Skullcap and Green Tea

Skullcap and Green Tea

If you missed the stream with Dr Johanna Dienert then I highly recommend that you watch it.  She is a virologist but also an MD who has treated Covid patients.

Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert

During the stream she mentioned Skullcap and Green tea as powerful antioxidants as well as other  flavonoids.  She has been censored from twitter but has started a sub-stack here;   Her website is here:

Skullcap has many uses and Antidiabetic is only one of them.

Antidiabetic herbal medicines rebranded as dietary supplements

Solomon Habtemariam, in Medicinal Foods as Potential Therapies for Type-2 Diabetes and Associated Diseases, 2019

26.11.1 Significance of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi is a member of the Lamiaceae family indigenous to East Asian and Russian regions: from Southern Siberia to North Korea and Vietnam. Known by its local name huáng-qín, the dried roots of S. baicalesis constitute as one of the most important Chinese herbal medicines. It is claimed to be used for over 2000 years mostly as part of a polyherbal formula. The common English name of ‘baikal skullcap’ does not distinguish the plant from related species (e.g. S. lateriflora) that differ in their chemistry, pharmacology, and therapeutic relevance. The medicinal use of the plant (mainly the roots) range from common cold and respiratory infections to dysentery, hypertension, haemorrhages, insomnia, and inflammation. The plant is now widely used as a supplement including for its claimed antidiabetic and antiobesity effects (Fig. 26.29).

For more info see:

Making Kombucha and Water  Kefir

My feet have been playing up again and a bit of redness and swelling around the toes (covid toe?) .  I suspect  my Fabry is triggered when I come into contact with the virus (the vaccinated are constantly shedding). So I have taken to making Kombucha using Green Tea and also making water Kefir.  I will be bottling some tonight and probably starting a new batch of ginger water Kefir (Ginger Beer). I am also making milk Kefir now and Yogurt.  Starting to streamline the process.


To D or not to D?

We looked at the question in a previous article:

To D or not to D?

Kevin answered a question about D supplementation during his previous stream but I would add the following (which I posted on the Discord):

Vitamin D does suppress immunity and does act like a hormone. It should be taken with K2 M-7 to stop calcium leeching.....but...but...but...the virus and the Spike protein (in the transfection) make the immune system and T cells damping them down is a good thing....unless you want to exhaust your T cells. So I would say use with caution perhaps not as a prophylactic but when you suspect exposure?


Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert

Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert


Here is where we are at…

Dr Johanna who is a virologist and treats patients in her own clinic for long covid cannot get insurance cover for her patients in the German health care system.  She has been kicked of twitter and you tube.  Dr Kevin McCairn is a systems neuroscientist who warned about the neurological damage from the Covid virus and from the vaccine.   Kevin has numerous strikes on YT and was kicked off  Twitter (he is back under a pseudonym) and now he has lost his PayPal account. 

These people are totalitarian scum and they are literary killing people and censoring the truth.  I will notify when I find other platforms or payment methods. Jikki is on Telegram looks like I will need to get on that platform as well.

One thing that Kevin mentions is the reductionist view of many scientists. Nature is a machine and we are just code that can be tweaked.   Like you would change computer code with a computer virus.  That is of course utter nonsense.  Life is far more complex and there are so many unknowns.  I am pretty certain he was referring to Mark’s two minute video:

2.5min clip : Lenoir, 2008 – Nanotechnology will leverage nature’s perfect machine: the ribosome

People are getting sick from Covid but also from the vaccines (transfections) and from the way that both interact.  Everyone is genetically different and will respond differently.  It is infinitely complex and then on top they have deliberately confused the data and (I believe) used placebo batches.


Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert The Jihad Science Show (2:53)

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