Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day

Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day

Russia Now Says Ukraine Losing 2 Battalions per Day in Donbass, 2nd Ukrainian Drone Attack on Engels (55 min)

Serbian President Vucic faces Neocon/NATO ultimatum (25 min)

Russia warns Greece against sending S-300 to Ukraine (16 min)

Why is Russia Conducting its Special Military Operation this Way? (18 min)


Collective West hysteria

Collective West hysteria

Collective West hysteria, calls for the ‘taking down’ of Russian President Putin (20 min)

Are Western Sanctions Hurting Europe More Than Putin? | Why Sanctions Won’t Stop Ukraine Russia War (10 min)

Russia Further Advances in Donbass, Encircles Kharkov, Kissinger Warns US of Geopolitical Debacle (52 min)

August 15th 2022 – News From Saint Petersburg (1:01)

Al Qaeda theater

Al Qaeda theater

WARNINGS al-Zawahiri secrets reveal U.S. and Al Qaeda Syria connections | Redacted w Clayton Morris (10 min)

Biden Claims Drone Strike Killed Al Qaeda Leader (4 min)

 The show below looks pretty good.   Only watched the first ten minutes but I will get around to it some time….


It’s Not the US Who Is Changing the World (2 min)

In defiance of the United States, Syrian and Russian forces carry out military drills (16 min)

Drones cause rainstorm

Drones cause rainstorm

Geoengineering and weather made to order is no longer a conspiracy theory.  They do it all the time.  They can make it rain and they can cause drought.  They can burn the place down if they want. They think they are gods.



Full video:

Pompeo channels inner gangster

I know that Pompeo is Italian and it is not nice to stereotype but is he channeling his inner gangster? He has become a parody of the Godfather and Scarface. 

This was a recent headline:

Lunatic: Pompeo threatens Putin with Drone Assassination

This was the Reuters quote:

“The destruction of Suleymani is an example of a 
new US strategy aimed at deterring its opponents.
This applies equally to Iran, China, and Russia,”


This is my video:



Best laid plans

It seems that despite the legal shenanigans in a US-court the Grace-1 tanker has been released.


Zarif Tweet
Zarif Tweet















The Supreme Court in the British territory of Gibraltar has approved the release of an Iranian oil tanker that was seized last month by the United Kingdom, despite last-minute efforts by the United States to halt its release.

Clown Prince MBS

It seems that the clown prince has also been outsmarted by the Houthis and their Iranian allies. He may be called Mohammad bin Salman (son of Solomon) he is not.  Solomon was wise enough to propose cutting a baby in half to ascertain the true mother.   The clown prince ain’t no Solomon even though he wants to cut people up with a bone saw.

This is what Tom Luongo has to say;

The Houthis attacked the Shaybah oilfield and refinery 
complex which produces more than 1 million barrels of
oil per day. This is a direct attack on the Saudis’ ability
to function as a somewhat sustainable economic and political power.


Apparently, the Houthis now make their own drones with help from Iran (who learnt a lot from the US drones that they shot down). These drones are not sophisticated and probably per-programmed but they fly 1,000 km and hit the target (oil infrastructure). Saudi is already struggling with a deficit and this will make things worse.  Looks like they will be forced to talk peace  (and postpone fantasy land neom) – serves them right for picking on their neighbor.















The Saudis have already lost so much in their botched attempt to overthrow 
Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the blockade of Qatar and to force a political
realignment in Lebanon. None of Mohammed bin Salman’s strong arm tactics
have succeeded in doing anything other than alienate more members of the Gulf
Cooperation Council and put his benefactors in Washington in very hot water,

Nuclear Weapons

In the meantime, apparently those nuclear weapons that Israel doesn’t have (LOL) are leaking.




US Drone shot down

He said, She said

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it had shot down a US surveillance drone, further raising tensions between Tehran and Washington and sending oil prices sharply higher.

The IRNA, Iran's official news agency, released an image of what it says is the US drone after it was hit © IRNA
The IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, released an image of what it says is the US drone after it was hit © IRNA
















In a case of “he said,she said” Iran said the drone was over their territory and the US said it was “international waters” and it “didn’t do nuffin wrong”.




This seems to be a good site for breaking news: