (8 Feb) 1:19


We are facing serious problems:

Gaslight of the gods

Gaslight of the gods

Another excellent piece by Charles Rixey ex-marine WMD expert.  The military have been damaged and compromised.