Leadership change in Kiev

Leadership change in Kiev

Putin signals, leadership change in Kiev (24 min)


Elensky confronts Vucic. Ukraine protects Moldova. Biden falls. Lukashenko, Maidan 2014 mistake. U/1 (43 min)

“They were all killed instantly!” – Donetsk under continued devastating attack | Redacted News (15 min)


Russia Prepares Capture Marinika, UK Wallace Admit West Arsenal Exhausted: Orban: Ukr Offensive Fail (59 min)

Shaping the ground

Shaping the ground

Russia is shaping the ground and preparing the battlefield. The West is losing the sanctions war and losing the propaganda war. Medvedev was trolling the West by suggesting that Russia provide Poland with missile defense to protect it from Ukrainian missiles (lolz).

Russia Advances in Vuhledar, Donetsk, Repels Ukraine in Donbass; War to Continue in Winter (44 min)

This video is funny in a tragic-comedy kind of way. So many people will suffer unnecessarily.

Trade between India and Russia surges. EU continues to self-destruct (15 min)

Preparing for a long grind

Preparing for a long grind

Preparing for a long grind (28 min)

Russia Donetsk Advance, Promises to Retake Kherson, Ignores US Diplomatic Advances, Talks to Iran(1:00)

Russia plans to ‘Blackout Blitz’ Ukraine into surrender (9 min)

166 Tucker, Tulsi, Biden, Putin & Russian Regime Change (1:16)


Negotiation strategy

Negotiation strategy

Pavlovka, Kherson and Sullivan’s quick win, negotiation strategy (33 min)

These attacks are getting worse in Donetsk and Putin is getting ready | Redacted with Clayton Morris (25 min)

Nuclear Blackmail | The shelling of Zaporozhye power plant puts intl safety at risk (25 min)




Collapse of Ukraine, collapse of the West, collapse of the vaccine narrative. Expect them to expand the war in order to cover up.

Clayton Morris: We are watching the West collapse right before our eyes, and it’s all their fault (25 min)

Estonia to SEIZE Real Estate From Russians. Coca Cola Rebrands In Russia. IKEA To Return.(14 min)


Russia Repels Ukraine Attacks in Kherson, Advances Kodema & Donetsk; EU Continues Slide into Crisis (33 min)













Total Collapse

Total Collapse

This is evidence of total COLLAPSE and they know it | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (26 min)

Truss Vows To Use NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Ukrainian Soldiers “90% of time spent at bottom of trenches” (13 min)


Russia Army 20km from Nikolaev Ukraine Forces Pushed Further Back from Donetsk, Bakhmut Encirclement (1:04)

Bombing Ballerinas

Bombing Ballerinas

Seems like Elensky is taking the Nutcracker a bit literal but perhaps I should not be joking about murdering ballerinas.

Ukraine’s Bombing of Central Donetsk August 4: 2 Ballerinas Among the 6 Murdered by Ukraine (5 min)


Crimea airbase explosions. EU’s Borrell says ‘we are at war’ (12 min)

Scott Ritter: Tensions Between Zelensky & Ministry of Defence (2 min)

News From Saint Petersburg – August 11th 2022 Update (47 min)


Ukraine Lies

Ukraine Lies

WashPo Beginning To Question Pentagon’s Ukraine Lies (21 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 28, 2022) – Ukraine’s “Kherson Offensive,” Battle in the Donbass (26 min)

U.S SENATORS & CITIZENS Added To Ukrainian ‘BLACKLIST’ – Inside Russia Report(16 min)


Russia Breakthrough Ukraine Donetsk Fortifications, MSM Focus on Kherson, US Navy Carrier to Taiwan (28 min)