Black Death Update

Black Death Update


Black Death mortality =60%
Covid global mortality =0.0025%



A casualty of the invisible war?

Remember that these companies have governments sign indemnity wavers. They have no liability. They cannot be sued for damages. Even if you are paralyzed for life. Family cannot be compensated for loss of earnings. A causality of the war I guess. Collateral damage.


A criminal fiasco but will anyone pay?



Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell

I thought it was about high time that we scrutinized Bill Gates.    Who made him king of the world?  Watch my video below and check out the other videos and resources. 



Show Notes

Dr Ryan

The collapse of predictive models and the return of actual thinking

List of experts challenging Covid19 panic

The Talented Dr Fauci

Is Bill Gates Jewish Aristocracy?  This research is interesting and so is his website  This guy seems quite the genius in many aspects and definitely a talented artist….a bit of a universal man (athlete, painter, philosopher scientist).  I   think his basic research is good but he sees too many “conspiracies”.  Perhaps he is right. See here for his article on Gates and make up your own mind. I believe he is correct on this.


Bill Gates and the Origin of the Virus

Covid = Certificate of Virus ID