SARS-CoV-2 Origins

SARS-CoV-2 Origins

Wow-  this is great…..    So good to see a number of people who are at the top of their game coming together to fight this.  The truth will prevail and we will continue be a thorn in their side…    We are not backing down or going away.  We are the control group and we are the truth tellers.

SARS-CoV-2 Origins – Round Table w/ Charles Rixey and Jonathan Couey (1:29)


I found the Rumble version in case YT gets deleted:

Gigaohm Biological (5 Jan)

Gigaohm Biological (5 Jan)

Look out for the Gingerbread man (girl?) no it is the Genderbread person (lolz).   In Scotland they want to allow four year old s to chose their gender (without parental consent).  They also want to inject children all over the world. In case you are asleep…..wake up….we are at war.

Some of the articles referred to:

The quasi-species swarm accelerated evolution

Clips from the video explaining forced mutation and ADE.  They were warned this would happen:



Gigaohm Biological (1:39)

Gigaohm Biological DRASTIC (2 Jan)

Gigaohm Biological DRASTIC (2 Jan)

Dr Jonathan Jay Couey hosts Charles Rixey the ex-marine and WMD expert in a Live-stream.  Both Jonathan and Charles were members of DRASTIC (short for Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) .  As you know if you have been following this blog DRASTIC has been taken over and split by Yuri Deigin who is promoting his own genetics company for longevity and is now supported by the likes of Jamie Metzl  the gay globalist member of the Atlantic Council.  In other words, original DRASTIC members have been cast aside (voted out) and replaced by “woke” (politically correct) “investigators” who can steer the outcome.    DRASTIC had obviously become a threat to powerful interests and therefore they needed to capture and control it.

Charles Rixey wrote the introduction to Glenn Beck’s video and provided the research materials.  It was only belatedly (after public pressure) that Glenn Beck acknowledged Charles’ contribution.  I have placed the original Glenn Beck video below in case you missed it.

I believe that Jonathan is correct in realizing that the origin story is critical.  It is critical because it means these people cannot be trusted.  If they released a Gain of Function (GOF) virus either by accident or deliberately then how can they be trusted to deliver vaccines (transfections)?  They obviously have another agenda.  And Jay is correct in saying that this is a central pillar of their false story that can be smashed.

Jonathan and Charles DRASTIC (2:09)

Here is the article from Charles’ sub-stack Prometheus Shrugged:

Here is the original Glenn Beck video in case you missed it.

Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie (2 hours)


Billy Bostickson the One Eyed Monkey


Here is the latest work by the One Eyed Monkey (and some of his friends).. Remember that Billy had a hand  in exposing the DAPRA grant proposal and subsequent rejection letter. Here Billy is looking at Omicron which also looks suspiciously like a lab creation rather than random mutation(s). It is becoming apparent that this was run through transgenic (humanized) mice.


Here were the comments posted by the genetic researcher Daoyu:

Also see how the bat, cat and mouse eclipses overlaps—a humanized mouse virus would be indistinguishable from a bat virus by mutational scales even for viruses that are very closely connected to each other (>99.5% similarity) and whose substitutional profiles are still dominated By the primary kinetics of the mutagenesis process in stead of selection (as in CoVs where the difference between genomes are >4% apart).Cat, dog and mouse are all overlapping with the bat oval.

This was also contributed by Daoyu: