Checkmate Move

Checkmate Move

Putin’s EU-Eurasia checkmate move, connecting Caspian Sea and Black Sea (36 min)

Replacing Ukraine’s Dwindling Air Defenses & Kiev’s “Managed Retrogrades” in Donbass (19 min)

JP Morgan Predicts Oil at $380 A BARREL. Lithuania “Defeated”. EU loses 20 BILLION Euros in 2022 (24 min)

Ukraine Strikes Belgorod & Kursk Killing 5 CIVILIANS. Shoigu Declares LPR FULLY Liberated (7 min)

Encirclement complete

Encirclement complete

The Ukrainian army is encircled in the cauldron and about to be chopped in pieces.  In the meantime the EU wants to fast-track Ukrainian membership (lolz).

More Ukrainian Troops Encircled in Donbass, West Argues over Strategy, Runs out of Options (57 min)

Gorskoe-Zolotoe Pocket: Another Epic Disaster For Kyiv’s Forces

[ Hirske-Zolote Front ] Encirclement complete; Russian forces captured Rai-Oleksandrivka, Loskutivka (6 min)


They want World War so bad I can taste it

EU claim “all Ukraine’s are prepared die for EU dreams” (4:01 min)


They’ve lost their minds fast tracking Ukraine EU membership | Redacted with Clayton Morris (12 min)


Mene Mene

Mene Mene

Their days are numbered, they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting (Dan 5:25).

Boris’ days as UK PM are numbered, Putin regime change plan backfires (24 min)

String of Ukrainian Defeats, Putin Open for Talks as UK’s Johnson ABOUT TO FALL (25 min)

Kiev’s Forces Counterattack From Flanks, While Russian Advance Stuck In Donbass (6 june)

Losing On Donbass Front Lines, Kiev Launches Diplomatic Battle

Artillery Battles Rage In Southern Ukraine (Russian Artillery Special Report) 12 min

Patrick is embedded with the Russian Army In Kherson Region (therefore pro-Russian propaganda) and In this report the Russian Army Fires Artillery On Ukrainian Army Positions In Dnipropetrovsk Region Of Ukraine. They walk me though the process and explain how they know the shells will be hitting Ukrainian military targets and how it is not possible for them to hit civilians.

Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass

Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass

Signs of Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass as Liman Falls to Russia (36 min)

Putin signs ROYALTIES for Roubles decree! – Inside Russia Report (15 min)

Russia Bans HUNDREDS of Prominent US Citizens From Entering Country (16 min)

Biden knew what would happen and did it anyway (3 min)

Let’s talk about the news w/Gonzalo Lira (Live) -2:29 min

Biolabs Briefing

Biolabs Briefing

Russia is starting to reveal all the criminality:

"Briefing on the results of the analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine" : NBCP Briefing Slides: Full briefing Supporting Documents and Evidence:

Russia REVEALS ALL in Bombshell BioLabs Briefing – Inside Russia Report (17 min)

An excellent analysis (Russia is winning):

Post-Victory Day Update for Russian Military Ops in Ukraine (38 min)

Comment (underneath the video):

It should be noted that in actuality the Ukrainian Army is much bigger than the Russian Army present in Ukraine ! Ukraine mobiized and armed every armed body and whoever didn't join was considered a traitor; even old timers weren't exempt. Remember them distributing assault riffles for the asking on the street to passers-by at the beginning of the war? On the other hand, reports from various sources put Russian troops mobilized for this operation to about 150-200K. Military experts say that to fully control the largest country in Europe with an army estimated at 600K, one million soldiers would be required. This should put to rest the story of Russians wanting to take Kiev that they claim is a Russian defeat !!

The other big lie of why Russia failed to control Ukraina in a few days or a few weeks is also a stupid claim : it took the legendary Wehrmacht more than a month to subdue isolated Poland whose army was still using horses instead of tanks! Western politicians and media just keep inventing lies and spreading disinformation; I guess they think they're gonna win like that by discouraging the Russian Army with their fairy tales!

The world is watching and believe me, many have lost all respect for Western politicians and media. Just a bunch of liars and cheating gangsters, they say. They should be ousted effective immediately. On the other hand, Russians leaders and media have gained great respect for their measured claims and poised politics and their respect for others intellect. The contrast is stark. The West has lost a LOT in this war and does not deserve to lead the world anymore.

Ukraine Partially Cuts Russian Gas to Europe (15 min)

Note that it is Ukraine not Russia doing the cutting off.

No Good Choices

No Good Choices

Ukraine Forces in Severodonetsk Face Encirclement, EU Undermines its own Oil Sanctions (43 mins)

Russians Advance In Donbass Leaving No Good Choices For Kyiv’s Forces

Russian Gains In Donbass Leave No Hope For Ukrainian Grouping In Severodonetsk

Russian Missile Strikes Shopping Center in Odessa – Inside Russia Report (13 min)

Russian Ruble Strongest Since March 2020 (3 min)












Everyone’s a winner

Everyone’s a winner

Russia and Ukraine Both Claim New Victories In Donbass. Everyone’s a winner except the dead and dying (groovy). Meanwhile the bankers and arms dealers fill their pockets (groovy).

Russia & Ukraine Both Claim New Victories In Donbass

Russia Invasion of Ukraine: Day 72 [6 May]


Note to all foreign mercenaries who can’t wait to kill for money in the Ukraine. None of this is necessary…you can just ride on…

Dying ain’t much of a living boy


The Nazis are loosing

The Nazis are loosing

The Russians beat the Nazis in WW2 and it looks like history is about to repeat. 

Russia Aims for Multiple Encirclements in Donbass as EU Aims to Ban Russian Oil (46 min)

Ukraine – Russia War: Rocket Attack Hits Major Oil Plant Near Donetsk Killing At Least One Civilian (8 min)

Schools Continue To Be Targeted In Russia – Ukraine War Attacks (8 min)

Russia is Winning

Russia is Winning

Russia is Winning, Here’s the Receipts (11 min)

Journalists Underfire As Shelling Hits Civilian Area In Ukraine – Russia War (13 min)

Germany’s Ukraine U-Turn: is Germany officially at war with Russia? (2 min)

As Russia Advances in Donbass West ‘Seeks Victory’ in Ukraine, Inviting Disaster Instead (48 min)