Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens! Fed THREATENS A BIG Slowdown In The Economy And HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT. Mannarino (11 min)

Walmart Currency and Payment App Launched as US Dollar Collapses (4 min)

Not Enough On The Planet (15 min)

Rolling Blackouts. EU LNG lies come back to haunt Collective West (23 min)

Would We Know If Society Was About To Collapse? MIT Predicted Society Would Collapse By 2040 (9 min)

Famine and Food Riots

Famine and Food Riots

Food riots have already started in some countries.  Peru and Sri Lanka both are experiencing violence as inflation spirals the prices of basic necessities higher and higher. Select Watch on You Tube to see the show notes.

Will Famine Emerge by Year End? Yes. (33min)

They Admit THIS is Coming… (13 min)

That’s Entertainment

That’s Entertainment

Another video by Greg which I like watching at 2x speed (no disrespect Greg lolz).  This website is not about giving people financial advice but letting everyone know that they are going to deliberately crash the system and enslave you.

SHOCK AND AWE: The US Dollar Value IS PLUMMETING! Get Out Of The Dollar NOW. (14 min)


Are we in a James Bond Movie?

Looking at Klaus Schwab and the cast of characters emerging it feels like we are in a poorly scripted James Bond movie.


Peak Centralization & Shortening of Supply Chains (Bob Kudla 2/2) [20 min]

Bob Kudla from and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss how energy shortages are rocking the planet with gas, coal and electricity shortfalls cascading to greenhouse and mining shutdowns as supply chain gridlock and massive inflation lead to food insecurity and eventual rationing beginning now. Are your prepared and how will you protect your families with food & energy as society begins to collapse. Its going to get messy and scary.


Number of container ships stuck off LA ports hits new record (9 min)

This is all done on purpose.  Of course this is Fox news and they are saying….well this would not have happened if President Trump was in charge.  Trump did such a good job with the vaccines (lolz).  Bring back Trump to save the world (lolz).

They are all corrupt banker puppets.  Trump is being setup as the “savior” but they are all corrupt.  It is going to get ugly in the next few months. There will be more disease and poverty, food shortage and lack of energy.  The bankers mean to break you. You vill eat ze bugs.     Wake up and Man up.  Show some spine and some faith.


Economy Craters

Economy Craters

When they admit that they are lying we must be getting somewhere close to the end.

EPIC SHocKeR! Fed. ADMITS It’s Manipulating Data. Goldman Sachs WARNS, Economy Continues To CRATER (14 mins)



Jeff and Lucy

Jeff and Lucy

I often watch Jeff and Lucy from the dollar vigilante as he has interesting observations and useful information.   Recommended viewing.  I believe that this is in New Mexico (borders on Texas). Jeffrey David Berwick is a Canadian-Dominican entrepreneur, libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist.


Why Food Prices Will Rise and Rationing Begin Within 12 Months

I placed this video from Adapt 2030 underneath particularly because  it discusses ideas proposed by Janet Yellen about taxing assets before capital gains are made (before you sell it).

Janet Yellen is the Jewish American economist who is serving as the 78th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury. Previously, she was the 15th chair of the Jewish Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018.  She is even talking about retrospective tax.  Taxing unrealized capital gains for example on property (or investments shares/gold etc).  But prices go up and down.  Will you get a refund when the value drops? 

So, even if you own your own home you could face huge tax bills every year and be forced to sell (dump it cheap on the market).  This is of course a wealth transfer…..they want it all.   Everything.  No wonder Schwab says you will own nothing.  These people are insane.


Several reasons that as the global economy contracts and morphs into a reset with cryptocurrency restricted and food less available, prices will spike and controls will be put in place to control the populace. But we are told that global grain production is stable, and the USD sound money.